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EnRaptured | Shelle RiversEnRaptured | Shelle Rivers



Product SKU: EnRaptured

Surrender to your submissive feelings, as I take you deeper into mesmerized ecstasy...

EnRaptured (29 minutes):

Welcome back, My puppet, back for more of My irresistible domination of your mind, body, and sex.  Don't be shy, I know you are so horny and turned on by My power and by the control only I have over you, subduing your will until all resistance to My seductive charms simply fades away..... I can see it in your eyes that you like it when I take control, making all the decisions for you, stealing your heart and transforming you into My horny, hypnotized sex toy, forever submissive to My will.

To the uninitiated these words may appear as mere bravado, the sexy ramblings of a sensual dominant Mistress, but you know better, you've felt the true intensity of My words, how they warp your reality and how you easily fall under My dominion when I demand it.  As the personification of pleasure I infiltrate every aspect of your existence and all that you are kneels in My presence - with unconditional submission - just to bask in the aura of your Owner, the incomparable Domina Shelle.

Being Enraptured by Me is a gift, the unmistakable sign that I'm taking full control of our Domme/sub relationship, fully accepting that I'm never going to relinquish it.  Just thinking about Me entrances your thoughts, leaving you fixated on being My perfect submissive servant, a hard and horny puppet craving to be corrupted by its Owner, captured by My grace and utterly captivated by My perfection. (giggles)

And what does this all mean, My darling?  It means that I've claimed your mind - all of it - and it is mine to do with as I wish (My own playground).  Day after day you will return to Me so that I can pull your strings and take you ever deeper into My world of sexual domination and erotic mind control.  I am now your daily compulsion, your erotic companion, and the primary focus of your existence.

So, relinquish all inhibitions, and surrender to your submissive feelings, as I take you deeper into mesmerized ecstasy, a whole new dimension of submissive pleasure that only I can give to you... ~~Kisses~~

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Sunday, 23 July 2023
Enraptured. That's it, really. The perfect review already exists for this file and it is the title. This file enabled me to feel intense pleasure as Domina Shelle's owned slave. The details of the file refused to stay with me, however the feeling of being Hers remains always and forever.
Saturday, 15 July 2023
Domina Shelle owns me. She will never let me go, I'm will be Her slave forever. Domina shelle has so much power and control over my arousal, it's completely Hers.
Tuesday, 11 July 2023
Short but, among the most powerful, erotic and dominating audios Domina has ever made. Quickly tranced, the listener has no choice but to fall ever deeper under Her sensual spell. And WOW, is this pleasurable! Listen niw!
Tuesday, 11 July 2023
What a great session again. I love to serve Domina Shelle and went very deep with this file, waking up aroused and wanting to even deeper. Please take me deeper Domina, I love honor and obey You
Sunday, 09 July 2023
What Domina does is not mere hypnosis, instead, She transports You to Her world, and once you have surrendered to Her Angelic Voice even once, there is no going back. She does not give me suggestions in this session, instead, She reinforces my reality as Her slave, for eternity, Her slave. This session reminds me of who and what i am, it reinforces what Domina has made me and it takes me even deeper into Her Thrall, making me quiver with pleasure that only submission to Domina Shelle Rivers could cause. Domina's Hypnosis is the strongest i have ever experienced, Her Beauty is such that angels weep tears of joy when they see Her, and the pleasure She offers to those She enslaves is more intense than any other pleasure on earth. For those who serve Domina, this session is a must-have, for those who are seeking a true Mistress to serve, this session is a must-have.
Saturday, 08 July 2023
Omg! Yes!!!! i totally agree with the last comment! Ohhhh!!!!! Words just can’t describe the euphoria i feel when Domina takes hold of me like that! EVERY fiber of my being resonates with my absolute reality of being Dominas love slave forever and always… Ohhhh… This masterpiece is truly special… Omg! It felt like a mind-orgasm as Domina pulled so firmly on the mental ropes She’s ensnared my mind with… Dominas hypnotic power and control is VERY real and VERY thorough… Like O M G!!! i’m just in heaven right now!!! If You’ve been a GOOD BOY/GURL and have been staying consistent with Her brainwashing than You are in for a SERIOUS treat! Like for REAL!!! ❤️ I am Yours FOREVER and always Domina Shelle!
Friday, 07 July 2023
Sometimes our Domina releases a file where You can literally feel Her power and control over You coming through Her voice. Where You can feel the reality that She owns You. That this isn't a game. That She is really Owner and you really are slave. Dominas voice was so powerful in the file. I felt so complete weak for Her. She made me feel so wonderfully owned by Her. i felt so aroused and submissive i wanted to melt into a submissive puddle are Her glorious feet. An absolute masterpiece created by my Owner Domina Shelle
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