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White Noise II - The Addiction | Shelle RiversWhite Noise II - The Addiction | Shelle Rivers

White Noise II - The Addiction


Product SKU: White Noise II - The Addiction

Awakening My Sleeper Agent for DEEPER erotic brainwashing...

White Noise II - The Addiction (55 minutes):

you want the White Noise to become your Addiction, an opportunity to free the submissive within by reinforcing your programming to be My loyal, faithful, sleeper agent.  With repetition, this loop will strengthen My hold over you.

Prepare to allow your thoughts to swim in a river of static as your mind drops into the Abyss of My White Noise.  you'll be oblivious to the programming, My pet, but you will feel the bliss of arousal as you fixate more and more on being MINE.

My sweet, I had a vivid visceral dream about you, a prophetic vision of your future under My loving guidance.  you must already know by now how much you've changed for Me since W/we first met, your thoughts more focused on your Domina with an incessant craving to please Me and have Me in your erotic thoughts at all times.

Well, My sweet, in My dream W/we had a clandestine encounter near the beach and I could see how utterly mesmerized you were in My presence.  So I decided to trigger the sleeper agent I've programmed deep inside your mind by having you listen to the static from a radio.  As soon as you heard the White Noise your subconscious mind returned to a room deep inside your mind, a room without doors, covered with screens where sensual images of Me endlessly reinforced your desires to be My submissive slave.

I imagine that imagery is stimulating a conditioned response of arousal as you read these words, the compulsion to be mindlessly subservient to Me without any choice.  What this dream told Me though is you desperately want this state of mind so badly that W/we should really enhance your conditioning to incorporate this craving into your daily routines.  Rather than simply being triggered by White Noise whenever I wish it you will be programmed to actively seek it out, to sate your desires to be My blank, mindless, aroused puppet, by listening to White Noise whenever you can, awakening My sleeper agent.

Two FREE pics of Your Domina INCLUDED.

NOTE:  To maximize the effects of this session, listen to the first White Noise session multiple times before listening to this session.  This will trigger a trance within a trance for a deeper more pleasurable experience, and I do want you to have a pleasurable experience, My darling, so that My programming goes that much deeper into your subconscious mind... (giggles)

