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Brain Fucked series I-IV | Shelle RiversBrain Fucked series I-IV | Shelle Rivers

Brain Fucked series I-IV


Product SKU: Brain Fucked series I-IV

Brainwashing and conditioning that will leave you on the ragged edge of submission...

Brain Fucked series...sessions I-IV (40 total minutes):

Let U/us get straight to the point, you have an obsession - Me!  you find yourself here because you have an irrepressible sexual craving to be dominated and controlled by a powerful sexy Woman, someone that can deviously manipulate you to Her will, triggering a sensual avalanche that leaves you craving for more.

W/we both know this is true, you are addicted to the sensation of My penetrating deep into your mind, a mesmerizing Brain-Fuck that is so stimulating just imagining it now makes you weak with arousal and unconditional submission.  Don't deny it, My sweet, embrace these feelings, embrace the truth that you are subservient to My wishes, a slave to My sexual domination of your mind, body, and soul.

Hmm, I do love being your obsession, it makes Me wet to see you surrender mindlessly to a mere thought of Me, your open suggestible mind opening wide for its Domina allows Me to do whatever I want with you. (giggles)  Well, I have a treat for My addicted and (soon to be) overstimulated pet, a series of brainwashing and conditioning sessions that will leave you on the ragged edge of submission to Me, desperate to relinquish all self-control just to taste the ripe fruit that is submissive bliss.

Be forewarned, My sweet, this is no ordinary mind fuck.  What I have devised for you will leave you forever changed, more obsessed, more addicted to those erotic submissive feelings that only I can trigger deep inside your mind.  you already know there is no way back for you, no escaping your fated need to submit to Me, so, just let go, relax and take the plunge as I show you what real sexual domination feels like.

Includes:  Complete SERIES 1-4 ... 4-DOWNLOADS.

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Wednesday, 03 January 2024
During each session i painted a picture in my mind of Domina. After all four sessions were completed i put together all four pictures which became a Masterpiece. Domina brainwashed me beyond any hope of returning to normalcy. I am now the paint on the end of her brush as she paints my destiny in serving Domina Shelle, my Masterpiece.
Saturday, 04 November 2023
If you want to witness how conditioned you have become to Domina listen to these sessions. They are great examples how you are triggered to respond in subtle ways when Domina mentions a certain phrase or visualizes something in your mind. i always enjoy these sessions since they help me appreciate how receptive i have become to Her conditioning, brainwashing, and indoctrination, and i use them to identify where i am still resisting and will listen to other sessions to break it down. i long ago accepted i am being brainwashed to be brainwashed and to get closer to Domina requires me to allow Her free reign in my mind. If you like sessions focusing on every aspect of Domina You should buy this series, you will not regret it!
Sunday, 01 October 2023
This is really good and I listen to it a lot. I love watching my body respond to Domina. Does this mean I am brainwashed? Oh well, it sure feels good.
Thursday, 28 September 2023
OMG i love these. These are my new go to audios to listen to. i've been listen to the The Experiment (Mon-Sun) for something short and quick to listen to, but now i have these. Plus, they are shorter. Totally in love with how quick Domina takes me in these files, and then starts playing with me. These are amazing. you'll totally enjoy them.
Tuesday, 26 September 2023
This got me so aroused while focusing on different aspects of my Domina. Now i can't stop thinkingabout those things.
Monday, 25 September 2023
Each of these four similar yet completely unique brainwashing sessions turned me into a completely horny and hypnotized zombie! OMG! What a spectacular brainwashing series!!!
Monday, 25 September 2023
My Domina brain F's me sooo good. i love being obsessed with Her feet, Her perfect booty, and even Her sexy hands. i love Her and all the beautiful brainwashing She does to me
Sunday, 24 September 2023
  i have no wish to give any spoilers about the content of these, since Domina doesn't list it Herself, but i do want to express how fantastic an experience this little collection of loops is. From the first to the last, Domina knows exactly what to say, to reel me in and accept Her wishes contained within. She has a very firm grasp of how to make everything sound so absolutely sexy and appealing, that all i wanted to do was sink deep and give in to the beautiful sound of Her soft sweet voice, as She wove Her words deep within the fabric of my mind... Just letting go and surrendering to Her will feels truly wonderful with these files. Domina knows exactly how to get what She wants, and She offers sweet feelings of bliss in return for your total submission. That seems like a fantastic deal to me. Accept Her conditioning that these files hold within, and prepare for a true pleasure overload.  ♥
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