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Embrace of the Succubus | Shelle RiversEmbrace of the Succubus | Shelle Rivers

Embrace of the Succubus


Product SKU: Embrace of the Succubus

Forever lost in rapturous pleasure for the Succubus...

Embrace of the Succubus (32 minutes):

My sweet, it's time for Your playful, sexy, Domina to have some fun with Her favorite hypno-toy, yes, you, My pet!

I see from your growing arousal that you like that idea.  That's good, My sweet, W/we both know you always like My suggestions, especially the naughty ones. (giggles)  In this session let My crimson lips whisper sweet words to seduce your senses as you surrender your submissive self to the Succubus deep inside your susceptible subconscious mind.  you submit to My power because you crave these passionate intimate moments with Me, HARD and horny, you're unable to muster any resistance to My sexual domination, leaving Me aroused and wet seeing you in this compromised, vulnerable, state, all for My pleasure.

The reality is you are always weak in My presence, naked and exposed to the TRUTH that I OWN you, that My wishes are your desires, My dreams are your aspirations, and that pleasuring your Domina is your ultimate sexual fantasy.  Just imagine it, in your dreams, I am the Succubus that has enslaved you, teasing and tantalizing you with My witchy brown eyes as you submit to My sensual caress.  In that moment W/we are entwined, My delving ever deep into your slave mind while you are fixated on pleasuring Me, sliding deep into My...

But wait, My pet, before W/we can consider consummating O/our relationship, I need something from you first.  In your dreams I will bathe in your sexual energy, like the Embrace of the Succubus, I will drain you in order to feed your addiction for Me, ensuring you will be forever lost in rapturous pleasure, a bittersweet fate of sexual frustration and lustful yearning.

My concubinus, an affectionate trick that will blow your mind leaving you desperate for more, seeking new ways to pleasure and serve your beloved Domina.  Treat Me with your gift of sexual surrender and I will be waiting for you in your hot sticky dreams, My slave... ~Kisses~

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Friday, 05 November 2021
Holly Mother of Pearl, this file is EXPLOSIVE!!! i can honestly say i have never found such an erotic, sexy, mind fuckingly explosive file in my life..... Domina's lips suck the very life out of you while whispering deep into your ears hypnotic suggestions and provocative ideas. my mind was being seduced from every corner all at the same time. Many layers of Her sexy voice which you try to listen to so very hard which only draws you deeper down into Her lustful embrace. Everything in this file is Pure Perfection and im not exaggerating as it contains every element of the most blissful dreamy life your could want. This is without doubt one of the very best files ive come across. Domina Shelle just keeps on getting it right week after week after week. If you have not found Her yet Please just listen to this one, you will not be disappointed!
Wednesday, 03 November 2021
OMG WTF That has got to be the best file Domina has ever done. i certainly have a new favorite. The multiple layers of voices were pure mind fucking. There was a voice, it was like right in front of my face. At least it felt like it was right in front of my face. But i could barely hear it. It was like it, it kept egging me on. Wanting me to stroke..i think She did. Then listening to Domina and Her sexy voice. i could hardly hear this other voice. But it was oh so erotic. The noises She was making. It was just turning me on, getting me so excited, right up to the end. Oh wow that was amazing. The whole file is just amazing. It was really, really, really is good. OMG yes it was soooo good. i was so worried, i was going to cum. At the end my cock was like soaked with pre-cum, it was so wet, so hard. OMG That file is amazing. i kept wishing i could hear the other voice. That other voice, the one that it was like in my face smacking Her lips or was it licking me or something. She was like talking. It was the words She was saying, they were really hot. The words i heard were turning me on. But i just wish i could’ve heard them better. If it was louder, because i was like thinking OMG is She saying what i think She saying. LOL This is an amazing file. Its another work of art by our Domina. The way She can take us like that. Manipulate us and then have us just lose all control for Her. Like a puppet. Domina You really out did Yourself with this file, You really did. i was so fucking horny afterwards. i still am. Your slaves cock is tingly. i’m just glad i didn’t cum since its the end of Loctober. LOL i can't wait to listen to this again.
Monday, 01 November 2021
INCREDIBLE!!! A loyal chastity slaves best friend! I listened to this session/masterpiece on Halloween while under 30 days of chastity… The reflects are beyond incredibly sexy! Domina Shelle has put together a second track of subliminal messages, sounds of her pleasure, and laughter that provoked some of the sexiest dreams I’ve ever had! I’ll be listening to this before bed from now on! I’d HIGHLY recommend listening while chaste, the longer the better!
Sunday, 31 October 2021
The thought of the beautiful, powerful, perfect Succubus Domina Shelle coming to me and taking absolute control of me and claiming me as Her's is a fantasy beyond imagination.
Sunday, 31 October 2021
Thank You Domina. This file drained my desire to cum and i'm now happily saving my sexual energy. i find that this file is very useful for making long time chastity more bearable. i feel caml and relaxed, feeling that i woulnd't have imagine that i could have after all the teasing from lastr few days of lockdown.
Sunday, 31 October 2021
The file starts as an erotic fantasy with some dominating elements - harmless and pleasurable! But there is a second track - i am driven to listen again and again to find out what is hidden in the secret whispers, moans and laughter! That is an obsession. Like under predicament bondage my mind focusses on the erotic fantasy and tries to ignore the whisper: just to be tortured by the knowledge not to know. Or i focus on the second track and leave my subconscious open for the indoctrination Domina has weaved into the erotic session. Amazing Plot! 5 Pumpkins!
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