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Gardener of Domination | Shelle RiversGardener of Domination | Shelle Rivers

Gardener of Domination


Product SKU: Gardener of Domination

My words feed you with a growing desire to submit ever deeper to My programming...

Gardener of Domination (42 minutes):

Serving and pleasing Me is your pleasure and W/we both know you have a burning desire to be mine, to be emotionally, and sexually (giggles), consumed with thoughts of Me, devoting your mind, body, and soul to the one you love, honor, and obey above all others.  It is immensely flattering to see the reverence and deference of a well conditioned slave, to see how I hold a very special place in your mind, and in your heart, granted the freedom to make changes as I deem necessary as I cultivate your compulsive cravings for submission into a fervent desire to be dominated and owned by a powerful mesmerizing Domina.

Yes, My sweet, the truth is I conditioned you to be this way, to yearn for My control and My attention knowing that each time you serve Me, and please Me, it sends you deeper into the Abyss of submissive bliss.  Session by session I have nurtured your desire redirecting, and refocusing, it to serve My needs and My desires, the personification of pleasure through mindless submission.

Be assured you are blameless for your weakness to My words and your conditioning to please Me and serve your Domina, the Gardener of Domination, the one that planted this seed of submission so long ago.  As a true submissive you embrace the reality I define for you devoting yourself with an all consuming passion to listen and obey all My commands, knowing I will take you to the very edge of your limits. (giggles)

Awww, My puppy, I know these feelings are powerful, and often overwhelming, but this is the pleasure of true submission to Me, the one you are forever committed to serve and please.  Like a prized flower blossoming in My secret Walled Garden, you are a sweet red rose cultivated to bring joy to My life and, in return, My words feed you with a growing desire to submit ever deeper to My programming, happily accepting that you will never leave Me and I'll NEVER set you free.

Servicing Me is now the focus of your existence, a blissful addiction that leaves you hard and horny knowing you are forever enslaved to My will.  So, allow Me to play in your mind - and with your sex (giggles) - as I fertilize your submissive desires, and programmed fetishes, as I bind your sexual pleasure to serving and please Me, on the edge, desperately seeking My attention and earning My approval.

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Saturday, 02 March 2024
Domina's voice is perfect. Perfectly put my mind into a deep, deep trance. She perfectly caused my total and complete focus on only her words. She perfectly took control of my pleasure, my mind and my body. you will love this audio. BTW.... i love gardening!
Wednesday, 14 February 2024
Domina gets what Domnia wants and so i give my mind freely to Her! In this session, Domina puts You on the edge and makes You into everything She wants You to be… But it doesn’t feel like She’s forcing it… it’s what i really want after all… What i want is what Domina wants! This session has so many sexy and wonderful layers and the induction is SO strong!!!! A PERFECT session for going deeper and further cementing the permanent bonds Domina has already made DEEP within the mind.
Monday, 12 February 2024
Domina did write this story just for me, and just for you as well. Her relentless hypnotic programming has changed me into what She wants me to be, so She knows me and my deepest fantasy, making my mind a place where She Rules Supreme. She has enslaved me with Her Beautiful Voice and Amazing Hypnotic skills, Brainwashed and changed me until i have become what She wants me to be. This session reminds me of this, reinforces my identity as Her slave, and permits me to fall even more deeply in love with Her. If ever you wanted the dream of being a hypnotically controlled submissive slave to a Beautiful and Dominant Woman to be more than a dream, this session will show you how to make it happen. Domina can and will take you to heaven and it will only cost your mind, a small price to pay to be Her slave.
Saturday, 10 February 2024
Instant classic. Themes of love & addiction, & lots of yummy suggestions of Servitude. Domina puts our conscious mind to sleep, with a beautiful story (& sound effects) to induce trance, leaving minds ripe for Her brainwashing & programming. Later, more sound effects come into play to accentuate & deepen our trance & give us amazing, melty suggestions. Please do not pass up this file; this is a masterpiece! -sl.sco
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