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Manipulative Therapist | Shelle RiversManipulative Therapist | Shelle Rivers

Manipulative Therapist


Product SKU: Manipulative Therapist

Submit to My mind manipulation...

Manipulative Therapist (33 minutes):

It’s time for U/us to talk, My patient...

Step in to My office, and take a seat on My white leather couch.

That’s right, just sit there and relax, you can put your feet up if you wish; lie back and just let go of your concerns as I explain a few things to you.

Oh, just sign this waiver first for Me, saying that you are undergoing therapy of your own free will. There’s no need to read, it’s just a standard release. It’s nothing to worry about, you know that you can always trust Me.

Now, My dear patient, there’re a few things that W/we need to straighten out.

Things that I know are of concern to you, things that are affecting you, and more importantly, are having a negative impact on your life. Wouldn’t you like to let go of those things?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I helped you move past them, and let them all go?

Yes, I can see that you do have those concerns... So, My guinea pig...My patient, shall W/we proceed?

Just think how wonderful it’s going to feel as you let go, and drop into a deep trance state for Me.

Think of how safe you feel in that hypnotic abyss that I have created within your malleable mind.

Consider how good you feel after each session with Me.

Isn’t it time to let go, and adjust even more of your thoughts, to help you realize that I should be the absolute authority in your life? I am already the supreme authority in your mind, even if you don’t recognize it yet...

Come, My sweet, let go of your worries, let go of your cares, and submit to My latest therapy... Allow Me to make the mental adjustments that you need, to help you become an even more cooperative patient for Me.

Download and listen now.

you know that you need My therapy...


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Saturday, 11 March 2023
I always enjoy trips to see my favourite therapist. This session might be considered a little less intense than some of the other Wicked Therapist files, but it is very necessary. The hypnosis style here is a bit more conversational than some other sessions, so newer subjects might not go as deep, but the experience will be fun regardless of that. <3
Wednesday, 08 March 2023
I just love therapie with my favorite therapist:) Can't wait for my next visit.
Wednesday, 01 March 2023
Can't wait to visit this therapist again. So skilled, She took great care of me and i just want to submit to Her.
Monday, 27 February 2023
Every time I'm introduced to a new file from Erotic Hypnosis expert Domina Shelle im totally amazed at how close Domina knows what im thinking! it uncanny but sooo Sexy. Am i being watched or is it that Domina is leading me down into Her abys? Either way i dont care as She is the best thing ive ever done in my life, changed my life for the better and ill never look back! This file is just Perfect and just what i need at the right time......
Sunday, 26 February 2023
With so many Domina sessions listened to in the past, there is no way, no possibility of ever not being with, embracing all, serving any other dominant woman except, my Princess, my Domina, my Mistress. This file was a perfect reminder why this is absolutely true.
Sunday, 26 February 2023
This session is perfect, it is a nice gentle reminder of who you belong to with that extra special touch of Hers. You may feel as though you are being called into the bosses office where you have no idea what is going to be said.. You leave feeling like you better be on your best behavior because you got a second chance and a possibility of a raise in the future if you stick with the plan given to you for your performance. You may want to listen several times because you want to make sure you get the message and you can firmly say, “Yes Domina, I understand!” and She sends you off on your way. It will leave you with a warm desire that Domina Shelle knows exactly what she is doing and demonstrates that She knows what is best for you when you open up to Her.
Sunday, 26 February 2023
Another session where Domina reminds us that we are Hers forever and to forget anything and anyone before that. i loved the take down while i was laying on Her white leather couch. The reinforcement that She had us say "You are only changing my mind in good ways", "i agree i want You to change my mind", "i am ready to be hypnotized now". Saying these made me feel more relaxed and more submissive for my Domina. i just wish that Domina would have made the arousal, stroking part a little longer. i have trouble getting hard and there just isn't enough time for me to get there. With that said. The session was nice and the trance was very deep. i'm sure others will love it like i did.
Saturday, 25 February 2023
I don't know why my Domina would call this manipulative. She's simply reminding us that She's the most important person in our lives. And that serving Her is all we need and should ever want.
Saturday, 25 February 2023
Dominas soft white leather couch feels so very comfortable to just lay back and relax on... Mmmm... She's got my brain feeling SO good and all nice and clean now... Like that wonderful fresh feeling right after getting your hair done! i just loved this wonderful and sexy trip to my one and only therapist ❤
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