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Psycho-Hypnotic Sedation | Shelle RiversPsycho-Hypnotic Sedation | Shelle Rivers

Psycho-Hypnotic Sedation


Product SKU: Psycho-Hypnotic Sedation

Even while highly sedated, and effectively paralyzed, your surging libido still has your c*ck standing rigid...

Psycho-Hypnotic Sedation (28 minutes):

Hello, My patient, My name is Nurse Shelle, and I am so glad you have volunteered for this special evaluation of a, all new, visually induced anesthetic.  When triggered, a unique neurochemical response occurs in the brain of the test subject rendering him completely immobile, paralyzing him, as you can attest from your current predicament.

Now, it is not uncommon to experience a strange disconnected, almost disassociated, feeling while in this state and this is one indicator of Psycho-Hypnotic Sedation.  Please also don't be alarmed if you exhibit some mild side effects such as paranoia, psychosis, and even a pervasive feeling of being powerless and at the mercy of others, this is just your mind resisting the surreal dream-like state this type of sedation induces.

Since W/we are alone and won't be disturbed for sometime I hope you don't mind My commenting that I quite like seeing you like this:  helpless, docile, yet completely enthralled by My presence.  you don't need to be coy with Me, My sweet, your eyes tell Me everything I need to know and from the moment You saw Me enter, you have been captivated by My white nurse's uniform.  Even while highly sedated, and effectively paralyzed, your surging libido still has your c*ck standing rigid, "to attention", almost as if it is honoring Me, your sweet sexy nurse. (giggles)

Since you are so amenable in this sedated state maybe I can have My wicked way with you, mounting you and using you as My own personal sex toy, I think you would like that.  Just imagine it, My riding you like a bucking bronco while you teeter on the edge of an eruption that never quite cums. (giggles)  Ohh, I can see you like it when I tease you like that, using and abusing you for My pleasure, but, the best part is, your mind is so confused and suggestible you’ll never fully recall what happened once I've finished with you!

Isn't that so sexy?  you powerless and at My mercy, and Me - your exquisite seductress - having My deviant way with you.  And consider this, if anything were to go wrong and you're trapped in this state forever, I'll keep you as My very own sex slave - I'm so good to you. (giggles)  So, give in to the temptation and allow Nurse Shelle to reshape your reality because one way, or another, I'm going to be the source of all your erotic pleasure. ~~Kisses~~

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Saturday, 11 November 2023
Another great session from the talented Domina Shelle.
Friday, 10 November 2023
What a delightfully short session. i love these short files. i loved the sound effects. They seemed to take me quicker into trance. How is it, these session are short, but i am totally under Dominas control. Its amazing to me how much control She has, but i do love it. i love being with Nurse Shelle. She always takes such good care of me. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Friday, 10 November 2023
How did I end up this way, paralyzed and bedridden? Did I miss part of the session going in and out of her trance. Confusion sets in However, Nurse Shelle is there whispering in my ear. I woke with a head full of Her pleasures.
Tuesday, 07 November 2023
i was so tired when i started listening this but it really energized me. i woke up all horny and ready to go :)
Monday, 06 November 2023
Her hypnotic voice sedats my weak mind. my mind falls helplessly under Her control every time She commands me to "sleep", i fell so deep when i listened to this file. Some files seem stronger than others. This is one of the powerful files that put me down hard. i love it
Saturday, 04 November 2023
This session is relatively short, but it packs a huge punch. The seduction and sedation mingle and progress at such a gradual pace that the effects are utterly irresistible. By the time Domina Shelle has your mind and body firmly in Her grasp it is far too late to run. It was always too late, that's the fun part. Fans of confusion techniques will also enjoy this file. The subject is kept just off-balance enough that they can't be sure if they fully understand.
Saturday, 04 November 2023
There is a lot about this experience i don’t remember but what i do remember makes me feel like everything that happened really happened! What started as a visualization in my mind grew into such a powerful trance that made me feel like it was really happening! Mmmmm… i think it was…. This is a VERY sexy file and you should get it and listen as soon as possible! You’ll be horny… i-i mean GLAD you did!
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