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Dripping Orgasmic Pleasure | Shelle RiversDripping Orgasmic Pleasure | Shelle Rivers

Dripping Orgasmic Pleasure


Product SKU: Dripping Orgasmic Pleasure

It feels as though your mind has slipped down right between your legs...

Dripping Orgasmic Pleasure (25 minutes):

Before I pull you down into a most erotic trance, just imagine yourself in a nice fluffy bed...Imagine your body snuggled next to a warm soft pillow.  This bed is so perfect for you, it is a place that I have created inside your mind...and no one knows about this place but you and Me...It’s O/our secret place...A place where W/we can be together all alone away from the outside world.  Feel Me with you now...right next to Me.  Breathe in My perfume.  My scent intoxicates your mind and makes you weak for Me.

Soak up the passion as I invade all your senses.

As My sweet voice slips into your subconscious, feel the burning anticipation.  Like a sexual wildfire burning through your feels as though your mind has slipped down right between your legs.  I love seeing you this way...drop for your Domina and OBEY!  Fall into TRANCE...Fall into My warm embrace.  I'm going to DRAIN you.

With 20, . . . Just letting go now . . . 19, . . . all the way down deep . . . 18, . . .feeling better than before . . . 17, . . . tired and drowsy . . . 16, . . . peaceful and serene . . .15, . . . awakening your sexual being . . . 14, . . . arousing all your senses . . . 13, . . . arousing every fiber, . . . 12, . . . arousing every cell . . . 11, deeper and deeper . . . 10, . . feels so good to lose all control . . . 9, . . mind and body relaxed . . . 8, 7 . . . enjoying this feeling so much . . . 6, 5 . . . just letting go now . . . 4, 3 . . . deeper and deeper . . . 2, 1. . . And finally, zero . . .

Deeply hypnotized and completely obedient.  Go NOW...Download this session...get naked and be with Me...Give Me all control over your mind and body.

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Saturday, 30 September 2023
i listened this right before Loctober. So hot! Domina shelle knows how to lead me into such blissful and pleasurable state. Bit of teasing before a very happy ending.
Wednesday, 16 February 2022
Wow what an amazing session. As the title states Dripping Orgasmic Pleasure. Oh boy was it. Domina has a unique way of making it all build up into an explosive event. i just love how She can take our minds, massage them into a dripping, yearning mess that makes Her erotic words that much more effective at making you so damn horny you are at the edge of eruption. She then takes You over that edge with Her new trigger which helps re-enforce it even more. i loved this session. Its certainly made my favorites list. If you ever want to feel what its like to loose control, buy this session.
Tuesday, 15 February 2022
The PERFECT Valentines Day gift ❤ Thank You Domina Shelle! This was the most incredible orgasm i've ever had... Domina Shelle had me screaming her name as she brought every ounce of my arousal to the surface in this very intimate and sexy session... Please Domina Please!!! Mmmm... Absolutely incredible... This has definitely become one of if not my most favorite Domina Shelle Erotic Hypnotic Masterpiece yet!
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