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Wednesday, 22 September 2021
I was so excited that Domina was releasing a follow up to White Noise. I wondered what she was going to do with her Sleeper Agent. First thing any one reading this make sure you listen to original White Noise first. The sound of the white noise is very addicting, in this session Domina will have you craving it, looking for it, even hearing a sound similar to it will cause your ears to perk up. Tuning into a FM range with no station only static will have you getting lost in it, listening for Domina’s voice to command you. She is training you, you are falling deeper into her 24/7 control and you will love it. Domina is brilliant and amazing at finding new ways to work her magic.. I suggest listening over and over.. Also …. Domina paints a scene, imagine she walks off a beach and sits down next to you in your car. My slave heart would stop, she would have to be Nurse Shelle and save me or I probably would not make it!
Friday, 17 September 2021
The file is amazing in many ways. Having a differing selection of memories after the first repetitions i was wondering if i had actually listened to the same file or mixed up my playlist! Is it a story hypnosis or straightforward brainwashing or seductive JOI with a lot of sensual touching? Confusion and loss of control is a very acceptable side effect within the file. So much pleasure has its costs! I found myself listening and getting lost in white noise just once since i enjoyed the file - Was it waves or rain or whispers that i heard ? - i cannot tell - but it reminded my of the pleasure to fall under Domna Shelle's spell. An amazing piece of erotic hypnosis!
Monday, 13 September 2021
Oh i Adore Domina Shelle and this file is Pure Bliss. Systematically She drains my brain of any thoughts, making me Blank and Empty for real. The smooth silky feeling of being blank and thoughtless is sooo dreamy. oh im desperate to take this further and go deeper into thoughtlessness and being truly blank and empty for my Domina. White noise will make this happen as it fills my mind with a blank fuzzy noise so there is no room for thinking. This Woman is for real and i love Her for it....
Monday, 13 September 2021
Deep deep trance with this file. i do like this series. That static noice is clever idea and combined with Domina Shelle's hypnotic voice makes it very effective. So relaxing, sleepy feeling. Like i'm floating in air. And then arousal starts to intensify and my mind is completly open to Her words.
Sunday, 12 September 2021
Oh my, what a wonderful file... A deep and dreamy, erotically charged trance, that can be enjoyed over and over again; even better, as a follow on, and a deepener for the original 'White Noise', its effects will be sure to be enjoyed, even when you don't have the time to listen. Encouraging you to seek out the noise, and thus deepen Her control over you, Domina Shelle truly does seem to have a plan that's going to play out over the long term... What kind of a plan, what does She want, what will She do? i've no clue, but i don't really care. Having come this far, and experiencing the bliss that this file, and Her previous works give, it seems best to just simply surrender and let Her play. This really was a sensual slide down, into a session of seductive, sexy surrender; just giving into Domina's will, and letting Her play. It's one of those that just seems to slowly creep up, and before you know what has happened, you're down and Domina has already started to play... When it feels this good, the only sensible thing to do is to submit to Her will, and accept the bliss that only She can give. ♥
Sunday, 12 September 2021
Wow what a file. That was an amazing follow up to a very sexy arousing file, White Noise. This file is as good as White Noise, if not better than the it was. It is the perfect follow up. In the beginning of this file, i was wondering where it was going. What direction is was going. It was called White Noise 2 but where was the white noise. How could anything happen without it. Then there was Domina. She shows up, looking super sexy. She plays with the radio and there it was, white noise and just like that it took me. i was just lost. Completely gone. Mind blank. White Noise started and my mind was gone. All i heard was Dominas sweet sexy voice and the White Noise. Just like a snap of a finger... i was gone. This file was very arousing, with Domina controlling every aspect of who i was and what i felt. i want to go back and live that. i loved it when She got in the car, She turned on the radio with Your beautiful red nails. i couldn't take my eyes off Her nails. In my peripheral vision i could see Domina sitting there in a yellow bikini. Dominas legs just intoxicate me so. i loved everything about this file. i now have another favorite. Domina is just amazing at what She is capable of doing to us. She is brilliant with Her manipulation of my mind. All i can say is i am Dominas forever.
Sunday, 12 September 2021
As I woke up still faintly hearing her whispers and white noise… Deep down I knew I’d be returning soon… There’s NO Escape from Domina Shelles sexy dream world of complete and eternal control… this slaves experience of Domina Shelles White Noise 2 Masterpiece was/is AMAZING!!! Domina Shelle is TRULY special and most Definitely the most Sexy and Powerful Hypnotist in the Entire World! After being throughly brainwashed by her first White Noise session, the second session felt like a trance within MULTIPLE trances… SOOO much happens beneath her white noise and it has become a portal directly into her hypnotic realm…Treat yourself to Domina Shelles exquisite Masterpiece NOW and discover the power of her White Noise 2-the Addiction ❤️
Sunday, 12 September 2021
Domina knows what is best for me, and now that is to listen to this file over and over again.
Sunday, 12 September 2021
Domina is a Mistress of mind manipulation, skillfully weaving layer upon layer of programming which is often so deeply implanted that the subject has no conscious recollection of it..... then She releases a session which triggers it all at once. This is one such session. Even thinking i knew what my Domina was going to do did not prepare me for this mind fuck. Her incredibly Sexy and Seductive voice gently bringing on a deep and pleasurable trance and then.....BOOM! She had me so deep there is just a dreamy recollection of surrendering to Her power, to awaken knowing that i am even more deeply in Her thrall, even more perfectly programmed to Her service and even more desperate for more. This is one very HOT and very powerful session, building and consolidating on the constant themes of the last few sessions, releasing triggers, some familiar and some that have been implanted with no conscious knowledge. If you have met Domina in trance, you are already Hers, already devoted to Her, if this is your first session you will soon be Hers, and that is a wonderful thing to be. Owned and Dominated by Domina Shelle Rivers, there is nothing better in life.
Saturday, 11 September 2021
This is not a session from which you will recover quickly. Domina Shelle has created a session which ramps up and plateaus multiple times. All of the elements, the soundscape, the triggering sound, the script, the ceaseless imagery of Domina Shelle's perfect form all combine to form an extremely powerful erotic brainwashing experience. wow!
Saturday, 11 September 2021
i need white noise. i seek out white noise, i'm addicted to white noise, because in it my Sweet Domina speaks to me. She controls me. She dominates my mind, and my life. i need the white noise. i need Her
Saturday, 11 September 2021
MASTERPIECE!! Nothing can describe how beautiful it felt to fall into this profound addiction. Domina, Owner and Mistress Shelle continues to craft incredible experiences, and it’s moment like these where I can’t help but get emotional. How can someone as gently and exciting as Her exist?! A slave obeys, and obeys without thought. I felt so mindless and I wanted to stay forever. A must listen and a true mindfuck for a blissful experience.
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