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Shackled | Shelle RiversShackled | Shelle Rivers



Product SKU: Shackled

your craving for My STRICTEST Domination is taking over...

Shackled (46 minutes):

It's already happening, isn't it?  Just reading My words is affecting your brain.  you can already feel yourself falling into TRANCE...always a natural state whenever you are with Me.  I easily take the lead...filling your open and needy mind with My Dominance, inviting your total submission.  Every word is another link in the sensual subconscious bondage that drags you deeper down into My endless abyss.

Come to Me, follow Me back to that place where you always fall...Back into My realm of subconscious and conscious control.

I sit on My THRONE of Dominance, you kneel and wish inside your own mind that I would grab hold tightly and never let go.  your craving for My STRICTEST Domination is taking over, effortlessly unlocking your surrender.  Setting your suggestibility to the maximum, My meticulously programmed sleeper...oh, you are in trouble...The kind of trouble that leaves you hopelessly SHACKLED.  Securing My bondage into place.

Look at you, already weak and you can’t stop must return to your addiction, your obsession...My voice.  There is NO escape!  I have you...shackled.  Listen NOW.

you never know where our HYPNOTIC journey will take you, but you are always willing to go.

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Monday, 20 February 2023
This was incredibly sexy, controlling and entrapping. This is Domina Shelle at the height of Her sensual domination and hypnotic power. If you slip and fell here it will be forever.
Thursday, 16 February 2023
Shackled is one of Domina's most powerful, most internalizing and most arousing experiences a submissive could ever experience! She has taken Her domination to an entirely new level. A level so inspiring, so captivating and oh so pleasurable. For those that want, crave and need this lifestyle, She is the most fantastic, most demanding yet utterly sensual that exists!
Wednesday, 15 February 2023
Domina has me shackled in bondage. i feel so aroused and horny for Her. She just fulfills my senses. She becomes everything, there is only my Domina.
Sunday, 12 February 2023
Fuck me that was one deep trance. i just love this session. The way Domina took me. The way Domina controlled me. The way Domina fucked my mind. WOW a new favorite. This is something i could listen to everyday and probably will. Domina's voice is so fucking sexy in this. Her whispers were so erotic. It was very controlling. Its what i really needed. i always trust Domina to know what i need. i loved Domina shackling my mind, making it Hers. All i can say is, Domina Shelle, Domina Shelle, Domina Shelle.... ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Saturday, 11 February 2023
something is different now… Everything has changed forever… but it feels so familiar… mmmmm… Suddenly so aroused and on the edge… Dominas stricter control is so incredibly sexy and i just NEEDED this so very much! Domina Shelle has changed me forever in the best of ways and continues to pull me deeper with every masterpiece She records... A fair warning, this session will make You very VERY horny!!! Thank You Domina Shelle!!! 100/100 ❤
Saturday, 11 February 2023
This is my Perfect programming file..... OMG, Domina Shelle is such a Powerful Woman. oh Please my Domina, Please do as You say in this file, im Begging You? i Wish this was for REAL! This file contains all of my Erotic Hypnosis hearts desires and has changed my life into a world of pure bliss. Thank You Domina Shelle, i cant believe my luck in finding You and for You to take me under Your wing, Heaven sent! xxx
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