Chastity Lesson 2--Permission

Chastity Lesson 2 - Permission.
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Don't you LOVE it when I put on My sexy teaching VOICE ...More AUTHORITATIVE and DEMANDING!  So wicked when I am teaching you a lesson about your submission and COMPLETE chastity to ME!

Giving you even MORE PLEASURE and teaching you the TRUE meaning of permission.  HARDER and HORNIER with ME every day, with NO c**ming in sight ***GIGGLES***
This is the second of 5 lessons in your NEW Chastity TRAINING Lessons---- surprises along the way (Free GIFTS of teasing and NAUGHTY ASSIGNMENTS that could cause an EXPLOSION).
Be sure to start with Lesson 1 before beginning this Lesson.

Give Me all control of your c**K...and of course your mind.

If you fail, I will even allow you to start over, after paying your chastity penalty.  I'm so good to you!!!

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Saturday, 05 May 2018
This session is very cleverly scripted to confuse the listener's will and conscious mind into accepting that Domina Shelle is actually the one that gives you permission to submit further to her chastity training. For those new to chastity it is very sexually provocative and thus appeals to most submissives as a fantasy but in reality the initial reaction of losing control of ones c*ck, and specifically the impulse to masturbate and release, is typically rebellion. Domina Shelle clearly knows this psychological reaction and to mitigate this and effect a smooth transition into hypnotically induced chastity she expertly use hypnosis to confuse the listener into accepting Her authority and suggestions. You will probably listen to this file many times and never fully appreciate what happened but be under no illusion it is not intended to be understood by your conscious mind, the recipient is actually your subconscious mind that is being conditioned to trust Domina's suggestions and subvert your ability to resist the increasing notion that obedience to Domina Shelle is your real pleasure. In this regard it is very effective at making you comfortable accepting the power exchange to the point that you love the idea of Domina Shelle having this authority and effectively dictating all of the important decisions. Of all the sessions in this series I suspect this one is the most underated and misunderstood but is quite probably the most important.
Thursday, 16 November 2017
I'm not sure what is going on in this session as I became very confused and couldn't keep up with Her words. I've listened to it 6 times already and I'm still not sure what it's all about. It certainly brought me deep in fact that i have no utterly idea what was even said. Somehow it doesn't matter as the after affects have been so arousing that I can't keep my hands off my c**k.
Wednesday, 29 March 2017
Chastity is amazing. It serves as a constant reminder of Domina's control, and conditions the subject to cooperate in his own enslavement. i've been training with this file recently, and each time that i listen it gets easier and easier to give Domina Shelle permission to control my orgasms...or is She giving me permission not to cum? It doesn't really matter...all that does is that i obey.
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