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Gypsy Queen | Shelle RiversGypsy Queen | Shelle Rivers

Gypsy Queen


Product SKU: Gypsy Queen

She turns curious submissives into devoted slaves, dehumanizing them with an obsession for sexual submission...

Gypsy Queen (46 minutes):

Being captivated and seduced into submission is a fantasy for some, but, I have made this your reality.  I'm making a reality for you every day.  Each time you step into My world, surrendering to My voice and absorbing My words, you transform into a mindless toy for Me, some thing I can manipulate and mold into the perfected submissive servant you were destined to be.

In this session, I will introduce you to My free-spirited, and domineering, alter ego: the Gypsy Queen.  She is a seductively divine being with the innate power to strip away the intellectual will of anyone She meets, turning curious submissives into devoted slaves, dehumanizing them with an obsession for sexual submission and a relentless fixation to please and pamper Her every whim. (giggles)

But, to enter Her world of sexually charged obedience requires a special transition from the waking world, a depth of trance so deep that you'll lose yourself in the process.  Prepare to drop into a state of blissful horniness and arousal as you succumb to your carnal cravings for absolute submission to your decadent Queen.  Allow Her to relax you, seduce you, infatuate you, and utterly dominate you as My intoxicating voice weaves a mysterious tale of sensual seduction, crafty coercion, devious programming, and your inevitable descent into sexual submission.

Be assured, the Gypsy Queen will have Her way with you, a new pet for Her to play with, corrupting your sexual desires until all that is left of you - mind, body, and soul - is creature lost in lustful ecstasy.  What a befitting fate awaits you, My sweet, and as you ponder these words I want you to recognize - deep down - not only do you want to experience this, you NEED to!

So submit yourself to My mesmerizing words, and My fractionation induction, and allow Me to spirit you away to a realm where being horny and aroused is as synonymous as breathing, and where I will take complete control of your sexual desires.  you have been warned, My pet. (wicked grin)

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Tuesday, 05 September 2023
We need the Golden Globes for Hypnosis. This file is just amazing. Its a total work of art. The way that Domina used sound effects through out the audio was superbly done. Her sexy seductive voice made this file a real hit for me. It just sucks you into the whole experience. you just feel you cannot do anything but just do what She wants you to do and it feels wonderful. i certainly have a new favorite. This is super seductive and erotic. It was incredible experience. you've got to try it. you will not be disappointed. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Wednesday, 30 August 2023
It feels so right to surrender and serve Domina listening to Gypsy Queen! Hughly erotic and sensual, this audio every submissive should own. It is so incredibly pleasurably to obey Dimina!
Sunday, 27 August 2023
I will gladly visit this magical place again. I mean i had no chance, i was so easily lured here and then seduced and captured and finally brainwashed.
Saturday, 26 August 2023
Any description or review of this file from my part will either miss detail or not adequately explain the influences and interlocking nature of the narrative or Domina Shelle's conditioning and control. Calling this session a masterpiece does not do it justice, we need a new word for a creation such as this. An incredibly deep trance that seemed like it went on for DAYS rather than under an hour, i want to recommend this to everyone. Those who have listened to a wide variety of files will be hit harder by this, however it is in no way inaccessible. A masterpiece!
Saturday, 26 August 2023
WOW! 46 minutes of INCREDIBLY DEEP trance!!! Dominas induction dropped me VERY deep and VERY quickly while reminding so very aware… Stronger than sleep paralysis… By the time i realized what was happening She already had me… Domina Shelle the Gypsy Queen stole my entire mind away… i’m SO incredibly HORNY and i can only think what Domina makes me think now… More than EVER before… It’s a good thing She always takes SUCH good care of me! i am HERS after all! giggles! You DEFINITELY need to download this one! Especially if the thought of turning into a mindless and obsessed gooner slave for your sexy Gypsy Queen Domina Shelle excites you… Mmmmm….
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