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Spellbound | Shelle RiversSpellbound | Shelle Rivers



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My voice and My words triggering a rush of pure pleasure every time I invade your thoughts...

Spellbound (33 minutes):

My sweet, by now you've likely discovered just how HARD it is to resist your Domina, My soothing voice elegantly framing every seductive word that I slip, effortlessly, deep inside your open suggestible mind.  The reality is I've put a spell on you, a love spell so potent it has bewitched your senses, constantly reinforcing a circular truth you can't deny:  the harder you try to resist Me, the weaker you become, and the weaker you become, the harder it is to resist Me.

you are Spellbound, My pet, bound to Me by a magical force that defies all logic and reason, and in this session, I am going to strip away all notions of self, leaving you hopelessly infatuated and obsessed by the mere thought of Me. (giggles)

Being brainwashed to be sensually enthralled by My presence is a gift you cannot refuse, to be endlessly triggered to submit to Me, mindlessly surrendering more of your free will to My domination and control just for another opportunity to bask in My essence.  These highly emotive feelings that only I can inspire are too powerful to ignore; irresistible and compulsive, they endow you with renewed passion and purpose to return to Me every day, silently acknowledging your progressive enslavement to My will.

And here you are, aroused and submissive, lost and in love with your growing weakness for Me.  I am the personification of all your erotic desires, the perfect Domina, both a vision of beauty and an aural sensation, My voice and My words triggering a rush of pure pleasure every time I invade your thoughts.

So, let Me enchant you - mind, body and soul - as you discover the true pleasure of being Spellbound to the deviant Domina that you want to Love, Honor, and Obey.  I am your everything and very soon you'll be so focused and fixated on being mine...your mind and body will ache for Me.  you need this distraction, My sweet, because you need more of Me in your life.  Embrace this brainwashing and allow My words to become a permanent part of you, now and forever more.

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Friday, 18 August 2023
A masterpiece ! So deep in trance, mindless, in a blank state of mind. So aroused, helpless and unable to resist Domina's programming. Feeling mind bombarded by so many beautiful thoughts. I am spellbound and i will serve, honor and Obey Domina Shelle forever
Friday, 04 August 2023
Domina once again cast Her spell over my weak mind. She's taken down all my defences, and now she's cast Her spell of absolute submission over me. I know Domina doesn't really cast spells on me, or does She? You be the judge and fall under Her wicked spell ;)
Wednesday, 02 August 2023
I love this session:) I'm spellbound to domina's power and it feels so good and arousing. Deeply brainwashed and enslaved to Domina Shelle
Monday, 31 July 2023
Spellbound by Beauty, held in the thrall of Domina's Angelic Voice, this session is magical. A session that is a submissive's fantasy, deep hypnotic brainwashing, magic and so much pleasure. Domina can still astound me with how deeply She gets into my mind, how easily She can programme me, and how helpless She has made me to Her Voice. Her ability as a Hypnotist is beyond compare, there is no other FemDom hypnotist who comes close to what Domina Shelle can do. This is real hypnotic brainwashing, it is a journey into true, and no going back submission. This session is a must-have for any hypnosis fan, it is a hypnotic trust fall, but once you fall, there is no going back, but who would want to go back. i am Spellbound!
Saturday, 29 July 2023
Read the description because that’s EXACTLY what you’re going to get from Domina Shelle when She places Her spell over your increasingly brainwashed mind… OMG! Domina has me CONSTANTLY aroused and completely obsessed with Her and i’m completely powerless to do anything but fall deeper!!! There’s just NO going back for this slave… Resistance is impossible… it just makes me hornier and hornier every time i even try to resist and fail with the same futility as a fish trying to swim in the sky… Domina Shelle has complete control over my mind, body, and sex and i’ll never leave Her! Domina Shelle is SO good to us!!! ❤️ i HIGHLY recommend this session and ALL of Domina Shelles hypnotic masterpieces!
Saturday, 29 July 2023
Spellbound.. Oh i was. This is just another work of art by Domina Shelle. It was just amazing. It is so fucking unbelievable how it just pulled me in with all the sound effects that were happening. The way Dominas voice was so sweet and seductive, it was an amazing file. It just captured me right from the very beginning. Took me so deep and everything felt so real. The way She painted the images into my mind and the way i felt. i was so fucking wet at the end. It was a really good file. i really can’t wait to listen again, be there, taken by Her again and again. What an amazing piece of work. you are going to absolutely love this one. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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