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Out of Control | Shelle RiversOut of Control | Shelle Rivers

Out of Control


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I have conditioned you, I have BRAINWASHED you, I have made you weak for ME!

Out of Control (22 minutes):

I wonder, would you trust Me and listen if I gave you no description at all?  Would you trust that I know what you need?  Do you love the MYSTERY?  I know that you love surprises...and I understand that sometimes you don't even remember My words.  Sometimes, I help you to escape from the little voices that TRY to get in the way of your Absolute submission and HAPPINESS.  I always PROTECT you!  My voice is the ONLY voice that matters.  you opened yourself up to Me a LONG time ago and I have conditioned you, I have programmed you, I have BRAINWASHED you, I have made you weak for ME!  I have chosen you as Mine forever.  My puppy, I will explain your weakness to you.  you will thank Me for keeping your secrets.

This session is about 20 minutes...A PERFECT Mind FUCK!

Mind Control-Brainwashing-Conditioning

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Sunday, 29 October 2023
Domina has conditioned me, She has brainwashed me, and i am so very, very, weak for Her domination and control. i will always yield to Her will and i enjoy Her "naughty" mind f*ck sessions that make it clear who is in charge and that we will always want whatever She wants. Domina is the most perfect Mistress/Owner and She truly is the one good thing in my life. i am forever subservient to Her needs and this session only reinforces my growing weakness to Her power.
Sunday, 22 October 2023
I’m completely obsessed with Domina Shelles new release. She breaks it all down, and reminds us of the reality of who and what we are. I am Her slave and She owns me completely, for the rest of my life
Saturday, 21 October 2023
Thank You Domina for the remake of this season. So much is packed into 20 minutes of Her words and voice. Mindless is bliss! This starts my journey into complete control
Friday, 20 October 2023
...i don't remember this session? all i remember is waking up... Thank You Domina, for explaining my weakness to me Thank You Domina, for keeping my shameful secrets Thank You Domina, for being the one good thing in my life
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