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De-familiarized | Shelle RiversDe-familiarized | Shelle Rivers



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I will mind-fuck you in a naughty way, in ways that you will never have considered Me capable of...

De-familiarized (33 minutes):

I'm a good Domina, POWERFUL and sometimes a lil WICKED!  Like NOW, I'm going to TWIST your thoughts and change your perceptions...I'm not gonna tell you what will be changed...just be AWARE that this session may alter your mind and concepts. Giggles!!!

In this modern age, It’s been shown that people are suffering from attention span issues, more and more, and many eminent psychologists are starting to think it is linked to the number of devices that surround us, constantly overloading us with information.  It becomes too easy to quickly flick from one thing to the next.  Fortunately, this week I am going to help you by using a technique known as "De-familiarization", to change the way you see certain things, and make them become a focus for your attention, and believe Me, they will be.

With this week’s De-familiarized W/we will focus on your servitude.  I am going to “De-Familiarized” you to control and change your mind and cause you to think whatever I want you to think.  When I am done with you, you will never see certain things in the same way again.  you will never be the same again; your whole perspective on certain things and subjects will change, just to suit My wicked desires and My very twisted plans... I will mind-fuck you in a naughty way, in ways that you will never have considered Me capable of.

Listen NOW!  Don't be afraid!  Giggles!!!

Session also includes a special video download!

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Friday, 29 September 2023
In this Domina Shelle is strengthening one of the fetishes that She has implanted in my mind. Very powerful and sexy. It's a bit intimidating what She is doing to me.
Monday, 18 September 2023
I LOVE to read the other reviews here as they show what i knew before: Submitting to Domina is a life changing decision! She gently and softly leaves Her traces and marks in my weakened mind by adding new desires and unexpected believes. The strong footprints of "Defamiliarized" start to show now and i love every single trace as I know it will never fully fade again. I love ever single mark as it marks me as Hers and bind me to HER will! She is the Goddess of Hypnosis and my desire to serve at Her feet is stronger than ever before!
Friday, 08 September 2023
This is a new favorite for me. Nothing is as sweet as being at Domina's feet.
Saturday, 26 August 2023
The session was absolutely brilliant the way it took me down. i love it when Domina is talking about some subject then i find myself gone. i have never had a foot fetish until i met Domina Shelle. i always loved legs, and Dominas are absolutely perfect. i love getting lost looking at them. Anyway, back to Domina's beautiful feet. OMG this session just takes that fetish to a whole new level. i will be forever be longing for Her feet no matter what.
Monday, 21 August 2023
OMG! i’m genuinely shocked at how powerful this brainwashing and deeply mind f_cking trance is… But not too surprised… Domina Shelle is the most sexy and amazing hypnotist EVER after all… All of my sexual energy has been moved to a single focus and i just CAN’T GET ENOUGH!!! Domina Shelle has a complete mastery over Her art of hypnotic seduction and She’s playing for keeps! This is a VERY POWERFUL brainwashing session that you’ll want to download right now and listen!
Sunday, 20 August 2023
Wow what a great masterpiece again:) I love how Domina Shelle fucks with my mind, I trust her to do this with out knowing what she plans to do. She knows what's best for me. I just love how she changes me and brainwashes me. To become the best me I can be. Thank You Domina
Saturday, 19 August 2023
Domina makes this sound so alluring in the description, going as far to say "I'm not gonna tell you what will be changed...just be AWARE that this session may alter your mind and concepts. Giggles!!!" Then an idiot tries to give spoilers. Oh well, at least I know it's not for me.
Saturday, 19 August 2023
After listening to this i had the most amazing dream about worshipping Dominas feet. This is an intense hot extremely sexy file. Domina will get in your mind and make you love Her perfect and beautiful feet
Friday, 18 August 2023
Wow Wow Wow!! Domina said She was going to mind fuck me, well She fucked my mind until it broke. Building on a wonderful fetish She implanted into my brain a long time ago, this session took me to a height of arousal that i did not think was possible. Once there, Domina opened my mind to Her Devilishly Sexy Brainwashing, leaving me whimpering for more. i will not spoil the surprise, all i can say is you really really need to experience this session. i will give a warning though, Domina is not playing, She will mind fuck you, She will brainwash you and you will be Hers, but who would not want to experience that?
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