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Deceptive Truth | Shelle RiversDeceptive Truth | Shelle Rivers

Deceptive Truth


Product SKU: Deceptive Truth

you need the Deceptive TRUTH. SO SEXY, So Provocative, alluring and most WICKED.

Deceptive Truth (37 minutes)
Sample: LINK

My poor lil HYPNOTIZED horny aroused puppy, it has come to My attention that some of you are concerned that your sweet, innocent and beloved Domina may be trying to trick and deceive you into a life of complete mental enslavement, to fulfill My every need and carnal desire. (Hmmm)  I know you fantasize about Me all the time, imagining My soft sexy lips uttering seductive provocative words that drive you wild with a passion for obsessive obedience and submissive surrender.  I also know that after listening to My hypnotic erotic sessions you feel a compulsion, a deep burning desire, to please Me and to seek more of My attention, just to savor those hot sticky feelings that accompany your emotional submission to My all consuming dominance.

Yes, I know I have this effect on you, My pet, but I want to reassure you that you can TRUST Me, knowing I would NEVER attempt to take your free will away from you, or ask you to give up your freedom and independence, without your consent.  Complete mental slavery may be an erotic paradise of hedonistic and mind fucking pleasure for My obedient enslaved submissives, but I know that's NOT what you want, you value being able to make your OWN choices and decisions even if that means resisting those pleas from your inner voice to submit to Me.

I really do understand your dilemma, so to help you rationalize these contradictory emotions, and to dispel any doubt of My true intentions, in this session I will openly review the TRUTHS behind My desire to tease, dominate and subjugate you, My sweet.  you'll see there are no tricks to lure you into trance and slavery, you make your own choices...I always allow this. Giggles!!!

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Saturday, 02 April 2022
Forever enslaved to Domina Shelle. That is what happened in this session. Domina took me. Brainwashed me. Then enslaved me and i loved it.
Tuesday, 19 January 2021
I never saw it coming and neither will you! Domina Shelle will wrap herself around your subconscious and by the time you come out of trance you'll realize she is in control and I promise you will not want it any other way!
Monday, 08 April 2019
This was so good. It left me shaking from arousal. My Domina is so good at this. There is no option to submitting and surrendering to Her will.
Tuesday, 19 March 2019
This is a deceptive, devious, and ohh so sexy session with a wonderful twist at the end. We submissives often delude and confusion ourselves about what we really desire but thanks to Domina Shelle, and Her Deceptive Truths, She percolates our thoughts until we all come to a common understanding. i will not elaborate further but please note the induction and suggestions in this very relaxing session are extremely will executed and you will very likely be lost in Domina's dreamy words. i know i was and after each listen the suggestions Domina implants in my mind are now my inescapable truth!
Sunday, 17 March 2019
A sweet and most wonderful trick. Domina Shelle never had to trick me, but it's so hot and sexy knowing that She has that power. I found myself begging with tears of love and joy rolling down my face as I followed Her sweet warm sexy commands.
Friday, 15 March 2019
Well written, with fantastically chosen and implemented audio effects, this superbly delivered recording perfectly encompasses why Domina Shelle is the best hypnodomme there is.
Saturday, 09 March 2019
This file is a perfect start up for people who are new to Domina Shelle. Maybe it could be even be a perfect start as very first listening in Her brainwashing. And for all others it is a must have as it'll deepens the relation towards Her.
Saturday, 09 March 2019
Sometimes the truth is there but you need to feel as though you discovered it for yourself. Blatantly obvious and there in front of you. Maybe you just don't want to accept that what you want to accept is the truth. Or maybe you just need to be seduced into accepting what you already know. Whether you have belonged to Domina for awhile or you are new to her truth you will enjoy this session. It is smooth and relaxing as she uses a covert induction to ease you into trance. Once you are there.... well anything is possible isn't it. Now if you will excuse me I need to put my headphones on and press play....
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