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Merry Kissmas | Shelle RiversMerry Kissmas | Shelle Rivers

Merry Kissmas


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Convince Santa Shelle that you have been a good, loyal, and dedicated servant...

Merry Kissmas!

It is the night before Christmas and all is quiet, but in Santa Shelle's secret sanctuary all of Her enslaved elves are preparing themselves to submit to Her judgment.  Naked and exposed you are summoned to Her majestic throne room were you are led by your collar, on all fours, to where She is seated.

In awe and wonder, you kneel reverently in front of your Owner as Her splendor fills your heart and mind with both lustful desires and a blissful obsession to obey.  Dressed in Her festive outfit of red latex, Santa Shelle's thigh high boots part to reveal Her divine essence as She begins Her assessment of whether you have been naughty or nice this year.

Think about it, My lil helper, have you been a good elf for your Santa Shelle this year and do you really believe that you have PLEASED your Domina with your devotion and obedience?

Well, if you want this to be a Merry Kissmas you will need to convince Santa Shelle that you have been a good, loyal, and dedicated servant that is willing to be even more focused on Her wants and needs next year.  If you beg and plead enough She just might even let you CUM between Her legs to smell Her sweet p*ssy essence - hmmm wouldn't that be a splendid gift indeed? (giggles)

So, prepare yourself for a grand inquisition and know that Santa Shelle does not suffer submissive fools that haven't demonstrated that they love, honor, and obey Her.  If you want to surrender to Her power, now is the time to submit and express your intentions to be a better helper for Her in the New Year, because obedience is pleasure and Domina "Santa" Shelle is your pleasure!

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Thursday, 04 January 2024
Domina's audio and 12 days of Christmas are an exotic, erotic time warp that broadened my senses, limits and experiences to an entire new level. Once listened, there is no turning back to Domina's complete control. And yes, it feels so emotional euphoric!
Tuesday, 26 December 2023
i had such a wonderful Christmas and Santa Shelle gave me my BEST gift! Thank You Domina Shelle!!! This is a short yet SWEET Christmas experience with the VERY SEXY Santa Shelle is one i will remember all year around!
Tuesday, 26 December 2023
i just love doing what Santa Shelle tells me to do. As always Domina has created an amazing experience for Her slaves to enjoy on Christmas Day. This file maybe short but the experience is simply amazing. i will forever be Santa Shelles and i will do the best i can for Her next year. Thank You Santa Shelle for an incredible Christmas. Only You could do that. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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