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Sissy Conditioning Loops | Shelle RiversSissy Conditioning Loops | Shelle Rivers

Sissy Conditioning Loops


Product SKU: Sissy Conditioning Loops

This set of 4 LOOPS will assist your acceptance of your SISSY self...

your Princess/Domina is always in charge.

Sissy Conditioning Loops are designed to be listened to repetitively thru out the day as you work, exercise, relax or as you sleep.  This specific set of 4 LOOPS will assist your acceptance of your sissy self, submission in addition to refining your sexual desires.  To strengthen the power when possible, repeat My words aloud or in your mind as you hear them (similar to your daily mantra).

The loops are not My traditional hypnotic sessions; there is no induction, deepener or wake-up sections, the session does use neurolinguistic programming to reformat your beliefs and desire.  Such conditioning multiplies the effects of My traditional SISSY HYPNO training/ erotic brainwashing sessions.

Now, My pet, go and create a repetitive playlist with these loops and enjoy as I play with your mind, and transform you into My perfect sissy slave.

Warning:  Even though these loops are not meant to be hypnotic, NEVER drive or operate heavy equipment while listening to any of My have been conditioned to accept My voice as your triggers to trance.

Listen in numerical order.  Choose your favorites and listen often.

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Saturday, 30 January 2021
What more could a good girl want? Files that can be played all day, so that Princess can repeatedly pour sissy suggestions into your open, willing mind; how's that for being just like, so totally perfect? i love Domina's voice anyway, so being able to listen to Her as i go about my day, knowing that She is programming me to be even more girlie, is just totally fantastic! One word of caution for anybody though, and it's what Domina Herself said in the description: beware that even though they don't have an induction or anything, Her voice will leave You susceptible to dropping into trance. Not that i'm put off by that, far from it... Being able to just drift and float my way through they day, listening to Her angelic sweetness, is like a total dream come true. Thank You so much for making these, Princess.
Friday, 12 June 2020
i just adore Domina Shelle's conditioning loops. i was so happy to see some especially made for Sissies. i've become quite addicted to these loops and have been regularly listening to them, especially at bedtime. But these loops are honestly wonderful to have any time, i've felt compelled to listen to them often. It just feels so good to have Domina whispering in my ear and furthering my feminization. Thank You Domina!
Monday, 01 June 2020
i love to be brainwashed by my beloved Domina over and over. Having the bliss of sissy themed hypnosis is a must have for every good girl out there. i was listening throughout the night and most of the day. Listening to the words of my beloved Owner, Domina Shelle is so relaxing and makes me feel happy.
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