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Power Exchange

This week’s coming session, POWER EXCHANGE is an instructional session about learning the right way to obey, to fall into trance with a soothing, arousing MASTERFUL COVERT induction.... Another spellbinding session that with some serious repetition will convert any man into a compliant slave.  This session is POWERFUL and you will love the REINFORCEMENT techniques.  you will find yourself blissfully lost in the intense euphoria of My web of EROTIC control.  Admit it, that thought is incredibly SEXY, wonderfully DOMINANT and wickedly PROVOCATIVE to the submissive you!

I know you will absolutely love the way I have constructed this session with questions, tasks and step by step instructions that bring you...A perfect session....Obedience is Pleasure. 


This has been a lot of fun, so I am continuing your opportunity for the Panty Raid.  I am saving My panties just for you and even thinking of new file sessions and triggers that will feature your pair of My P*ssy Scented Panties.

RE-FORM Class #3

I am monitoring your assignment from Re-Form Classes, especially how you are expressing to Me your feelings of “gratitude” for allowing your orgasm and will include it as part of your grade.  Also, if you missed it, now is the time take the Class.

To prepare for next month’s lesson, I have an assignment to assist with My lesson plan.  W/we will be discussing different categories/types/description of “slaves”.  How would you describe yourself?  your interest/motivation for serving?  For instance, is it:  Hypnosis, chastity, fetishes, stroking, sissy, working for Me, etc.  Like Class #3, I am planning specific demonstrations for each slave category. ~giggles~

So Email Me with your self “SLAVE DESCRIPTION” in the heading and I will make sure to include what would be Perfect slave behavior for you.

I have been asked, recently, if I would allow help with paying some of My MORE specific monthly bills, like utilities, internet services, insurance.  I’m thinking about it.  If I decide to go ahead with it, I would add that to My VOLUNTEER Assignment.  So, if you have any interest, contact Me with either “helpful” or “useful” in heading and W/we can discuss it.


Work on the new website continues to make progress with some decisions I’ll have to make.


My sissy, you will be happy....and another surprise or two.

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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