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Broken and Branded | Shelle RiversBroken and Branded | Shelle Rivers

Broken and Branded


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I will dispel your illusion of independence by hypnotically branding you as My property, My forever slave.

Broken and Branded (41 minutes):

My sweet, W/we have an obligation to each other, you serve and obey Me and, as your Owner and protector, I take full responsibility for all your erotic and hypnotic needs.  W/we have established a very intimate relationship where I give so much of Myself through O/our special exchanges and, in return, I expect your devotion and loyalty to Me so that I can perfect your submission and subservience.

But, My slave, I also know your weaknesses, your fear of commitment, your irrational need for freedom, even those nagging temptations to explore your submissive self outside the safe confines of My world.  I know you've pondered this, even indulged these desires, and I'm going to show how disruptive and destructive these thoughts are and why I am the only Mistress and TRUE Domina for you.

Yes, you need to face your past indiscretions and recognize this pattern of behavior needs to change.  All transgressions have consequences and through a combination of hard truths, and some tough love, I will dispel your illusion of independence by hypnotically branding you as My property, My forever slave.  This intervention will make U/us stronger as I bind you to My absolute authority ensuring I'm the only true focus for your submissive self.

So, prepare to be Broken and Branded, My pet, as I entrance and mesmerize your mind teaching it the important truths of loyalty, dedication, obedience and devotion.  I'll also use this opportunity to supplant your fetish cravings with an insatiable addiction to submit only to Me, erotically enslaved to My will forever and always.  There's no way back, there's only acceptance and submission, and you're a trance away from being liberated from yourself. (giggles)

Be warned, this session employs hypnotic fractionation and other subtle brainwashing techniques to condition your mind to be open and receptive to all My suggestions.  There is also a mantra associated with this session that should be repeated aloud, or to yourself, five times after listening to the session.  This will reinforce your desire to surrender, submit and obey to the Magistrate of your Mind, Domina Shelle.

