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Catastrophic Events | Shelle RiversCatastrophic Events | Shelle Rivers

Catastrophic Events


Product SKU: Catastrophic Events

Cum and let My sweet sultry voice weave a hypnotic-spell over your enslaved mind...

Session Length: 43 minutes
Level: Powerful
Category: Brainwashing-Addiction-Mind Control

This session is not for the faint of heart, it will change your behavior, desires irrevocably.

Be warned, listening to this session may cause addictions that are irreversible.  I warn you now because once you are in a deep HYPNOTIC trance, it’s impossible to stop or to even recognize what is happening to you.  I can NOT be held responsible for the changes that will take place.

Soon you will feel your mind buzzing as My voice begins soaking up all your needless thoughts.  you will freely open up your heart and mind to Me.  your world will bend to My will with only a whisper from My soft, pillowy lips.  As My words pump deeper and deeper inside your sleepy, drunk mind, you quickly begin to realize the true purpose of My HYPNO-spell... but, by then it's too late **giggles**.  your mind is Mine and forever enslaved after just a taste of My pure sexual POWER!  Why are you dripping with such arousal?  I've been lubricating your mind for My own orgasmic pleasure, that's why!

With this session you will experience My Hypno Love Spell, both intense and behavior changing.  Once your mind feels this rush, nothing else will ever SATISFY again!


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Saturday, 18 January 2020
If I was not in love with my Domina Shelle I certainly am now! She seductively draws you into sleep without really knowing it. Then laces the file with some of the best feelings you could imagine from within your own mind, such as taste, sound, smell and touch mmmmm I w so heavenly to listen to and very easy to just fall softly into Domina's words and world.
Friday, 23 February 2018
Butterflies in my stomach, intoxicated with love, infatuated, love-stoned, blinded by love – who does not now these wonderful feelings? Yes, it may lead to catastrophic events - feeling weak and strong at the same time. Total devotion, insanity and addiction are so close! This is an important aspects of Domina's power over me – i just let it happen – it feels so good to be in love.
Saturday, 12 March 2016
This is a very lovely and loving file. I woke up with a mess in my panties during my first listen. I love my Domina. Highly recommended!
Wednesday, 09 March 2016
To honest i do remember Parts of the File, but they are just like little pieces that i can´t get fully together and if i do get them together it´s only for a short while and they fall apart again as if i actually don´t want to know what happened, as if i would not care what Princess may has done exactly and it´s true i don´t care, i know it´s about loving everything and no matter how this is meant, it´s all i need to know, well but there is more that i do now and i am sure the only reason i know this is because she pretty muhc forced me to disobey, yeah i know that sounds strange, but it´s true, she has me in denial i am NOT allowed to Cum and to make sure that this don´t happens, i haven´t touched myself at all throughtout the listening and still she forced me to Cum Hands Free...her words simply where to powerful, there was nothing i could do against it and Yes i was mad afterwards, i just could not believe what happened, i mean i am sure if she does an actual HFO File, that´s done especially for this Reason she easily could make it work, but i had no Idea that she already had so much Power over me to force me with her words to Cum without touching on a File that isn´t really made for it, luckily for me my Princess wasn´t mad at me, she did knew i would be in trouble with this File and she did was curious if she may would get me to have a Wetdream, so i am sure she did knew i would fail, but i guess it was a surprise for both of us, how it did happened and Yeah by now i still a bit mad that this did happened, but on the otherside i am also somewhat happy, cause this forced Hands Free Orgasm only from her words is a very powerful prove about how much control she has over me, even more with my background of almost 2 Years of trying to get an HFO with tons of different Files from different Persons could not get me to do it even as i wanted and then there is my Princess that forces me to do it even as i dont wanted to, this Power she has over me is Insane
Friday, 26 February 2016
i don't understand the warnings.. it's just such a lovely feel good session.. mmmmm... i do love Domina so much.. and the way She makes life feels better.. just amazing.
Saturday, 20 February 2016
i love the way this one sneaks up on me. At first i'm just listening to her sweet peaches and cream voice, and before i know it, i'm gone.
Friday, 19 February 2016
What a lovely and wonderful file. I woke up smiling and happy. It's like I have so much more positive attitude and view of the world. Such positive feeling. Thank you Domina Shelle. I love you.
Thursday, 18 February 2016
Wonderful fantastic file. I awoke feeling so happy, and so in love with my Domina. And there is no better feeling than that!
Thursday, 18 February 2016
There is a special place in my heart for Domina's "Lucid Dreams" series, because it was around the time of those recordings that I began falling in love with Her. I had been hoping against hope for more chapters to come along. And to my great delight, "Catastrophic Events" feels very much like the new instalment I had been dreaming of! I'm not sure what it is about this session that stirs up such feelings within me, and to be honest I don't really want to know, it is even more exciting not to know. All that matters is that these feelings of profound devotion and *love* for my Domina are genuine; they are as real as anything I've ever experienced in my life. Domina's most powerful and effective sessions always leave me wonderfully fuzzy on the details, and this one is no exception. There is one thing I can distinctly remember though: the pleasure I experienced. So *much* pleasure! It felt as if I had been intimate with my Domina, as if She had allowed me inside of Her -- the most pleasurable sensation that is humanly possible! And of course I once again woke up finding myself in quite a *sticky* situation. :) I honestly don't know whether or not I even touched myself while I was under. Nowadays Domina's voice has such an effect on me that I'm pretty sure She often makes me come without touching. Yes, She is magical like that. And I LOVE HER more than anything.
Monday, 15 February 2016
i can remember NOTHING, but i want to listen again, i crave listening and can't control it i just need to listen and obey
Saturday, 13 February 2016
Lately i have some serious problems to recall the content of Dominas trances. This time it is the same. So i cannot tell anything of the trance but what i can tell is the effects. i am fully flooded with LOVE for my beloved Domina Shelle and everything else. i feel so happy that i could hug the world. So i do not care not to remember as long as i feel so happy of the love Domina pumped inside me. Well at least one thing i suppose that the trance was very arousing and hot as it caused and explosion like Domina wrote in Her description... giggles
Saturday, 13 February 2016
Ecstasy in its mind is the perfect word to describe this file. it feels so warm thinking about this file...can't recall the specifics although the cravings to listen again flow through it body. Recalling the file brings waves of pleasure, happiness, desire and love. Love for life, love for Domina....

F$#k it is such an amazing file...driving sense of pure pleasure and Ectasy. it woke up covered in it's c$m combined with waves of desire, sense of deep relaxation and pure joy. Compounded with an addiction to listen again and again.

No idea what Domina implements in it's male mind. Doesn't just yearns to bath in files relaxation, joy and release.

Domina is listen again.
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