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Cheek to Cheek | Shelle RiversCheek to Cheek | Shelle Rivers

Cheek to Cheek


Product SKU: Cheek to Cheek

This session will be a romantic encounter you will never forget as W/we embrace Cheek to Cheek...

Cheek to Cheek (26 minutes):

I own you, you belong to Me, you are MINE.  When you read these words you feel a submissive yearning to surrender to Me, to fall deeper into My world of sensual bliss where you listen and obey, without thought and without questions, and accept that I make all the decisions.

Being mine means entering into a state of true submission where pleasing Me makes you happy, and so very horny. (giggles)  When you are aroused by My words you sink deeper into submissive slumber enshrining the belief that whenever you think of being a slave you always imagine submitting to Me, your Owner, your Mistress, your Domina.

As the Slayer of your Mind and Misconceptions I will bedazzle you with mesmerizing words until you are quivering with lust and desire for Me, your sexy seductress.  This session will be a romantic encounter you will never forget as W/we embrace Cheek to Cheek, and I tease and tantalize the engorged swelling between your legs as it yearns for My sensual touch. (giggles)

Being owned by Domina Shelle is about loving, honoring, and obeying My wishes, and satisfying My desires above your own.  By learning (and accepting) this truth you will be rewarded with inner peace and intense sexual pleasure every time you please Me with your submission and obedience.

So, prepare to feel the pleasure of My power as I take you deeper into absolute enslavement, to My will.  By the time you wake from this session you will understand the true significance of the words, I own you, you belong to Me, you are MINE, and they will forever cement in your heart, and mind, that you are My property and you exist to serve only Me.

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Monday, 05 February 2024
OMG!!! Domina Shelle with the most amazing body in the world has really done it in this one. For those who have seen any pictures, you would know amazing and perfect the description of this file is…. Just imagining what is in the description is enough and She takes it to the next level, OMG!!! If you have ever fantasized about an amazing experience, wanting to serve one of the Hottest Dominas in the world, one with the most perfect body and words that will melt your mind, then this one is for you…. You may have been thinking it but never thought it would happen…Here is your chance…. As always, Domina Shelle never disappoints…. Just buy it and see.
Sunday, 24 December 2023
Did anyone look at the graphic for this file. WOW! Anyways i digress. i absolutely loved this file. One, Domina makes you get up after you're in trance, which i half expected to wake out of, but...oh no, that didn't happen. i was too far gone for that. Two, being seduced by a beautiful woman and then being taken advantage of. This checks off all boxes for me. This file is what dreams are made out of. Plus, its only 26 minutes long. i love these short files. This file is packed with a lot of erotica for being only 26 minutes. This is certainly a favorite of mine. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Sunday, 24 December 2023
This is a great session I really needed some time to cool down after listening:)
Sunday, 24 December 2023
It's not about the fulfillment of a hot erotic dream and desire. - Not exclusively, that is. It's about strengthening O/our intimate bond. It is about reinforcing Her ownership of me and Her control over my Mind. The Mantra is spinning in my head as i let go: "You own me, Domina! i belong to You, Domina! I want to please You, Domina!" I feel owned like never before! Like a wise woman said: "You own it, when you can sit on it!"
Monday, 18 December 2023
Uuh, this was so sexy. Serving my Domina like this would be a dream come true. This took me sexual hights and it take a long time to come down from this.
Sunday, 17 December 2023
OMG, Domina allowing me to serve Her this has always been my fantasy. This file absolutely blew my mind. i can't express how much i love it. Thank You Domina for allowing me to have this wonderful experience.
Saturday, 16 December 2023
What an incredibly raw-lust filled erotic hypnotic masterpiece!!!!!! This IMMEDIATELY became a favorite!!!!! The combination of how incredibly DEEP Domina took me and how incredibly lucid and lustful the trance progressed has me obsessed with this session and completely obsessed with Domina more than ever before!!!! This is a fantasy/dream cum true and such a perfect treat right before Christmas!
Friday, 15 December 2023
The entirety of all of my deepest sexual fantasies are now fully satisfied listening to Domina's voice! OMG OMG Being so deep in trance, in total submission, under Her complete control, acting instantly to Her commands to please and satisfy Her - i can't tell if this sensual masterpiece, pure raw lust was a fantasy or real! Doesn't matter. All i can think about is how much i love, honor and obey Domina Shelle!!!
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