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Hypnotic Vibrations - Sissy | Shelle RiversHypnotic Vibrations - Sissy | Shelle Rivers

Hypnotic Vibrations - Sissy


Product SKU: Hypnotic Vibrations - Sissy

Listen NOW as I slip into your sissy panties...

Hypnotic Vibrations - Sissy (46 minutes):

I am the Queen of Erotic SISSY Hypnosis.
I am the QUEEN of Brainwashing and MIND control.
I easily manipulate you into doing all I want.
As the VIBRATIONS send waves of pleasure up your spine, inside your panties and into your brain.
My words so SLIPPERY and sexy, you will let your guard down.
This leaves you open to My hypnotic control.
your body will be weak, your mind weaker and you will be putty in My sweet little hands.
I feed on your strength, I suck it away.
I feed on your will...I suck it away, leaving you unable to resist.
Listen NOW as I slip into your sissy panties.

WARNING:  Because I know you love DANGER...My HYPNO files are STRONG and sneak up on you and will leave you open and vulnerable to My every whim.

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Sunday, 03 May 2020
As a sissy i am sooooo happy that Domina Shelle did the effort to create a special sissy version for this file. Thank You my beloved Domina! As a sissy i did only listen to this version though i asume the male version is similar in the suggestions and the hot hypnotic story Domina Shelle used to take me so deep, arouse me so much and increased my submission to Her. i really cannot wait to listen again and again as i want Her to suck out my mind, my girly sissy self really enjoys the air headed feeling Domina created within me during trance and it is still longing on now. Just like the arousal She did raise inside me, not only inside of my panties, no my whole body was tingling with pleasure for Her. i love You my Domina and i will serve You always and forever. Thank You for all You do!
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