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Mind Fog | Shelle RiversMind Fog | Shelle Rivers

Mind Fog


Product SKU: Mind Fog

The Fog descends as I immerse you deep in submissive bliss...

Mind Fog (45 minutes):

My sweet, you are here, now, because your desire for more of My hypnotic programming is progressively becoming an important part of your life.  W/we have an unbreakable connection that extends across time and space, and with each trance your dedication to serve Me imbues you with passion, purpose, and addictive pleasure.

Every time you return to My enchanted world you drift a little deeper under My control, My voice acting like a powerful hypnotic drug, each word an injection of pure concentrated sleep that lulls you deeper into submission.  Falling into trance for Me is compulsive craving, a reverent desire to be hypnotized and conditioned by your Domina.  you are My horny aroused puppy, meticulously trained to faithfully come to Me when I choose to summon you to My realm.

There is no point trying to resist, My pet, My words always cloud your mind, stealing your thoughts until all that remains is a blank, mindlessly loyal servant lost deep in My Mind Fog.  But, never fear, when My fog descends on your mind, I'm always with you, guiding you, setting you on the right path to be forever My loyal obedient slave.

And, you are My slave, collared and owned, you return to Me to seek My wisdom and training, never venturing too far knowing that only I can feed your desire for submission and mind blowing pleasure. (giggles)  Being My submissive servant is your highest calling, and sexual release in My honor is a special treat reserved for those that please Me, pamper Me, and accept Me deep into their heart and mind.

So, let the Mind Fog descend as I immerse you deep in submissive bliss where My suggestions are deeply etched into your subconscious mind.  Accept the TRUTH, My pet, there's no turning back your growing obsession with Me and being MINE, there is only embracing your submissive destiny knowing that every step leads you inexorably into a life of euphoric enslavement to My will.

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Sunday, 24 September 2023
This had dreamy and ethereal feel to it as Domina took me deeper and deeper. It is also blisfull and erotic leaving me in state where i didn't want to wake up.
Sunday, 25 June 2023
What a treat this is, there is nothing like Domina's submissive bliss.
Thursday, 22 June 2023
Domina deeply etched in my mind Her overwhelming power and control. This was pure bliss! Her commanding yet incredibly sensual voice will make any man feel weak and become aroused with so much pleasure. Listen now!
Sunday, 18 June 2023
Session like "Mind Fog" are a true work of art. Domina just out did Herself when She created this one. The sound effects that Domina added to the session just added to the whole experience. It truly engulfs you while you are in trance and you find yourself so caught up, so taken in what is happening, it just makes it so real. This was one fucking hot session. What an amazing time well spent with Domina Shelle. i felt everything that happened to me. i felt the collar as it was placed around my neck. Fucking amazing. Domina wrote "This session is beyond a DEEP TRANCE!" Wow it really was.
Friday, 16 June 2023
I love this session:) Domina is the best guide there is she always gets me where i need to be.
Thursday, 15 June 2023
i always try my best to follow the right path my Domina lays out for me. i always want to my journey to lead to Her perfect feet
Sunday, 11 June 2023
It is always amazing to walk in the forest with Domina Shelle. The progression of this file is so expertly done that i doubt anyone could resist if they wanted to, but who would even try? The ending of this file is a masterpiece. Thank You Domina Shelle.
Saturday, 10 June 2023
OMG! What an amazing treat from our wonderful Domina Shelle!!! Only Domina knows the way… So i must go wherever She leads me… Completely helpless and mindlessly obeying and following… i know that Domina always knows best and She’ll always lead me exactly where i need to go… and the place of absolute ecstasy She lead me to this time is exactly where i needed to be!!! Thank You Domina!!!!
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