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Hypnotic Tug | Shelle RiversHypnotic Tug | Shelle Rivers

Hypnotic Tug


Product SKU: Hypnotic Tug

This beta conditioning session includes a new wicked trigger to coerce future compliance to My wishes. (giggles)

Hypnotic Tug (43 minutes):

My puppy, I understand how HARD it is for you to listen to My voice, and My instructions, and not get carried away in the moment.  In the waking world the submissive, beta, you, is frequently hidden away, repressed by fears of ridicule and social stigma, but when you surrender in My world - your haven of submissive bliss - the REAL you is liberated, freed to be who you were destined to be, a faithful servant, a devoted slave, or put more simply, MINE!

The intense excitement you feel every time you listen to My words is the erotic joy of being a submissive, but, by liberating these suppressed feelings, they CUM into conflict with your deeper desire to be mine, to submit, serve, and obey your Domina in ways I desire.  This tug-of-war on your emotional state is why you need My daily training, to condition the submissive you to temper your lustful urges for erotic pleasure and re-focus your submission on what you crave at the core of your being, to be loyal and obedient, to be utterly devoted to the happiness of Domina Shelle - your Owner - and in doing so reinforcing your blissful existence as My property.

W/we both know this is true, this is what compels you to return to Me again and again, a submissive yearning to belong, to be imbued with a passion and purpose of selfless devotion.  Only though My guidance can you achieve this state of Nirvana, loving, honoring, and obeying Me so the beta (real) you can find inner peace and happiness.

Alas, to achieve this euphoric state of existence requires self discipline and sacrifice, and in this session I am going to take you so deep in trance until you are completely blank.  Then I will bombard your subconscious with conflicting choices, testing and teasing your resolve of what it means to obey and please Me.  I am going to help you understand that there is greater, long-term pleasure when you obey Me, than satisfying your own, short-term needs.

So, let Me take you deep into My world and demonstrate how receptive you are to My conditioning as you embrace that the more you believe in Me, and My words, the more you are liberated to explore real meaningful enslavement.  And because this is a training session from your benevolent Domina, it wouldn't be complete without a new wicked trigger to coerce future compliance to My wishes. (giggles)

Note:  If you have been with Me for some time, you may have already fallen for some of My words that you are about to hear in this session...all you need to do is REMEMBER that Repetition is TRUELY the law of hypnosis.

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Thursday, 25 January 2024
This session has me unbelievably horny and aroused after listening yet im not sure completely sure what happened i just know i have to listen again… i just know that i do not desire a release yet im horny beyond belief. It’s kind of confusing but i feel a loss of control over my sex and this aching makes me want to beg. i cannot seem to think straight right now… giggles…What i know for sure is Domina Shelle has an even tighter grip of control over me and i wouldn’t change it a bit in fact i love it! A masterpiece indeed!
Monday, 18 December 2023
i just can't help but fall for Domina. She says sleep and i am totally out of it. Her voice alone seems to take me under. This file just took me so damn deep. What a great experience. lol Domina just kept it going with entwined voices. i don't know who i was listening to, but damn, this was one erotic file. i found myself so damn horny after i finally woke up. i was totally a sleep even after it finished. Domina needs to win an award for this one. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Friday, 15 December 2023
Wow, this was powerful. It had quite an effect on me after listening. i was surprised and even little worried how this affected on me.
Saturday, 09 December 2023
A COMPLETE MASTERPIECE!!! i REALLY needed this right now and feel just SO incredibly happy after listening!!! The long term obedience to Domina Shelle is SO COMPLETELY worth sacrificing short term desires! This session was REALLY intense and will definitely test You!!! i really don’t remember much other than what i was told to remember but i emerged from this session hornier and more completely devoted and submissive to Domina Shelle than ever before! This session will definitely make You a better submissive for Domina Shelle and give You all the amazing pleasures that Cum with!
Saturday, 09 December 2023
What a wonderful gift Domina has made. Somehow she knows exactly what I need right now and it's right here in this session.
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