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Policy Statement:

At Shelle Rivers Hypnotica, we value our customers' satisfaction and take complaints seriously. We strive to provide a safe and reliable platform for the sale and distribution of audio MP3 files. This Complaints Policy outlines our commitment to addressing any concerns or issues raised by our customers, ensuring a fair and efficient resolution process. Please read this policy carefully to understand our procedures and how to report a complaint.


Reporting Content Violations:

We encourage the reporting of any content that may be illegal or violates the Standards set forth by Shelle Rivers Hypnotica. If you come across any such content on our website, please follow the steps below to report it:

a. Visit the "Contact Us" page on our website for appropriate contact info.
b. Provide detailed information regarding the content in question, including the URL or location of the content, and a clear description of the violation.
c. Include any supporting evidence or documentation, if available.
d. Submit your complaint.


Review and Resolution

Upon receiving a complaint, we will review it promptly and aim to resolve the issue within seven business days. Our process includes the following steps:

a. Acknowledgment: We will send you an acknowledgment email within 24-48 hours of receiving your complaint, confirming that we have received it.
b. Investigation: Our team will thoroughly investigate the reported content violation based on the information provided. This may involve reviewing the content, consulting legal experts, or seeking additional information as necessary.
c. Decision and Notification: Once the investigation is complete, we will make a decision regarding the reported content violation. We will notify you of our decision via email and provide a detailed explanation of the outcome.


Appeal Process

We understand that individuals depicted in content may wish to appeal for the removal of such content, particularly if consent was not given or is void under applicable law. To ensure a fair process, we have established an appeals procedure:

a. Appeal Submission: If you are the person depicted in the content and believe your consent was not given or is void, you may submit an appeal by contacting us through the designated appeal channel provided on our website.
b. Appeal Review: Our team will review the appeal thoroughly, considering all relevant information and documentation submitted. We may seek external expertise or consult legal advisors during the review process.
c. Decision and Disagreement Resolution: After evaluating the appeal, we will make a decision regarding the removal of the content. In case of a disagreement between the appellant and our decision, we will facilitate resolution through a neutral body, ensuring a fair and unbiased outcome.


Potential Outcomes

Following an investigation or appeal, there are several potential outcomes that may arise:

a. Content Removal: If a violation is confirmed, we will remove the content in question from our website promptly and take appropriate measures to prevent its reoccurrence.
b. No Action Required: If the reported content is found to be compliant with our Standards and applicable laws, we will provide an explanation for our decision and take no further action.
c. Appeals Outcome: In the case of an appeal, the outcome may result in either the removal or retention of the content, based on the evaluation of the appeal and any supporting evidence.


Confidentiality and Protection of Personal Information

We treat all complaints and personal information submitted with the utmost confidentiality and comply with relevant privacy laws and regulations. Personal information will only be used for the purpose of investigating and resolving the complaint.

Please note that this Complaints Policy is subject to change and modification without prior notice. It is your responsibility to review the policy periodically to stay informed about any updates.

If you have any questions or require further assistance regarding our Complaints Policy, please contact us through the designated channels provided on our website

CCBill -

This is the primary payment method for My site... currently accepting credit cards only.  The per-transaction limit is $500.00.

CASH or CHECK payments -

Checks written to "Michelle Rivers".  With your cash or check, write ME a love letter that I'll reply to.

Mail to:

Michelle Rivers
415 Pisgah Church Rd. #235
Greensboro NC, 27455

This is a special meeting place for the two of us. It is like a PRIVATE room FOR special assignments and so much more---you will often be the FIRST to know---the first to EXPERIENCE---the first to see. I bet that makes you hard and HORNY for ME, doesn't it.


I know My pet that you are adjusting to some GREAT changes as My slave. These are changes that you need, you want and you have asked for, for a long time. We have NEEDED a stronger RELATIONSHIP!!! you have needed ways to SERVE ME better. This is what W/we BOTH need. This is all positive and so EXCITING. I need MORE time with you, more time to TRAIN you to be perfect for ME, your Mistress (you have asked for this many times).

