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Dopamine II | Shelle RiversDopamine II | Shelle Rivers

Dopamine - Addictions Of The Mind


Product SKU: Dopamine - Addictions Of The Mind

My addictions are sooooo very good for you, making you weaker and weaker for Me...

Dopamine - Addictions Of The Mind (42 minutes)

you LOVED powerful and you begged for more.  Here, I have exceeded all your expectations with Dopamine-Addictions Of The Mind.  So LISTEN now.

Awww, does My poor lil fucked-up slave crave more conditioning from Me, your Domina, your Owner, your Everything?  I do hope so, My pet, because My addictions are sooooo very good for you, making you weaker and weaker for Me.  you already know no one else can feed your addictions like I can, and there's nothing sexier than seeing you lost in those hot, sticky, erotic pleasures when thinking of Me. (Hmmmmm)

Admit it, I am your fix, and you crave My soothing sexy voice everyday now!  Listening and surrendering to Me is an essential part of who you are and I am the embodiment of all your addictions and fetishes.  I'm so irresistible to your submissive mind that obeying My words and My commands is as normal and natural as your growing addiction to Me.

To help explain why you are so addicted to Me in this session I will demonstrate how Dopamine - the brain's stimulant used to regulate pleasure - is contributing to your uncontrollable need to submit to Me.  you'll learn that it's not just My insatiable voice that triggers that throbbing passionate ache in your loins - Giggles - there are four additional senses that stimulate your intense obsession and addiction to Me and My unending domination of you.

Yes, I am sooooo good for you, My pet, and all I want in return is your lil mind, that's not too much to ask for is it?  you happily and freely give Me more of it each passing day (as you have been conditioned to believe ~wicked smile~), and in return I brainwash you, making you mindless and thoughtless, blank and empty, HARD and HORNY, just so that I can further fuck-up your brain with more addictions to Me. (Laughs)

Awww, what am I doing to you, My poor horny aroused slave?  W/we both know you crave this sooooo badly, but, at the same time, are a little afraid of feeding those addictions.  Not to worry, My pet, by the end of this session you won't care about any of that.  All you will desire is the pleasure of submitting to Me and exploring even more addictions so that you remain close to Me.  That's a win-win for the both of U/us, don't you agree? (Kisses)

Also includes FREE Dopamine Mantra and pictures downloads --- Sexy part at a time...Follow your desires, up My legs and between My Sexy DOMINANT thighs.  Perfect DOPAMINE!

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Tuesday, 23 January 2024
Dopamine, a classic session from the mind of Domina Shelle.  Her seductive voice aided by triggers, already planted, and special effects quicky placed me in a mindless trance.  That's where her magic begins as she coaxes my brain to release all the dopamine. The addiction to her appears in my mind, bit by bit.  Surrendering to her will is the only option.  Don't listen to this at night unless you don't mind aroused insomnia.  It takes awhile for the dopamine to wear off!
Sunday, 12 September 2021
Obeying Domina Shelle will always be a priority as a loyal slave. But through programming as deep as can be found in this session, there will never be a time when the obedience isn't worth it.
Wednesday, 30 December 2020
i loved this file. i love how Domina is just talking to you about trance and then before long you are in trance. How does she do that? This file is full of arousing imagery. The images flood your mind and will make you very aroused. By the end of the file, i had new fetishes that i never knew i had. i just love it when Domina fucks with me. She is just amazing and i am so addicted to her body parts.
Friday, 19 April 2019
Great file. Domina Shelle has given me many new addictions and fetishes and this file really makes me realize that. She has control over my pleasure and relief. Domina Shelle means so much to me. She has become my everything. i love My Domina so much.
Thursday, 11 April 2019
If the first Dopamine File was a Masterpiece and this
Saturday, 30 March 2019
Dopamine II is a high octane, supercharged, roller coaster of a session. In it you are faced with the reality of your addiction to Domina Shelle's erotic domination and that you crave to listen to Her sweet sensual voice. i left this session with an unshakeable unbelief that her hypnotic c. If you're interested in exploring a path of real submission to a loving, caring, dominant listen to Domina Shelle's beginner path sessi and then c a dull moment.
Friday, 29 March 2019
i loved this file, so, so, so much! It is an enthralling, entrancing listen, that is relentlessly, effortlessly dominant. When Domina Shelle takes control, you will be powerless to resist her. i know i was. i am deeply, deeply addicted to Domina Shelle. i am her slave. i am owned by Domina Shelle. i must serve and please my Domina Shelle. Domina Shelle owns my cock and controls my cock. She controls me through my cock. i love Domina Shelle.
Wednesday, 27 March 2019
This audio is a must have masterpiece. Domina's voice is easy to listen to, and I just can not get enough of listening to this recording on repeat.
Wednesday, 27 March 2019
After a stressful day it is sometimes difficult to relax as thoughts and concerns continue to flash in my mind. In Dopamine 2 Domina created an induction to take care of that: She helps to sort out the thoughts and to calm me down. Already that induction deserves 5 stars! Having me deep down and thoughtless she starts to play with my arousal while guiding my mind to the most delicious parts of her divine body. A warm arousal fills me each time she says “Dopamine” and i realize how a trigger just was planted. My control is slipping away and I know I will never be free of the addictions she is about to create. The Dopamine files are both an excellent composition of sweet domination and arousal that covers a real hard mind f*ck. If you loved part 1 you will crave part 2 even more!
Wednesday, 27 March 2019
This session is really hot! Domina talks about some of my favorite fetishes and i love every time i listen. But what really impressed me are the after-effects. After listening a few times, i can feel the Dopamine the whole day, it makes me feel happy and energetic. Just wow!
Sunday, 24 March 2019
Dopamine 2 is now one of my favorite files!!! Domina has f*ed my mind so HARD... Hhhmm... I’m locked in chastity, hearing Dominas deliciously wicked giggles reverberating within my mind as fetish after fetish impulsively flood my mind and arouse my thoughts relentlessly... Hhhmm — Dopamine...
Sunday, 24 March 2019
Addiction is such a sweet word when applied to Mistress Shelle. D2 is at least as good as D1. Listen to both and compare for yourself
Sunday, 24 March 2019
My addictions and fetishes with my Owner Domina Shelle are at the very core of my sexuality. Thinking of Dominas perfect feet, legs, lips, eyes. All drive me crazy with desire for Her. To kneel at Her feet and kiss them. Just the thought of Domina brings me more pleasure than i ever felt with any woman before. Before i knew what real pleasure was. The pleasure of hearing Dominas soft sweet voice tell me how i am to become more addicted to Her. I hope i havent said to much, but this file will have you dripping with a throbbing need to server and submit to every wonderful fetish Domina gives you. No one else came bring you the pleasure She can by simply speaking
Saturday, 23 March 2019
This 2nd part of Dopamine left me all flooded with euphoria and also arousal. It is a rush like a roller coaster ride and still so relaxing and sensual. i can't wait to listen again and again.
Saturday, 23 March 2019
Domina Shelle's voice has many personalities. Sometimes she can be quirky innocent and playful. Sometimes she can be a bit wicked, overpowering and commanding. With this session she starts warm, warm and smokey. Think of a BBQ pit as it smolders with its aroma wafting into your nostrils and enticing your senses and feeding your addiction to it's contents. So sit back and relax as her smokey voice feeds your addiction. I would suggest if you haven't listen to the original Dopamine - and then both of the lab Rat files- and These files will enhance your enjoyment of this one. Domina's lips they really are quite delicious wouldn't you agree? Now if you will excuse me I need to put my headphones on and push play.
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