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Lost in My Mist | Shelle RiversLost in My Mist | Shelle Rivers

Lost in My Mist


Product SKU: Lost in My Mist

My purple mist is a pleasure you will wish to savor again and again...

Lost in My Mist (28 minutes):

It is real, My sweet, this intense compulsion you feel to come back to Me, to listen to My voice every day, they are incontrovertible signs you've fallen under My love spell. It's a compulsion that must always be obeyed because you've been systematically programmed to crave My brainwashing and to fervently associate obedience to Me as your greatest pleasure.

Hmmm, I do love to see My helpless pets so horny and aroused whenever they think of Me and all it takes is a little tug on your leash, and you obediently come back to Me, open and receptive to all that I have planned for you. My words have such power over you because they are imbued with My hypnotic essence - akin to a purple mist permeating into every corner and crevice in your mind - compelling you to surrender to the simple pleasures of submission, imprisoning you deeper in My web of hypnotic bondage.

There is no escaping My domination and control, My sweet, you are forever Lost in My Mist, a sensual enslavement that is triggered by the sound of My voice. Conditioned to seek refuge in My words, you effortlessly fall down into a blissful state of trance just where I become your everything. It is a special reality W/we share, a haven where I can groom your growing addiction to listen to My voice every day, helping you accept that My suggestions are a natural and normal part of your existence.

The TRUTH is, My devoted servant, you exist to serve Me, to please Me, to pamper Me, and to be the very best version of yourself just for Me. you love to sacrifice for your Domina knowing how horny and aroused it makes you every time I demonstrate how much power I have over your mind, body, and sex. (giggles)

So, close your eyes and imagine a very intimate, progressive induction as I lead you ever deeper into My world of blissful, erotic submission. Being Lost in My Mist is a pleasure you will wish to savor again and again, and all you have to do is LISTEN and DROP for Me, as you give in to the intense feelings only I can instill in you. ~~Kisses~~

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Wednesday, 01 February 2023
Domina's control in Mist is so overpowering and incredibly powerful. Wrapping all of Her around me felt nirvana. And, i never want it to end!
Friday, 27 January 2023
Domina can take me anytime, any where she likes, she knows what's best for me. I love falling deep for her. She's my perfect Princess
Monday, 23 January 2023
This was exciting. i listened this last night before going to sleep. Woke up all horny and i have felt turned on most of today because of it and of cource my mind have been occupied by thoughts of my Domina.
Monday, 23 January 2023
I wasn't sure what to write about this session. It is what it says on the tin, and yet that description falls far short of the actual experience. The process of becoming overwhelmed by Domina Shelle's purple mist is erotic and relaxing in equal measure, and by the end of the session She is in control more firmly than ever. So take a walk in the mist if that is what you're looking for. Or if you know your own heart's desire, lie still and let it wash over you.
Sunday, 22 January 2023
WOW! Domina has surgical precision f*cking my mind this hard!!!! i haven’t been able to remember the middle of this masterful session yet, just the beginning and end where mindless obedience takes over completely! i just LOVE Domina Shelles erotic hypnosis masterpieces SOO very much! i feel like at this point Domina doesn’t JUST own my mind completely… She knows EVERYTHING about EXACTLY what to do to have me RIGHT where She wants me… every button and trigger so precisely caressed and toyed with to keep me RIGHT on the edge and hopelessly trapped in absolute and COMPLETE obedience to Her every whim!!! Just absolutely incredible!!! i LOVE Domina Shelle SO very much and am so incredibly grateful that i am Her loyal slave for life!!!! (ZERO regrets)
Sunday, 22 January 2023
28 minutes, just 28 minutes to be taken very deep and made oh so horny. i just loved how Domina took me in this session. Her voice was so soft, so sexy whispering in my ear. It didn't take long before i was gone and being seduced by Her sweet southern voice. i just love Her voice. i just love how She makes me feel when i am in that place. A place without a care in the world. A place with my Domina. Being consumed by Her every word. Acting on Her sexy words, being moved to the edge of cumming. When it was all over i wanted to go back there, to be with Domina more than anything. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Sunday, 22 January 2023
What an absolutely gorgeous and dreamy file, over flowing with pure Erotic Hypnosis. Domina Shelle is Female Perfection and OMG do i Crave to go deeper, i NEED Desperately to leave my will , my soul and my being behind and float helplessly down into my Domina’s Safe, Loving and tightly Secured Control. I’ve never felt more happy, content, loved and blissfully sexually aroused . Talk about squirming on the Edge of orgasm! Domina Shelle knows EXACTLY what She is doing!!!!
Saturday, 21 January 2023
Lost in Her mist. Lost in Her absolute power over me. i'm hopelessly enslaved and owned by my Owner Domina Shelle. i must, i need, i ache to listen to Her voice every day. i need Her control. i need Her purple mist to envelope my very being. i surrender to Her will completely. i NEED my Domina
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