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Orgasmic Spell | Shelle RiversOrgasmic Spell | Shelle Rivers

Orgasmic Spell


Product SKU: Orgasmic Spell

With My sex appeal, seductive covert hypnosis and, a touch of black magic...

Orgasmic Spell (35 minutes):

My student, I'm so glad you joined My Psychology 101 class.  As the new student in the class I thought W/we should spend some quality time together - alone in the class room - to review what I've covered to date in past lessons.  As you can see from My outfit, I don't dress like a "stereotypical" professor, I like to express Myself and enjoy wearing more provocative clothing to ensure I have the full attention of those attending My classes.

I particularly like My current attire:  A seductive black shiny mini skirt, shows off My smooth shapely legs, and to complete this ensemble a plunging black halter top that leaves very little to the imagination...(giggles)  Yes, I believe I have your full attention, not just now, but from the moment you first attended My class.  I noticed you staring at Me, infatuated with My appearance, yet intrigued by My more assertive style of teaching, noticing all My students appear to be such good obedient boys for their professor, listening reverently to everything I say.

Are you listening carefully to what I'm saying because I believe you would like to be a very good boy for your sexy professor, wouldn't you?  Hmm, don't speak, just nod your head and continue staring and listening, i'll do all the talking.  Good boy.  Well, I believe it is time W/we had a more candid conversation about your future as one of My prized students, I want to groom you to be the perfect vessel for all that I have to teach and in return you'll become obsessed and addicted with Me until I beCUM your everything.

Ohh, don't try to think and resist, My sweet, I'm far too intelligent and domineering for a open suggestible submissive like yourself.  Be grateful that I've decided to spend this exclusive time with you, and after a few more private sessions, I'm very confident that the combination of My sex appeal, seductive covert hypnosis and, a touch of black magic (giggles), I'll have you fully under My Orgasmic Spell.  How lucky you are to be your teacher's new pet - quite literally - and I know W/we are going to have some much fun together as I brainwash you to be all MINE!

Shhh, just soak up this vision of perfection and let Me share with you the many pleasures submission and obedience.  After O/our time together I will constantly be with you, just like your shadow.  Wherever you go I'll be on your mind and in your thoughts, the sexy Professor that gives you those special private lessons you so long to attend.  Now run along, My sweet, and think of Me, knowing we'll be seeing each other very soon. ~~Kisses~~

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Monday, 11 September 2023
OMG i have a new favorite session. It just brought back memories of my German Teacher in high school. She was really hot. She use to wear short skirts and loose fitting tops. i remember, i always flirted with Her. One time She gave us this assignment. We had to come up to Her and speak in German phrase we had concocted. So i told Her, Hast du Lust, mit mir zu Bett gehen? She smiled and it was a wonderful smile. It made my day, perhaps year. LOL Anyway, i digress. I absolutely loved this session. The way Domina takes us into trance. The way She has Her way with us. Something i had always wished my German Teacher would have done to me way back when. Anyway, Domina deserves five stars for this session, for bringing back fond memories of lust and erotic dreams. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Sunday, 10 September 2023
I am bewitched by Professor Shelle's beauty and spellbound by the sound of Her voice. She is the best!
Sunday, 10 September 2023
Domina shelle is one hot teacher! I would have paid attention in class if She were my teacher. She is so captivating and commanding, love it.
Saturday, 09 September 2023
Upon first listen to this session, i was totally smitten... Domina has started sounding sexier than ever in the past few sessions, and this one takes things to new heights; or should that be depths? Her sweet southern accent seems to shine through more than before, and Her inflections on certain words just seem to cause my will to melt, as for when She sounds amused... Oh my! Her voice is definitely the most potent weapon of will destruction i have ever encountered, and in this session, She makes full use of it. Just the way She sounds will probably be enough to push Her more susceptible subjects over the edge, to take that plummet into Her hypnotic abyss, and even for new subjects, this is likely to be a very smooth ride, and then suddenly they will feel the world drop away, until all that exists is Domina and Her sweet, sweet voice programming their mind. This isn't a good session, it's not a great session... It is an absolutely FANTASTIC session! Even for those who aren't yet owned by Domina, this is a session that will be a lot of fun. For Her devoted slaves, this Spell is one that will most definitely help dispel any remaining delusions of resistance or free will. my mind was already Her property, but if it hadn't have been, this file could easily be one that would help seal the deal. Surrender to Her Orgasmic Spell and embrace the ecstasy. ♥
Saturday, 09 September 2023
Professor Shelle has a VERY sexy lesson plan in store for you… An advance…. ummmm… APPLIED psychology lesson… Definitely one you’ll wanna listen to over and over!
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