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Exotic Encounter | Shelle RiversExotic Encounter | Shelle Rivers

Exotic Encounter


Product SKU: Exotic Encounter

Dominated and Owned by Domina Shelle and so MIND FUCKED...

Exotic Encounter (26 minutes):

Prepare yourself for an encounter with your Domina that you've long dreamt about.  W/we are alone, naked, and the mere sight of Me - My sun kissed skin, My curvaceous body, and those oh so long elegant legs - has you HARD with passion and submissive desire.  Then I speak, My whispered words penetrating to the core of your being, enveloping you, consuming you, leaving you lost in the reverie of your absolute surrender to Me, the one you love, honor, and obey above all others.

In this moment you are mine, your every reaction a triggered response I've programmed deep inside your mind, a slave to My will, each seductive movement bringing U/us closer together, closer to being one with your Domina, the Mistress of your mind and your sex. (giggles)  This is because My words are like sex to your mind - your hard aroused c*ck aching for My slick wet p*ssy - and when W/we do embrace, the sexual tension is so erotic, and so explosive, it leaves you gasping for more, hard on the edge of an all-consuming eruption.

There is no escaping this Exotic Encounter, My sweet, a sensual seduction designed to strip away all pretense of personal choice and independent thought.  Deep down you want Me to take complete control of you, to dominate you - mind, body and soul - owning you like a treasured pet and training you to be My perfect love slave.  The truth is you need Me, My words are your daily addiction, and session after session you surrender to My power, emotionally conditioned to please Me, the divine source of all your erotic and sexual pleasure.

In this session your body, and your sex, will perform for Me, a wild euphoric ride of sensual stimulation and sexual tension as you learn the pleasure of submitting mindlessly to My domination and control.  This is what it means to be dominated and owned by Domina Shelle, to be so profoundly mind fucked that you're forever changed.

So, embrace this opportunity to fall deeper under My love spell, an erotic hypnotic gift for the submissive mind that leaves you aching for more.  Orgasmic bliss is within your grasp (wicked smile) and this is one Exotic Encounter you will never, ever, forget.

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Sunday, 24 September 2023
OMG that was fucking amazing. i love Dominas files where She takes me and has Her way with me. This file might have been very short but it was packed with explosive developments. If you are looking for a file that is short but affective than this is the file to buy. you will not be disappointed in what Domina does to you. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Tuesday, 19 September 2023
How can one audio file be so incredibly intoxicating, electrifying and so damn sensual! Domina took me to a sensually dominating place i have rarely experienced and absorbed. She is truly the Female Fatale, the most Domineering Mistress of all to take control of a man's mind, body and soul to where, it is simply impossible to escape. (Not that you would every want to!)
Monday, 18 September 2023
Domina takes Her magic voice and wraps it around my mind and turns this into a hot sexual experience far better than anything i could have had before i became Her property for like
Monday, 18 September 2023
I loved this session I don't think I remember everything but I was very aroused when I came out of trance. I go so very deep for Domina and only want to go deeper:) tahk You Domina Shelle
Sunday, 17 September 2023
With this session only being 26 minutes long I had low expectations. I was wrong! Dead wrong. Of course her voice, took me deeper than i had ever been. That's when Domina takes over my mind with her divine fuckery. It got so intense until i found myself on my knees begging Domina to take me deeper. She did, and I will stop this review now. I want you to experience the power of her voice.
Sunday, 17 September 2023
Domina Shelle made me so hard and horny for Her during this file that Her lil sissy clitty didn't fit into my panties anymore... giggles... In the trance She put me in it was Her hands guiding my own very one, massaging Her property soft gentle. Her control was driving me to the edge and with Her permission beyond that to blissful ecstasy. Thank You my beloved Domina Shelle for this exotic encounter.
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