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Cum Closer


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With each new subjugation, you Cum Closer, and closer, to being My perfectly hypnotized slave...

Cum Closer (29 minutes):

It is time, My baby, it is time for Me to drain you dry, to drain your mind (and your sex) until all that remains is an horny indoctrinated submissive servant obsessed, and devoted, to pleasing its Domina.  There will be no thinking, there will be no resistance, there will only be compliance and sexual submission as I intimately tease and toy with My mesmerized pet, compelling you to Listen, blindly Accept, and mindlessly Obey all that your Owner desires.

And, yes, I do own you, My sweet!  I own that arousal that CUMs every time you think of Me, see an image of Me, or hear My sweet velvety voice lulling you deeper into blissful trance.  I've programmed and conditioned to react this way, to fervently believe that obedience to Me is your one true pleasure as evidenced by your GROWING need to submit to Me. (giggles)  It's so sexy and (sexually) satisfying to see you surrender to Me this way, every time I seduce you, tease you, and coerce you to My will, each time you fall faster and deeper than before as I beCUM the focus of your existence.

The TRUTH is it just feels so good to do what you’re told, to mindlessly Listen, Accept, and Obey your Domina knowing that by pleasing Me, and serving Me, you unlock the submissive pleasure of blissful obedience.  With each new subjugation, you Cum Closer, and closer, to being My perfectly hypnotized slave, mindlessly stimulating yourself in the pursuit of beCUMing MINE.

Prepare yourself to be infatuated with lustful memories of Me as I milk you dry.  Using the seductive curves of My silky smooth body to the fragrant scent of My hot slick p*ssy, I will drive you wild with passion and purpose, as you mindlessly please yourself in reverence to My domination and control.  your sexual seed will be a fitting tribute as you fall deeper into My world of submission, your hypnotic haven where you love, honor, and obey Me - Domina Shelle - the source of all your erotic pleasure.

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Thursday, 02 November 2023
Cum Closer - a climax of mind control! Domina released this session after a long month of deep conditioning during LocTober 2023. All packed in bliss to finally feel and touch myself again under Her guiding words, my mind has already drifted away in pleasure long before She delivers one last blow: in the back of my head i feel how my will is broken down and rebuild into something new, Something more suitable for Her needs and desires.
Wednesday, 01 November 2023
The end of Loctober and what a great session to listen to for a follow up. i loved the way the induction starts. The file was great and i am so happy i went through October locked down for Domina Shelle. In the end all i can say is: i listen, i accept, and i obey. Thank You Domina for being my Owner.
Wednesday, 01 November 2023
This was a pleasurably experience. i was thoroughly drained from listening this. Domina Shelle knows what is best for me.
Wednesday, 01 November 2023
The mind of Domina Shelle knows exactly how to manipulate my mind so my mind orgasm and my Cum release explode at the same time, Nothing can compare to Her orgasmic euphoria. i crave, i crave, i crave her control.
Sunday, 29 October 2023
1 2 3 3 2 1 i must submit, obey, and Cum Closer This has beCum my new favorite release session with Domina! Domina with drain everything away until She is all You can think about or beCum aware of… Such a sexy and VERY powerful mind fuck!
Sunday, 29 October 2023
I love this session. It takes you very deep and yes I did cum even closre to Domina Shelle. I love how She takes me more and more, little by little molds me into Her perfect slave
Saturday, 28 October 2023
  This file will be complete hypno-erotic bliss... i say will be, because i still don't have to permission to follow the instructions contained within, but i have had the pleasure of multiple listens so far, and this is one of Domina's scorching hot sessions! Deep and dreamy, completely calming in a way, and yet the excitement builds again and again... Domina is an expert at Her craft, and this is one of those that helps showcase Her talent perfectly. She will gently ease you, Her prey, into a deeply relaxed state, rewarding you with pleasure each step of the way; you receive the pleasure you desire, and She will only take your freedom in return. That is an epic deal! Who needs freedom anyway, when slavery to Domina is so much more rewarding?
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