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Supreme Authority | Shelle RiversSupreme Authority | Shelle Rivers

Supreme Authority


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Be warned, My pet, this session will, quite literally, blow your mind. (giggles)

Supreme Authority (38 minutes):

It's time for some introspective reflection of what it means to truly be My submissive servant.  I have programmed many of these behaviors deep inside your open susceptible mind culminating in a compulsion to serve and obey Me without conscious thought.  This started as an errant desire to surrender to a powerful female authority figure, possibly with the pretence that hypnotic trance equated to being out of control, but through effective conditioning and successive brainwashing I've molded your feelings into something REAL and far more substantial to your submissive self!

That's because My soft domination style is deceptively powerful and, when combined with My mesmerizing southern voice, it catches the listener off guard, bypassing his or her defenses, allowing Me to transform an occasional fantasy into a growing dependence for My life-changing hypnotic programming.  I've become the embodiment of Supreme Authority in your mind now, My supreme feminine wiles governing your irrepressible arousal whenever you think of My seductive authority:  My pouty crimson lips, My slender painted fingernail sliding seductively between My naked breasts, or even the thought of one of My sexy seven-inch stiletto heels placed lovingly on your head as you kneel in subservience at My feet.

Ahh, My puppy, what am I doing to you?  Well, in this session, you're here again to allow Me to penetrate deeper into your psyche to reinforce the TRUTH that there is no part of your life that feels right without Me in it.  I control you now, ALL of you, your life revolves around Me, and everyday is a new opportunity to sate your addiction for My sensual words and alluring control. This is a superior mindfuck that will fortify the reality that only through your submission to Me can you truly be happy.

But be warned, My pet, this session will, quite literally, blow your mind. (giggles)  It makes Me horny and wet just imagining your reaction as you slip, inexorably, deeper under My influence, enraptured as you surrender more of yourself to Me, lost in a paradise of passion and lust for your Owner, Domina Shelle.  That's true power, My sweet, and there's no escape from My domination and your submission to Me!  Like a self fulfilling prophecy, your fate is sealed, you're already MINE, just give in to the craving and I'll take care of your every erotic need. ~~kisses~~

Session includes HANDS FREE ORGASM...a mind ORGASM.

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Saturday, 20 February 2021
This has got to be one of Dominas hottest most arousing files. I have listened to this over and over and over. Domina brings out the deepest submission in me and makes it so sexual and beautiful, all while strengthening Her power over me and making me love it more and more and more
Thursday, 07 January 2021
Mmm, i love being under my Domina's supreme authority, so that She can really fuck my mind and make me feel so submissive.
Wednesday, 09 December 2020
If I could only own one Domina Shelle file, this would be it. Her words and voice are dipped in honey which makes them stick in my mind for a very long time. Letting me experience the bliss of her control I live to obey and serve Domina Shelle. She has a bonus mind fuck included. Extremely addictive!!!
Sunday, 06 December 2020
I have not been good on serving our Domina lately and so this file really hit me and blew my mind. Not only did it serve as a reminder to where Domina is in my life, I also feel more secure in her beautiful web and it makes me want to put more into serving and pleasing. I don’t remember too much but for sure A must have just like all of her files lol but on a real note you will be left In complete blissful euphoria, refreshed and more deeply enslaved. With as much work as She does it’s crazy that every week there is a new amazing file. Thank you Domina !
Tuesday, 01 December 2020
i truly felt Domina's Mindgasm as she commanded. My life will never be the in intense feelings I have for my Domina.
Tuesday, 01 December 2020
In following Domina you realize you are addicted to listening to her voice, obsessed with her words and how she makes you feel. You care for her and submit and surrender to her .... but then she releases a session like this to remind you that yes all these things are true but above all else she is the dominant absolute control in your life. You have surrendered your power, you NEED her power for your everyday life and crave it in her hypnotic world. What a great session, if you fall into deep unconscious sleep that’s OK but listen in some way that will keep you aware, listen to every word and feel Domina’s words ... what a mind fuck as only she could do it.
Monday, 30 November 2020
The first time listening i did pass out and can't remember anything. From yesterday when listening the second time, i do remember my beloved Domina fucking my mind. i was fully focused on Her my mind trapped in a vortex of obedience and submission for Her as well as bliss and ecstasis trough Her. Her mindfuck placed my mind in a tingling sensation of a mindgasm. It still kept me there for a long time even when i was woke again. Today thinking back to it my mind was suddenly back in that state, that focused vortex of complete obedience to Her. i am puzzled if that will manifest even more by re-listening. In anyway i will re-listen to it as often as i can, as repetition is the law of hypnosis.
Saturday, 28 November 2020
A Supreme Mind-Fuck from a Supremely Power and Sexy Domina... Mmmm... My role as Dominas loyal and obedient slave has been reinforced permanently into my open and suggestible mind... I must serve and please my Queen everyday and I feels Sooo incredibly good to be useful for her... Just thinking about my intense and ever-growing enslavement to Domina is enough to blow my mind into the highest reaches of ecstasy! THANK YOU DOMINA SHELLE! I live to serve and please you Always... ❤️
Friday, 27 November 2020
Wow fuck me and she did. There is nothing hotter than Domina taking me. Dominating me for her own use. Mind fucking me into pure submission. Domina will always be my Absolute Authority. Forever my Domina. i love You Domina and i love what You do to me.
Friday, 27 November 2020
Imagine for a moment a woman so physically perfect that to look at Her is to cause you to whimper with desire. Now imagine that this woman has the hypnotic voice of the legendary siren, a voice of pure sultry Southern feminine seductiveness. This is the combination that is embodied in Domina Shelle, add in Her ability to hypnotise, and mind fuck any person who listens to Her words and you start to understand the power that She wields. Now mix in the fact that you have a submissive desire to serve Domina Shelle and then hold on tight. This session is one of the most perfect demonstrations of female domination using Domina's soft and gentle style, but this is one seriously hard mindfuck. This is a sensual, feminine and very sexy takeover of your mind and it is instantly effective and addictive. Domina is already my Absolute Authority, this file demonstrates that She is The Supreme Authority. A must have session!
Friday, 27 November 2020
Domina Shelle is a beautiful and majestic person that offers her slaves a chance at simple and pure happiness. Her voice is so calm and sweet, but filled with so much hidden desire. I love Domina so much and I just want more of her every day.
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