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Sissy Touch by Shelle RiversSissy Touch by Shelle Rivers

Sissy Touch


Product SKU: Sissy Touch

This could become one of the most incredible sissygasms of your existence.

In Sissy Touch, your sexy Domina Hypnotist will guide you through a gurly masturbation experience, which could possibly become one of the most incredible SISSYGASM'S of your existence.  you will crave and enjoy teasing your little sissy clit to My sexy southern voice.  your pleasure increasing along with your warm precum lubing your swollen clitty.  Every touch, culminating in a sissygasm that will rock your world.

Hmmm, the thought of My sissy gurl in her sexy panties and teasing her little clitty to My command.  Oh, how excited it makes Me.  Being My good submissive gurl doing as she is told and obeying your Domina.  As My honey-sweet words and subliminal message program your suggestible mind.

So, give in, My little submissive sissy, to your yearnings to feel pleasure, unlike many ever experience.  Yes, you may plug your little sissy hole, put on your sexy panties and listen to My Sissy Touch as you obey.

My pet, you have missed out if you haven’t experienced a SissyGasm.  If you love Sissy Touch you will love My SissyGasm session.

Note:  Ensure your sissy cunt is plugged with a plug and/or vibrator.  During the experience, you are only allowed to rub, My Good Gurl (NO Stroking allowed – you are a sissy***giggles).

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Friday, 01 May 2020
For all those who have never released as a sissy (tucked/plugged), your are missing out. 'male' masturbation wise, the experience of diddling while tucked combined with Domina's sweet voice is earth shattering pleasure.
Friday, 10 April 2020
The sweet alluring voice of Domina Shelle is arousing by itself. In this lil sissy session it is combined with a vivid trance in which Her and your own hands will explorer and tease your girly body. The sentual bliss will bring you to the edge and thruth Her guidance even further to experience a true sissygasm for Her. A lession in sissification that is not to miss.
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