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Reflections of Surrender | Shelle RiversReflections of Surrender | Shelle Rivers

Reflections of Surrender


Product SKU: Reflections of Surrender

Mind-blowing (latex inspired) domination. your unconditional subservience.

Reflections of Surrender (53 minutes):

My puppy, are you ready to serve your Domina, ready to kneel in My divine presence and demonstrate that you are eager and willing to be My perfected slave?  As My trained good boy you will gaze reverently at My feet, head bowed, as I sit regally on My throne.  In this intimate Domme/sub moment you will find yourself singularly focused on Me, your eyes drawn to My black latex skirt and My mesmerizing, thigh high, black shiny boots that sparkle in the mood lighting of My throne room, reflecting all the splendor in their perfectly polished surface.

Yes, My adoring servant, it is your lucky day, your opportunity to impress Me with your conditioned obedience and compulsive desire to worship Me, your beloved Domina, at My feet.  On this special occasion you will be commanded to show your unconditional subservience to your Owner by expressing why you love, honor, and obey Me, and only Me, above all others!  Say, "Thank You, Domina" - that's My good boy.

I plan to sensually dominate your mind, body, and sex while you passionately kiss, lick, and suck on My shiny latex boots, intensifying the truth that I am - and always will be - your Absolute Authority.  To cement these feelings of abject submission (to Me) I will employ the use of a new fractionation technique, boot-nosis (giggles), to eradicate all semblance of self, leaving only a blank, empty, obedient slave who is increasingly receptive to all My suggestions.

Hmmm, transforming you into My adoring boot slave makes your Domina wet, you, locked in lustful servitude and Me, reinforcing your growing compulsion to submit to Me and be mine, forever.  Yes, My horny slave, this is what I have planned for you and with each new act of submission, mirrored on My shiny latex boots, your enslavement to Me is being cemented in your mind, these Reflections of Surrender a powerful manifestation of the real, submissive you, willfully relinquishing all self control just to experience more of My mind-blowing (latex inspired) domination.

So, prepare to hungrily swallow My mesmerizing words as My suggestions permanently enslave you to kneel at My feet, accepting the undeniable truth that you are forever Owned by, and subservient to, your latex Queen, Domina Shelle.  There is no escaping this hold I have on you, My pet, so listen now and experience an erotic dream so vivid that you'll feel your lips caressing My boot while My other boot rests reassuringly on the back of your collared neck, a comforting reminder why you will have an aching, throbbing, compulsion to be at My feet again and again and again. (giggles)

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Thursday, 23 November 2023
Wow up and down, up and down and then some more, Yoyo? Yes. Addicted to Domina's beautiful soft boots? Yes. i loved the feelings i felt and the wetness between my legs when i finally woke up. This was an amazing session. It was simply perfect for enslaving me even more to Domina Shelle. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Tuesday, 21 November 2023
One of the DEEPEST trances Domina has put me under! i just LOVE this session SO much! My mind is just filled with Dominas shiny black latex boots!
Tuesday, 21 November 2023
i wonder if Domina would provide ordering information for those boots. i would like to practice. Or would that experience be as hollow as boots without Her feet in them? Listen to this wonderful session, slave, and form your own opinion - if you can...
Monday, 20 November 2023
Repeated actions of obedience and rituals of surrender to my Domina are an important part of training a submissive. In "Reflections of Surrender" the fractioned hypnosis used to develop the habit of compliance to Her will. I feel how my mind shuts down and just follows Her orders, i live in the moments of pure bliss, of peace and calm. Repetition is the law of hypnosis - repetition is the law of unconditional obedience.
Sunday, 19 November 2023
Domina's fractionation technique made this session seem live and in person. Blank and mindless had me in complete bliss to Her words. Of course i now have an obsession for thigh high boots.
Sunday, 19 November 2023
Listening to this is a dream come true. Domina knows what i need.
Sunday, 19 November 2023
I have been fractionated with more suddenness than this in the past but the speed with which i lost touch with understanding that i was awake or in trance during this file is nothing short of amazing. Couple that with the time spent worshiping Domina Shelle's boots and i have to elevate this file from an excellent purchase to a MUST BUY. I love and obey Domina Shelle. Because why would i want anything or anyone else?
Sunday, 19 November 2023
i'm just too easily controlled Domina Shelle playing with me like yo-yo makes me so weak and submissive. This also made me feel horny again after my previous release.
Saturday, 18 November 2023
Domina Shelle took me so deep in this file, kneeling at Her Latex Boots, unable to do anything but respond to Her Commands. just typing this makes me fall into a light trance thinking of it. the pictures are so HOT. it makes me want to kneel at Her Feet in submission
Saturday, 18 November 2023
This really is a masterpiece, I went so very deep. I love being taken in and out of trance going deeper and deeper. Losing all feeling of time. When I finally woke up I felt so good and aroused I just had to look at some pictures of Domina Shelle. Thank You Domina for yet another work of art
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