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SHEER Danger

Sheer Danger

My lab rat, you are halfway through The EXPERIMENT with lots of changes happening to your calibrated mind. Such as: “My heart beats faster and my cock becomes hard and erect.” The new School-Class #12, helps you focus on the nature of O/our relationship. With so much mental activity, this is a good time to make some calibrations to your body.

This week with Sheer Danger I calibrate that most essential part of your body, yes, that part. Giggles!!!

Like a spider who lures and traps Her prey, this one will have you coming back for more. I know so well how to use your weakness to My advantage. As one lab rat put it: to feel Domina as part of my desires all the time and to fear how Domina is conditioning me through the control of my arousal. My sweet, there is no need to be fearful of the Danger. Helpless sheer bondage never felt so pleasurable. Cum get so close to your Domina as I tangle you up in My web of Sheer desire you never realized you had.

This session involves very sexy BONDAGE play. Imagine My silky stocking wrapping you up in My web of your desires.

For the rest of the story, you’ll have to cum live it for yourself.

There are two versions INCLUDED...One for a very intense hypnotic effect...the other with clicking of My heels and the swooshing of My stockings. You choose!

The session also includes free pictures, that will open your mind to My sheer PLEASURE. PLUS, to make the experience even more SENSUAL and PLEASURABLE I am making available in Special Deals an assortment of My worn STOCKINGS and PANTYHOSE.


The Experiment couldn’t be going better with reactions like this: “The Experiment is truly a work of art, a hypnotic mirror to our inner selves that amplifies our deepest cravings to submit and surrender to One we admire and adore.” Keep up the good work. Just remember your C*M Fee is required when you orgasm during the experiment. This is an important part of your training!

I’m very pleased with your SCHOOL assignment. Tributes and lunches. Yes, very pleased with you, My obedient students.
***Watch for your comments here and on TWEETS. I love them all!


There is a NEW Contracted session I am working on which I will be sending to you sometime next week. TRYING to get that back on schedule...I know you just can’t get enough of My voice and instructions.


Next month I have something very special, Loctober. Yes, be ready to get your devices out and shine them up---unless a mental cage works for you. A whole month dedicated to pleasing your Domina in CHASTITY. Yummmy!


So much more coming in October. Halloween to scare you HARD.


Next week, put on your headphones, then buckle up your seat belt for one of the wildest hypnotic rides that you have ever been on.

This week's special deals:

Buy My Sexy Pantyhose --
Feel My stockings against your face as you stroke...

Buy My Thigh-High Stocking --
Buy My Thigh-High Stocking...

Forced Femme Series --
My "Forced Femme" series will CHANGE you into My SEXY sissy slut.

Submit--Stripped Naked --
Playful Sexy Erotic Fun...

Obsessed and Addicted --
Everything She does feeds your obsession and every part of Her is addictive...

New Releases

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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