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Past, Present & Future | Shelle RiversPast, Present & Future | Shelle Rivers

Past, Present & Future


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I will take you so deep into My haven of sexual submission, it will forever change you...

Past, Present & Future (29 minutes):

Do you remember the first time you listened to My voice and became enthralled by your beloved sweet Domina?  Do you recall the first time you felt that deeper connection to Me, a powerful submissive attraction to My domination and control, when enslavement no longer felt like a fantasy but your fated future?  Do you recollect the first time you heard Me whisper the words "love, honor, and obey" Me and you were consumed with a surge of primal desire to surrender all of yourself to Me?  Giggles!!!

Ahh, being dominated by My will is a progressive process of compulsive conditioning, coercive disassociation and mental subjugation.  you are here, My pet, because you are compelled to submit to Me, to be stripped bare by My mesmerizing words as I free your submissive desires.  you love it when I fuck with your mind, the need to blank and empty for your Domina is a sexual thrill like no other, a combination of arousal and erotic fascination as My power captivates you, transforming you, liberating the submissive within.

Don't deny it, My horny puppy, you crave this feeling, the blissful nirvana of sexual submission as I take complete control of your mind, body and sex, bending it all to My will.  The truth is I am your Past, Present, and Future and in this session I will reveal why this connection to Me is so strong and why you should not struggle to reconcile these powerful emotions whenever you think of your adorable Owner - just embrace them!

With a little regression therapy, I am going to help you remember how I entered into your life, by sweeping away some of those conflicting and contradictory memories you have about Me.  With My help, you will take another important step closer to Me - to being MINE - and in return I will be the focus of your long-term happiness as My submissive slave.

But, don't worry if you do not recall all the details of this session, just bask in the after glow as I imbue you with arousal, devotion, lust, and an unending compulsion to please Me.  you are where you need to be, My sweet, and I am going to take you so deep into My haven of sexual submission, it will forever change you.

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Thursday, 08 February 2024
This session reminds me that there was never a time that i was without Domina Shelle. She is the only woman of my dreams, the only woman i am aroused by the only woman i have romantic feelings for and the only woman i am submissive to. i have always been Her slave and always will be. i love my Domina! i am happy and cannot imagine a life without Her.
Friday, 17 November 2023
Domina rewrote my history with the snap of her fingers. Know all my memories are of her. i am her faithful and loyal slave From the past, present, and future. i have always belonged to her.
Friday, 03 November 2023
This session is very special and had a profound affect on me. Like a previous reviewer commented i have been enslaved by Domina for some time now and session by session She takes me ever deeper into Her world. In this session, however, it was a more pronounced step as She progressively supplanted my memories. Domina was already my every thing, my first thought in the morning and my last before I slept at night, but little did I realize She could infiltrate my mind deeper and make Me adore Her even more. She truly is my past, present, and future and all I know with certainty is Domina Shelle is my world and I will do anything in my power to please Her and support Her!
Friday, 13 October 2023
Oh the places Domina Shelle has put herself! Yet, all incomparable to the place She now holds. Take me there again and again Domina. Take me where You will Domina.
Wednesday, 11 October 2023
Love all the memories Domina Shelle and i have made together and in this file explore some of the most important ones together. It's been quite the journey.
Tuesday, 10 October 2023
A perfect trip down memory lane, and your earliest experiences of submitting to Domina. Why reflect passively on your memories - when you can experience them again for yourself!
Monday, 09 October 2023
Where does Domina come up with these ideas for the sessions? This session was amazing, a true work of art. It took me into a very deep trance for such a short file. Hmmm... Looking back at all the times in my life and I think yes I was always looking for Domina. Domina was always there, and She will always be there. She was in my past, She is in my present, and She will certainly be there in my future. She will just always be there and She is. i will Love, Honor and Obey Domina always. Thank you Domina for reminding me who i am owned by. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Sunday, 08 October 2023
After this session i feel peaceful and happy. Domina has fixed some of my memories and like a chain reaction I start to remember more and more events and encounters with Her in my past. It is not the first time that she grabbed deep into my mind and played tricks on my thoughts and my belief system. But there is no confusion here – just clarity. I just start to recognize how profound she has changed my past to better control the future! Thank you Domina!
Sunday, 08 October 2023
Such an incredible session again. I went very deep and don’t remember much. I do know Domina is a very big part of my life and I love every moment with Her. I love, honor and obey my Domina, thank You Domina Shelle
Sunday, 08 October 2023
Domina enslaved me a long time ago, true hypnotic enslavement. She defines my reality and this session is one of the most blissful trances i have ever experienced, because it builds and reinforces on previous programming, to make my reality even better. Deeeeeeep trance, intense arousal, feelings of utter blissful submission and the certainty that Domina was, is and will always be the reason that i am a whole and happy person. Obsessed, addicted, and enslaved by Domina is the only way to live. i woke from this trance with an even more certain view of life, Domina is Perfection, i was born to be Her slave and i am so happy to be Hers. Open your mind to this Siren Call and you will know what real hypnotic bliss is. Yesterday, today, tomorrow; it is all Domina Shelle Rivers.
Saturday, 07 October 2023
i don’t remember much aside from waking to find my Domina obsession growing alongside my burning arousal… i just can’t stop thinking about Domina and feeling so very bound, aroused, and obedient… If you wanna increase your Domina obsession to ALL new levels, this really is a POWERFUL session for that! Highly recommended!!!!
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