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Subliminal Subjugation

My sweet, I am going to do something that I have NEVER done before... With this week's session, Subliminal Subjugation, you are going to find yourself falling deeper into My world... I am so confident that this session will subjugate your brain, that I am willing to augment it by speaking directly to you in it! YES, for those good boys that contribute to My challenge to PLEASE, *** I will add a SPECIAL message layered into this already mind blowing BLOCKBUSTER, it will totally consume you. And, to further sweeten this offer, the message I will add will be one that is PERSONAL, and PRIVATE, between just you and ME - now that is an offer you don't want to pass up!

***With your TRIBUTE into My challenge to PLEASE for $100.00 or more, I will make this session A MASTERPIECE for your MIND. I’m so good to you! I love BRAINWASHING you...and this is PERFECT timing and a PERFECT session that I'll PERSONALIZE just for you.

My sweet subject, isn't it interesting that when I tell you to TRUST ME, you act on what you are told, without thought and without question, simply trusting in Me? And when you acknowledge My requests, and commands, with a "Yes, Domina", you do it not just out of blind obedience, but, because you are assured that I am not going to do anything dangerous or harmful to you, or to your mind. What W/we share is REAL trust, a mutually beneficial relationship that fosters your submissive cravings and My desire to dominate. With Subliminal Subjugation you will discover just how easily I can bypass your conscious mind, doing whatever I please, a demonstration of real power exchange between a trusted Dominant and a willing submissive servant.

Yes, My sweet, this Domme/sub theme is all so familiar to you by now. This is what My BRAINWASHING does to you, it strips away all thoughts of self and transforms you into a selfless slave devoted to serving and adoring Me - something W/we both want. I am going to shut down your critical thinking in this session by distracting you with My sweet enticing hypnotic words, SUBLIMINAL messages that will slip, under the radar, deep into your open and suggestible mind. Isn’t that so sexy?

And to make this experience even more enticing, and arousing, for My obedient pet, I’m going to encourage you to resist My hypnotic efforts as I drag you ever deeper into trance. I want you to understand that although you can’t be FORCED into doing anything you don’t want to do, your submissive subconscious mind will inevitably betray you as My words become the focus of your existence.

you know the likely outcome - because you are so weak for Me - but let’s see what actually happens by the end of this session. Will you give yourself to Me willingly or will you muster the strength to resist My whispered words? Will your feelings, and sensations, be more intense knowing that the more you try to resist Me, the deeper you will likely fall under My power?

Yes, this will all feel so very familiar but, at the same time, another refreshing opportunity for you to blissfully surrender to My mesmerizing voice. In fact, just reading this blog post now, I suspect you are already HARD and HORNY with anticipation, imagining how your submissive self will be compelled to submit, serve and obey Me again. I know you can’t wait to download this session, so, go now, listen and embrace the strong and powerful emotions only I trigger in you, and accept the futility of resisting Me, Domina Shelle, your beloved and indomitable Owner - GOOD BOY.

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