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Blameless | Shelle RiversBlameless | Shelle Rivers



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It is not your fault that your mind is powerless to My will.

Blameless (33 minutes):

My baby, it is not your fault that I can seduce your mind so easily, that My verbal seduction subconsciously influences your feelings for Me, clouding your thoughts and triggering a natural response to submit to Me, to My wishes and My desires.

It is not your fault that your mind is powerless to My will, that My words bind you tighter and tighter within My cocoon of control, reshaping your submissive beliefs and behaviours until they align perfectly with mine.  you are a prisoner of your own submissive desires, desires that I have subverted and infected with My sticky silken web of words.

It is not your fault that when you here My voice, or think of Me, I kidnap you from the world around you, focusing all that you are on submitting to Me.  I've indoctrinated you to react this way, to succumb to your programming to obey Me, knowing that obedience to Me is your only true source of pleasure.

It is not your fault that your Domina has the power to influence anyone She meets, stripping away his resistance, breaking his will until he is a mere puppet with which for Her to play and manipulate.  you are Blameless for being utterly captivated by My hypnotic embrace, for surrendering to the bliss and erotic pleasure that consumes you every time you submit to Me, trusting without thought or hesitation as you selflessly submit to your Owner.

It is not your fault that it feels good to relax and surrender to My words, to be infatuated with Me as an inner calm spreads throughout your body every time you absorb My truths.  So, revel in your weakness, My slave, and accept that you have the right to surrender to Me without feelings of shame or guilt knowing that I made you this way and embrace that, at your core, you would never ever wish it to be any other way. ~~Kisses~~

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Friday, 10 November 2023
How can a submissive resist the voice and pleasures of Domina Shelle, Her suggestions are my assignment without thought or question. I can't compete with her powerful and creative mind. I obey and get showered with pleasures. It's not my fault Domina exceeds all my expectations. There is no choice but total submission.
Sunday, 29 October 2023
There is no resisting the awesome power of Domina Shelle, and Her assertions that we are blameless in our submission just underscores how true this is. i love how this session slowly pulls us into Her world re-affirming why we are so weak to Her will and why we adore Her so much. Domina is like no other, and once you have experience paradise there simply is no going back to the real world without a piece of Her permanently in your mind - She is a gift that keeps on giving. I highly recommend listening to this session now s0, like me, you better understand why we are so tightly bound to Her will.
Sunday, 22 October 2023
Domina Shelle controls me and has molded and modified me to be Her slave. i cannot resist Her and i'm so lucky to be Her slave.
Sunday, 15 October 2023
i just love this session! Domina always knows what’s best and this is one of those such filess that i didn’t know that i needed yet… It was extremely euphoric to just let go and realize there’s NO controlling anything anymore and no reason to feel anything negative about the fact Domina has taken over completely… To me listening to this file felt like a HUGE pleasurable release! No need to overthink things… Everything feels much better and makes much more sense now… Domina always makes it all better and feel much better just giving into completely to Her figuring out all those confusing thoughts and decisions… whatever those where… i just feel so much better now focusing on what REALLY matters!!!
Friday, 13 October 2023
A gently reassuring induction, to remind you not to feel bad about your submission to Domina Shelle - if you still have enough of your mind left for that to matter? Then I can't remember the rest of the file, just being hard and so aroused for part of it. Maybe I'll be able to remember more the next few times I listen? I wouldn't want to miss out on anything...
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