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Come spend together time with Me in this week’s -- Dazed and CONFUSED session.
A perfect beginning to a beautiful HOT sexy spring.  A step closer to perfecting your submissive mind.  Stay close to Me, for I am taking you on a rollercoaster ride that you can not get off of...a fundamental link to your deepest TRANCE and pure Bliss.
In last week’s Realm of Unconsciousness you concentrated on words.
This week’s pleasurable, brisk word-play Induction weakens your resistance, as you fall deep into sleep for Me.  you trust Me and everything becomes less confused and clearer.  Resisting your surrender gives way to arousal, which gives way to obedience placing Me at the very center of your emotional world.  Concentrate on your feelings at the very peak of this session.  Listen, obey, surrender and sleep for Me, My pet.  This session is a COMPULSION for you My slave.

you are addicted to these feelings that permeate your whole body whenever you fantasize about Me.  you are ready to COMPLETELY surrender to My influence and control.


you don’t have to be Irish to get into the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day.  This day is celebrates Irish culture and Ireland’s Patron, Saint Patrick, with major parades around the world.  In Boston, New York, London, Munich, Canada, Australia, Argentina, and of course Ireland.  And right here, right now W/we are going to celebrate.  I have a gift for you, My good boy.


W/we are going to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with an assignment you are really going to LOVE!!!  ROLL OF DICE Edging Assignment.  Stroke by stroke your arousal becomes all consuming.  I have masturbation instructions for you to follow and you have a chance to win up to ONE, TWO and up to THREE free Permission Slips.  What that means is that whenever you decide you can contact Me and I will grant you permission to stroke My c*ck and cum for Me.  This reward includes My personal Masturbation Instructions and I will send a sexy picture to focus stroking pleasure. Leave a review. ~giggles~

It takes nothing to give Me everything, listen, obey, surrender and sleep.

Feel your dedication growing in your hand, rigid, hard, and so full for Me.  Stroke by stroke your loyalty builds, stroke by stroke your dedication become all consuming, and you will not stroke faster, you will not stroke harder, no matter how much your body may crave it.  Go ahead and feel the pull, down to where My words are touching you, caressing you, leading the way for your hand to play for Me.


I have something special for My un-contracted submissive.  First listen to this week’s session.  Then do the assignment.  Are you feeling submission and obedience to My voice and instructions?  Are you feeling an emotional connection, an attachment to Me?  Please Me and make Me happy.....with you.   Accept this gift from Me.  My SLAVE CONTRACT, for one week only, to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  your loyalty and dedication is your GIFT to Me.  I want you to be sure about this.  This is the best time to take this next step.  Contact Me and give Me your thoughts.


As you may know, I’ve recently posted two new Videos on My YouTube site.  Take a look and leave a comment.  This is a very good way to promote your Domina and My work.  Thank you all who already commented.

MANTRA ASSIGNMENT:  I'm so pleased with your DEVOTION and DEDICATION....A perfect connection.  My heart PUMPS faster.

NEXT WEEK:  I'll keep you in suspense for a while longer...Giggles.  I know how much you love surprises.

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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