Reinforced Repetition

Reinforcing the Law of Hypnosis...
Reinforced RepetitionReinforced Repetition
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Reinforced Repetition

Listen to the TEASER...

My puppy does not 'think,' he realizes.  Thinking is the transforming of suggestions.  If I squeeze your balls, it has happened and is registered irrespective of your 'will power,' and when registered, you realize it... Can you help thinking of it?  If I show you My shiny crystal, and you think of it.  you hear a sound, you think of it; you smell or taste something, and think of it; you have no control nor in any manner can you prevent the consciousness or realization of the senses that are affected.

Suggestion means anything that arouses an action.  This is the law:  Surround a man with every suggestion or attribute of sleep and he will be asleep; surround him with every suggestion of arousal and submission and he is aroused and you see what I mean...I am transforming your thoughts and surrounding you with the repetition of powerful simply give in and listen and realize that you can't stop doing what I want...We want the same things, don't W/we.  Listen NOW!

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Sunday, 18 June 2017
I LOVE to learn and repeat phrases for my Domina. It has something of a student teacher relationship - with a touch of indictrinationg whorship. So simple and efficient. I love my mantras and during this recording i can hum the words in the background of my head - like with a catchy tune. Love it - i live Domina!
Tuesday, 30 May 2017
This is a very nice file one can listen to once or put it on repetition. I'm not sure what's really happening in this file but it feels very good so I will chose the repetition option...
Friday, 05 May 2017
Domina just keeps reinforcing and reinforcing my unquenchable need for Her. I cant imagine needing and aching for Her control and attention any more than I do now, but I thought the same thing a year ago, and look at me now. Living each moment for Her and thinking of Her, and needed Her, and loving Her completely, even more than ever
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