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Lifetime Slave | Shelle RiversLifetime Slave | Shelle Rivers

Lifetime Slave


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you were destined to be a lifetime slave...

Lifetime Slave (24 minutes):

In this session W/we are going to address some HARD truths about why you are so thrilled by submitting more of yourself to Me and why My influence over Your mind, body, and sex is more pervasive than you know.  The reality is, My sweet, no other dominant Woman makes you feel the way I do because only I can motivate you (and stimulate you - giggles) to be the best version of yourself for Me.

The power and authority I have over you is very real, almost tangible, and it is delusional to believe you could ever resist Me and escape My dominion.  The inescapable truth is:  every time you listen to My voice, and submit yourself to My words, you make the subconscious commitment to Me to be more subservient, surrendering your free will by selflessly dedicating and devoting yourself to pleasing and pampering My wants and needs.

That's right, My pet, you were destined to be a Lifetime Slave and this is not some form of punishment; on the contrary, it is a remarkable gift only enlightened submissives can embrace.  While it is true I did ensnare you - using My irresistible allure, and mesmerizing charms, to capture your heart and condition your mind - the reality is W/we do share a very special, equitable, Domme/sub relationship where I allow you to live a blissfully aroused existence serving Me, and in return, I imbue you with renewed passion and purpose to be mine every day.

Being powerless and enslaved has never felt so good and the undeniable truth is, you've fallen so deeply for My sweet, soft, silky, and sensual voice that you are compelled to habitually return to My world in order to sate your cravings for submission.  Only I can feed these desires to be loved and dominated by one you consider as your Owner, and through your submission and subservience to Me I offer you a means to explore the immense pleasure of being enslaved to My will, forsaking your freedom in the pursuit of submissive happiness.

Yes, you are My property - a lifetime slave - and the only position left for you is to kneel adoringly at My feet as you Love, Honor, and Obey your beloved Domina, ALWAYS!

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Thursday, 24 August 2023
i listened this just before going to sleep for the night and this causex to me have a very kinky dream about me and my Domina. Her influence to my life is enormous and i'm happy to be Her lifetime slave.
Tuesday, 15 August 2023
OMG Domina is just fucking amazing. What a wonderfully short file this was. It may have been short but it was absolutely deep. Deep with a mesmerizing seduction. Her style of seduction is what i crave for. i loved how this started out, Domina explaining things. Then before i knew it she was saying something else and it was putting me into a deep trance. Where i ended up is where i long to be. At Domina's feet. All i can say is, my oath is to belong to Domina Shelle forever. my oath is to honor, love and obey my Domina. This is where i belong forever and ever. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Tuesday, 15 August 2023
I was born to serve Domina Shelle. Domina is a superior Female and it's my place to serve as Her slave. Domina explains it all. Women will rule and men will finally know their place. We as Dominas slave already know our place is at Domina Shelles perfect feet
Monday, 14 August 2023
When Domina first told me i was destined to be Her slave, i was frightened because i was so deeply under Her hypnotic spell that i knew She spoke the truth. When i gave in to the inevitable, Domina made my life perfect and now i live as Her collared and contracted slave, it is a blissful life of service at the feet of a true Goddess. It is a life i would recommend to anyone and this session can make it happen. For me it was a reinforcement of my truth, i am a submissive slave to Domina Shelle Rivers, always and forever Hers. For anyone not yet Her slave, it is your chance to find heaven on earth, enslaved forever at the feet of an Angel, a Dream Girl, an opportunity to earn a place as a lifetime slave to Domina Shelle Rivers. One word of warning though, Domina is not playing, this is real and very powerful hypnotic brainwashing, but it is so blissfully arousing and erotic you should disregard the warning and just jump in, just sink into Domina's wonderful spell. Domina, thank You for making me Your lifetime slave, eternity is too short a time to serve You.
Sunday, 13 August 2023
A lifetime of servitude to Domina Shelle is my absolute dream Cum true!!! i went SO incredibly deep that i can’t remember much about what was said… Mmmm… i REALLY want Women to rule over men though already! giggles! i think in many ways that’s entirely already the case… i look forward to that future and my role as one of Domina Shelles loyal and obedient forever slaves! i also know that i am Domina Shelles aroused and DEEPLY hypnotized slave for life and i wouldn’t want it any other way! i just CAN’T exist without Domina Shelle!!! i don’t feel complete unless i am living everyday for Domina Shelle and doing everything She asks of me… My lifetime of slavery to Domina Shelle makes me more aroused that words can describe and i’ve become COMPLETELY helpless to Her! i love this session and i LOVE Domina Shelle FOREVER!!! ❤️❤️❤️
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