So now, your commitment and OBLIGATION to ME is what is making this all possible. The BENEFITS will grow as we grow. I will perfect you. Pat yourself on the back, I am PLEASED with you decision to COMMIT to O/our continuing our amazing journey together.

Now, I am going to say a few words about O/our evolving Mistress-slave relationship, something I have not focused on in past years, but now becomes significant. This has to do with the concept of Tribute and gift giving to Mistress, becoming an integral part of O/our relationship. The slave offers Mistress tribute and gifts as a way of showing gratitude for Her care and attention. It is part of the ritual of the Mistress (Owner) and slave (owned) relationship.

Paying tribute reinforces your need to please your Mistress, to be worthy of gaining the attention of this Superior Woman. In doing so, it will be a pleasurable experience for you. In one sense, Tribute is expected by the Mistress as a demonstration of respect, devotion and love and is not “earned” by Her. It is part of the slave’s obligation to serve Mistress.

Into 2015, this will be a meaningful part of O/our relationship. Now, I have an additional reason to make sure you understand that your servitude and obedience requires an accurate understanding of Tribute, as an IMPORTANT BENEFIT For ME. It is the answer to the question: What can i do to please You, Domina?

I invest Myself to take good care of you and your needs. You would agree. you may know, that I have another FULL time job needed to support myself and MY obligations. Full time has become unsustainable since, more recently, as you know. (I know that you have been concerned that I do NOT rest enough) So, my loyal, devoted slave, this is what you want to do FOR ME. Take good care of ME (the very reason you have obligated yourself to monthly contributions). It will allow Me more time for you. The slave contract is one way. I know that you also look for other opportunities to do so. When you are happy or aroused just thinking of Me. When you know that making a little sacrifice for Me, will please Me. When you want to treat me to lunch or dinner. Surprise me and let Me know what you are doing For Me. It will bring you and Me pleasure.

First assignments as MY CONTRACTED slave-----

1. Now that you are under contract to serve Me, this will be your first assignment. See it as part of your obligation to work for Me. I want you to promote Me and My work to others. I will suggest some things I want you to do for Me, but it’s all the better to show initiative and find clever ways to spread the sound of My voice to a waiting world in headphones ~giggles~ You get the point.

Comment (write REVIEW) when you have something to say after hearing a new file. When you make your contract payment for March, leave a comment with your Obligation about why that is important to you. On My car challenge, leave a “review” whenever you are moved to please Me with a contribution, now as low as $25. You can say why this tribute is important for you to make.

Something beneficial, will be going to YouTube, subscribe to my channel, if you haven’t already and say something nice about Me. I will be using YouTube more. I expect you use Twitter, possibly, Facebook and other social media. Use your resources there, if you are in a position to do so, to say how proud you are to serve such a (adjective of your choice) Mistress. If you find a new way to promote Me, let Me know. Or, if you know someone, personally or online, that would benefit from knowing Me, send him or her to Me. That would be quite a coup for you.

These public declarations of your devotion to Me are important to O/our relationship. It makes Me feel more in possession of you, My pet.


Assignment 2

2. Imagine life on MY farm. You will be always available, at My beck and call, for any chores that need doing, waiting for Me to come see you to give you My instructions. My little puppy dog, consider this assignment a preview of Your life in service to Me. For now, it is COMPLETELY voluntary. I am looking for a devoted slave to be available, without hesitation, to be called upon at a moment’s notice, eager to do My bidding, no matter what it might be.

If I am thinking of you and have a particular desire I want you to satisfy, I will contact you with this opportunity to please and serve ME. The thought of you being eager to sacrifice and inconvenience yourself for My benefit, actually, arouses Me and I am imagining you, too. I would be pleased with such an obedient, loyal slave to see you pleased with yourself doing this for Me.

