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Hypnotically Shackled | Shelle RiversHypnotically Shackled | Shelle Rivers

Hypnotically Shackled


Product SKU: Hypnotically Shackled

My voice pacifies you, feeding your addiction to be programmed and dominated by a sexy powerful Domina, tightening My control over you...

Hypnotically Shackled (48 minutes):

Strict bondage is the perfect metaphor for hypnotic enslavement, the buckles and locks equivalent to My powerful suggestions as they weave an inescapable web of hypnotic control in the mind of My enthralled subjects.  The truth is, deep trance hobbles and immobilizes your thoughts better than any physical restraint and, once suspended in My words, you're helpless to resist as I take full control of your sensual sensory experience.

Hmmm, I do love it when a slave is bound by My mesmerizing words, hard and horny with submission as I become the focal point of your obsession, a blank slate ready to be teased and tormented into surrendering everything to Me.  Having you bound - physically and mentally - is so sexy to a dominant Mistress like Myself, a sensually stimulating situation where I dictate what happens and when, teasing and denying as I break down the submissive within, an endless cycle of domination and control that leaves you desperate for more. (giggles)

As a Domina, this is the perk of ownership, I choose when to restrain and dominate your mind, effortlessly infiltrating the dungeon of your own fantasies so that you're perpetually obsessed with submitting to Me.  As My horny hypnotized puppet, you are always ready and willing to be programmed to crave more of My brainwashing, that persistent need to be hypnotized by Me every day, another dose of My hypnotic bliss.

And, it is bliss to be MINE, to be bound and Hypnotically Shackled to Me!  My voice pacifies you, feeding your addiction to be programmed and dominated by a sexy powerful Domina, tightening My control over you as you fall deeper in love with My hypnosis and daily brainwashing, completely infatuated with the Mistress of your Mind, Domina Shelle.

There is no escape from My hypno-dungeon, My pet, like there is no escaping the bonds I have wrapped around your mind, an inescapable cocoon of submission.  As My brainwashed obedient slave, you crave My sexual domination and control, and by the end of this session you will be mindlessly saying "Yes, Domina" to My every command, horny and aroused by loving My domination and control.

So, relax, lie still, and let Me take full control as I etch My will deeper into your submissive psyche, claiming you as My property, now and forever more... ~~Kisses~~

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Tuesday, 30 May 2023
in Shackled, Domina's voice takes you deep, deep down into comatose trance. She skillfully and artfully begins to enter your mind gaining more and more control until you have no ability to resist Her magnificent dominance. With that, pleasure, pure pleasure is all you will feel.......mmmmm
Sunday, 28 May 2023
uuhh, so arousing to be shackled with all that leather and be dominated and controlled by Domina Shelle. Loved the ending, left me wanting more
Saturday, 27 May 2023
The more control Domina has over me, the better it feels. Yes Domina! Anything for You Domina!
Monday, 22 May 2023
Hypnotically bound and shackled to Domina Shelle for ALL of eternity is my absolute dream Cum true! This session and time with Domina Shelle deserves so much praise! Only Domina has the power to make me feel both Her physical and mental restraints all at the same time… Strengthening Her power and control over me to levels in my wildest dreams and fantasies… and OMG Her post hypnotic suggestions are absolutely irresistible!!! i eventually awoke more aroused than ever before! This is another MUST HAVE!
Sunday, 21 May 2023
How can i sign up for this? As the description says "Strict bondage is the perfect metaphor". The title "Shackled". Boy was it ever. i loved how quickly Domina took me into trance. She seems to be able to do that much more quicker now. Her voice was somehow even more sexy in this file. The start of the trance was just the start of what became and very sexy session that i would love to have happen to me. OMG this is what dreams are made of. Oh and the sound affects. Domina added the most amazing sound affect. That just added to the whole trance. This file made me so horny by the time it was over. i really loved it and can't wait to listen again. All i can say is "Yes, Domina". ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Sunday, 21 May 2023
my Sweet beautiful and perfect Owner takes us on a journey to complete submission. Where She shackles and chains us physically, although mentally in a wonderful hypnotic realm where She controls us completely. This is a wonderfully erotic file for Her novice slave, and a beautiful file of submission and bliss for Her long time slaves and devotees. Our minds are in constant need to conditioning to insure that we remain in absolut obsession and complete obedience to Her always , because without it, we'll become lost and hopelessly aching for Her attention and control
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