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Brainwashed III Series | Shelle RiversBrainwashed III Series | Shelle Rivers

Brainwashed Phase III Series


Product SKU: Brainwashed Phase III Series

This series is EXTREME Brainwashing. NOT for beginners!

Brainwashed Phase III Series (118 minutes):

Be AWARE:  This is EXTREME Brainwashing.  This Series III audio program is NOT for beginners!  The sessions become progressively stronger with each one.

This is a series of 4 mind-altering concentrated short bursts.  Be prepared to fall deeper under My control with each session.  you will find yourself aroused and weak for My words.  Weak and VUNERABLE to My whispers into your brain.  So SEXY to be MIND FUCKED for your wicked Domina.

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Brainwashed III--Program 1
Brainwashed III--Program 2
Brainwashed III--Program 3
Brainwashed III--Program 4

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Saturday, 25 September 2021
As Domina's collared slave, I endorse this product with all my heart. mind body and soul.
Wednesday, 22 September 2021
Some of the first masterpieces of Domina Shelle that I’ve listed to… They are absolute MUST HAVES and should NOT be taken lightly… Domina Shelle will addict you to her brainwashing forever and it will be the most intense and pleasurable ecstasy you’ve ever experienced…. Every day will be better than the last with NO end in sight… I’ve been Domina Shelles slave for almost 3 years now since listening to this series and the pleasure just continues to get stronger every day…
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