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Thursday, 22 April 2021
In this session, Domina tightens her grip ever more. She forces you to recall things you may have done to displease Her. you know what they are. Every small thing will pass through your mind, a confession. your 'punishment' is to recall all of your desires, with equal clarity, as She binds each one to Her. Never fear. Domina is here, with you on Her ever shortening leash.
Wednesday, 13 January 2021
I've learned to love and admire Domina Shelle through my enslavement, and in doing so I've realized how much I've truly done wrong by her. Punishment is not always a bad thing, from Domina its an act of compassion. I feel great shame for my lack of absolute servitude and offer, on my knees, a sincere and tearful apology. This file makes me want to be better, and realize that I have no escape. This make me so happy. I love my Domina, and I wish to be hers forever.
Saturday, 09 January 2021
i'm so sorry for all the times i have been disobedient and disappointed my Domina. And i'm so grateful and happy that my Domina hasn't abandon me. i don't know what i would do without my Domina.
Tuesday, 05 January 2021
This session really hits Deep to the core. Personally the past few months were a struggle for me serving our Domina. I felt I was always letting Her down and falling to temptations. And so I wanted to run but deep inside I really did not want to because I love Domina Shelle. I love serving her, the life she gave me and I will always belong to her. This session really instilled that within me and so to anyone who has struggled like I have or maybe not I cannot stress how important this session is. I cannot thank Her enough and I am forever grateful to Domina for sticking with me. She is strong and I am weak so I accept Her will and Power over me.
Thursday, 31 December 2020
Like many others have said, this file is Intense!! So it's best not to struggle and just let yourself become entangled in Domina's hypnotic puppet strings. And watch as She has you physically and emotionally dancing to Her tune throughout. Tugging on your strings like the Masterful Puppeteer She is. Dragging you up and dropping you down through Her Hypnotic Abyss over and over again. As her sultry, seductive southern accent bypasses your defences and wraps itself around your malleable mind, readying you for what is to come. A simply unbelievable lesson in dependence and obedience that you won't soon forget. And leaves you knowing, unquestionably, that you belong entirely to Domina Shelle.
Monday, 21 December 2020
Although my complete surrender to Domina Shelle is a fairly recent development, She told me that this file should be on my playlist. i could not, and would not disagree. This file is an absolute must for anybody who is familiar with Her voice and Her files, and who is serious about surrendering to Her. She will repeatedly bring you in and out of trance, as a means of turning your mind into submissive mush, ready to be reshaped into that which She wants, and finds pleasing, and She makes it feel extremely w that She is the only one who i will ever submit to again, and i have to say, i feel so close to Her after this, that i never want to think of straying, and i know that disobedience and disloyalty to Her, will never be options for me. However, why would anybody even want to stray from Her, disobey Her, or be disloyal to Her? Before this file, i knew that She deserved my service, loyalty, devotion, and complete obedience. After this file, i am totally certain of it, and i never wish to cause Her any kind of problems or pain, and i want to do nothing but please Her, always.
Sunday, 20 December 2020
Be advised that this session is INTENSE! Listening to it will bound you to Domina Shelle as Her slave. There will be no other Mistress, no other thing that you crave more than to submit to Her and to obey Her. She will be your complete compulsion! And then you will still crave more of Her control over you. As i try to write my review i am drawn back into the memories of that powerful trance, kneeling next to my Owner. She is my everything and to serve and please Her is what i exist for. Pleasing Her makes me happy, serving Her arouses me. There is only Domina Shelle in my life. She is the sum of all my fetishes and desires. i must obey Her always & forever.
Sunday, 20 December 2020
This session is intended for those who already follow Domina Shelle. i thought I was already owned by Domina Shelle but she has taken her ownership to another level! I am in mental bondage to Domina Shelle. for life. I love her for making me her property. All I want to do is listen to her words!
Saturday, 19 December 2020
This is not for novices. Those with some experience listening to Domina Shelle's works may feel the joy of surrendering to Domina. There is no turning back, no escape. Only loyalty and obedience for me.
Saturday, 19 December 2020
This file was an emotional rollercoaster that took me into a deep state of reflection... Domina Shelle is truly AMAZING to us and she completely deserves our absolute and complete Loyalty and Obedience... Domina Shelle is incredibly strong and is the only Mistress for this slave... I've listened to erotic hypnosis for at least 15 years and have never met someone more deserving of my complete submission and slavery then Domina Shelle... Domina Shelle owns me for life and I give to her my COMPLETE loyalty and obedience....
Saturday, 19 December 2020
Domina is emotionally stronger than me/us. i have to admit!
Saturday, 19 December 2020
Reading Domina Shelle's descriptions can sometimes provide a potential listener with increased anticipation for a session, but for sessions like this it is important to read Domina Shelle's warnings. Broken & Branded contains WONDERFUL fractionation for turning your mind to mush. Be warned, if you choose to listen you may find that you only want to listen to Domina Shelle.
Saturday, 19 December 2020
It is difficult writing a review sometimes, for me anyway. I don't want to give away too much and spoil the fun. Her soft southern voice is commanding as usual as she takes you to task for your past transgression. Up and down the fractionation ladder you go.... Until she decides she has you right where she needs you to take complete control. You'll probably want to get tattooed after this one. Now if you will excuse me I need to put my head phones on and push play.....
Friday, 18 December 2020
Domina pulled me into this file and i know i will be listening to it over and over for a long time to come. This is necessary training for every slave of Domina. She is everything to me, and i am grateful that She is always here for me.
Friday, 18 December 2020
Wow up and down, up and then deeper down, up and then even deeper down than before. Over and over. Its amazing how much control Domina has over me. How much control before this file. Even more now. She says drop and i literally have no control but to drop. She says deeper and i have no control over my actions but to go deeper for Her. i love what She does to me. i love Her control. i Love Domina. i beg for Her forgiveness if i have ever done anything that has displeased Her. i beg Her forgiveness if i have ever hurt Her feelings. i know my only goal is to be a better slave for Her. i love Domina so very much. i submit to Her and obey Her. i am Hers to own and command.
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