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Double Down | Shelle RiversDouble Down | Shelle Rivers

Double Down


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you compulsively desire to return to this state again and again...

Double Down (36 minutes):

I have a question for you, My pet.  Do you know that I'm a very powerful hypnotist, a femme fatale for your free will, able (and willing) to enslave the mind of those I deem worthy to serve Me?  While, some may view this as merely a rhetorical question, others may believe that all I offer is escapism, an opportunity to experience aural fantasy role play within the erotic theater of your mind.

In this session I'm going to Double Down and show you just how powerful My words truly are.  I'm going to slip and slide deep inside your mind, focusing and misdirecting your thoughts until I, effortlessly, lead you down into a trance state so deep you'll no longer have any perception of self - well, maybe a throbbing reminder. (giggles)

Being hypnotized by Me is more than a journey into erotic bliss - a submissive's wet dream where loving, honoring, and obeying Me is both normal and natural - it is an invaluable opportunity for you to relinquish more of yourself to Me, feeding your erotic craving to surrender all control to Me until all that you are is utterly focused and fixated on Me.  Mental enslavement is very real, My pet, and when I Double Down I am going to strip away the facade of your resistance and I will demonstrate, unequivocally, that in My presence you have no will of your own.

The TRUTH is, when you hear My voice, and are mesmerized by My words, I steal your thoughts until nothing of you is left at all, just an empty void hungry for My words and desperate to fulfill My wishes.  With every new trance you are an empty vessel waiting to be filled, longing for Me to infiltrate your mind deeper than before so that I can mold you as I see fit.

There is no past, present, and future in My world, there is just you, mindlessly submitting to Me, a singular event of such euphoric bliss that you compulsively desire to return to this state again and again just to be infatuated with Me, and My presence in your mind.  So, escape to Me now, abandon all notions of independent thought, and realize that you exist to serve Me, Domina Shelle, the only one that can unlock the true pleasures of mindless erotic submission.

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Friday, 08 September 2023
The deeper that I go into trance for Domina, the better I like it. Please Domina, take me deeper.
Monday, 24 July 2023
The induction reminded me a lot of Double Jeopardy which i loved. Couldn't remember the second half of that one either, but i trust that Domina is doing nice things to my mind =)
Saturday, 22 July 2023
Not sure what happened here but i woke up very horny. i'm a mindless puppet and Domina plays with me so easily.
Thursday, 20 July 2023
Domina provides an exceptionally deep trance so relaxing and arousing. Once there, the listener has no will but to listen to Her every word and obey. The result of Her brainwashing, strict obedience and pleasure beyond belief!
Monday, 17 July 2023
This is a very SEXY mind f*ck!!! I can’t remember anything about it other than how VERY aroused it made me!!! I awoke feeling VERY aroused and still sooo deeply in tranced even though i was awake! An absolutely powerful and sexy session!
Monday, 17 July 2023
Nothing - Nothing happened in this file that i remember! "Was it hours, days or weeks?" i wonder when i wake up from trance, disoriented in time and space! Domina was talking to me with Her sweet voice but what was said or suggested i do not remember. Or was it all my own imagination? A delicious mind f*ck and a lesson in the art of reverse psychology! I totally love this file ! This is how deep trance hypnosis should be !
Sunday, 16 July 2023
Domina Shelle's voice is so relaxing as my mind is transported to Her land of bliss.  I am so relaxed and mindless that I don't understand her words as they flow through my ears.  Only my subconscious knows what is being said.  This session seemed short but it is having a permanent effect on my devotion and obedience to Domina.  Shelle.  There is no place I would rather be than Doubling Down.
Sunday, 16 July 2023
Domina will take you down, deeper and deeper until She's at the very core of your subconscious and make you Her's for life. Take me deeper Domina, and make me the perfect slave. Help me serve You anyway that pleases You. I walked away from listening to this file with the deepest most wonderful need to be Her's forever
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