Only if you are confident this assignment is one you can just email ME and let Me know.

Know that I love you, whether you can volunteer or not.

DO NOT forget---VOTE DAILY for ME.


Erotic Hypnosis, often referred to as hypno-fetishism, has had a colorful and extremely long history.  Several cultures in different parts of the globe, including Western civilizations, have a history that contains tales of seduction, such as the myths about witches casting seductive love spells from the medieval era.

Since the previous half century, people have begun to dabble more and more with erotic hypnosis. In addition, several books have been written about the subject in great detail. Before a discussion of what erotic hypnosis can start, it is essential to know what hypnosis is. So, what precisely is hypnosis? Hypnosis can be defined as an altered condition of one's consciousness usually accomplished via combinations of suggestions and relaxation techniques.

Erotic hypnosis is a branch of hypnosis which involves the association of hypnosis with a person’s sexuality. My style of erotic hypnosis involves suggestions to boost a person's sexual experience via the elimination of inhibitions, increasing sexual responses and enhancing the senses. Erotic hypnosis is utilized by people all over the world who wish to increase their feelings with regard to sexual arousal.

Even though it is not exactly clear how hypnosis works, this type of trance can effectively be applied to anyone. ANYONE can be hypnotized, provided they want to be. Every day, people experience some form of self-induced trance; the difference is in the way each person responds to the different erotic hypnosis techniques as well as the provided suggestions. While some individuals respond to direct and physical suggestions, others react to emotional suggestions.

There are many individuals who have been reluctant to give erotic hypnosis a try. I have heard all types of reasons, from “I cannot be hypnotized” to “I lose focus quickly”. If you read through my testimonials, you can read for yourself how my hypnosis has affected others, even those who thought they could not be hypnotized. Erotic hypnosis can be highly effective, but each person's experience is distinctive. People do not respond the same way to hypnosis - some people say the experience is like being within a lucid dream, some said it felt like floating in air, adding that it is extremely erotic and exciting.

Why does Erotic Hypnosis work?

The practice of hypnosis has to do with using the simple power of suggestion to guide the brain to produce different responses to particular situations, thereby helping the person conquer a particular condition or behavior. For instance, hypnosis can guide the brain to stop craving chocolate, thereby helping in weight loss. By means of erotic hypnosis, the brain can be taught to respond to sexual circumstances without anxiety or stress, thereby rising above the inhibitions which are impeding sexual enjoyment or arousal.

Achieving Hypnosis

Modern hypnotists like myself, have studied hypnosis procedures that continue to be refined throughout the years. We are far beyond the cliché image of a psychiatrist swinging a pocket watch before the patient till he or she is hypnotized. Erotic hypnosis play involves getting the patient into a trancelike condition through focus and guided relaxation so that in the end the voice of the hypnotist is the only sound and thought the patient is responsive to. It is only at this stage that the hypnotist can place the new method of behaviors or thinking into the brain of the client. That suggestion will stay within the subconscious of the client, driving his or her responses to different situations. This may sound very easy, however, to accomplish this, it requires several years of education, knowledge, and experience.

Sexual Freedom

As soon as a hypnotist has effectively induced a hypnotic condition within the client, that’s when the power of erotic hypnosis can truly take hold. For my style of erotic hypnosis, many clients can attest to the fact that my voice is very powerful and hard to resist. I truly enjoy toying with your mind. The thrill that I get when a subject is helplessly obeying my commands is indescribable. Have you ever felt an orgasm under hypnosis? I have many clients that have been affected so deeply by my hypnotic control they would rather not orgasm any other way.

Where should I begin?

If this is your first time to my site, I would suggest you start with my Beginning Path page here: If you listen to the suggested erotic hypnosis files in order, you will have a really good idea of what My style of erotic hypnosis can do for you. If you are new and have questions, feel free to contact me!





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