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Steps of Submission | Shelle RiversSteps of Submission | Shelle Rivers

Steps of Submission


Product SKU: Steps of Submission

Are you being enslaved against your will?

Steps of Submission (40 minutes):

My puppy, I hear these fantastical stories that My sexy voice is so sweet and seductive that - like a siren - it mesmerizes all that listen to it, and that no man can resist falling in love with Me once I have covertly infiltrated their minds.  I've also heard rumors that, as a master manipulator, I will do anything to trick unsuspecting submissives into slavery, robbing them of their free will and conditioning them to be obsessed with doing My bidding.

As erotically stimulating as these anecdotes are, I'm here to dispel these exaggerated assertions and explain to you the TRUTH about the Steps of Submission, in a way I believe an aroused horny good boy, like you, would truly appreciate. (giggles)  I want to share with you what it means to fully submit to a powerful, dominant, Woman and allay any concerns that I am a devious Domina only intent on enslaving, and exploiting, all that come before Me.  Yes, I certainly have My wicked moments (smile), but, My goal is O/our mutual pleasure and to nurture the submissive within you until you are ready to take that important step of freely identifying Me as your Owner.

But, My beloved pet, to embrace what I have to tell you, I need you to suspend your fears and allow Me deep inside your subconscious mind, silencing your thoughts, and freeing you of your will to resist the blissful reality of mindlessly submitting to another.  Only by fully trusting in Me - your Domina, Princess, and Mistress - can you embrace this growing emotional connection to Me and the intense desire you feel to follow wherever I choose to lead you.

The Steps of Submission is the PERFECT antidote for any anxiety, or misgivings, that you have of being enslaved against your will, freeing you to savor the many virtues and pleasures of being happily subservient to another.  I will not disclose exactly what you will discover in this session - a Girl has to keep some secrets (giggles) - but, know I am a powerful, playful, Domina who enjoys f*cking with your mind with the explicit intent of O/our mutual pleasure!

So, open yourself up to the possibilities of submission, My devoted servant, and together W/we can indulge O/our fantasies of domination and submission as you willingly slip every deeper into My web of control.  Nothing but pure pleasure awaits, so, really, what do you have to lose? (wicked grin)

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Sunday, 12 February 2023
My Domina's control over is so great. i begged to be Her slaveThere is not better place than to be serving my Domina.
Saturday, 11 February 2023
Domina has privately slipped the occasional 'contracted' selection my way over the years. It is always a treat to peak behind that curtain. Oh, for the day i can step behind that curtain, with all of the obedience and support She deserves.
Saturday, 11 February 2023
Listen to this. My will belongs to my Domina. She knows what is best for me.
Tuesday, 07 February 2023
Dominant, devious, but always adorable is the much beloved Domina Shelle. Make no mistake this Domina is playing for keeps and in this amazing session She expertly demonstrates how easy it is to manipulate the submissive mind to do Her bidding, just by pointing out the (obvious) steps to submission. Like an over excited puppy chasing its favourite toy, the listener is easily drawn in by Domina's charm and thereafter it is a training session showing how susceptible we are to Her subtle, yet powerful, suggestions. By the end Domina has us begging for Her and this is just yet another example that this more than escapism, this is real conditioning and real submission to a very real Domina. i know i want to be enslaved to Domina Shelle forever and there is no part of me that wants to resist whatever She wishes. That is how incredible Domina Shelle is and why listening to this session is a MUST for those who are wondering just how real Her domination and control is!
Sunday, 05 February 2023
The review below said it Perfectly! Becoming Dominas slave and falling helplessly in love with Her forever is a privilege and definitely one worth begging for with EVERYTHING you have to give to Her! This masterful and sexy session with Domina is the perfect ladder to enslavement to Her… Its truly amazing just how Quickly Domina can fully enslave Her victims… i mean subjects! giggles… All of the steps so seductively inevitable…. mmmm… i never want to be freed from Dominas spell, i must Love, Honor, and Obey Her forever!
Sunday, 05 February 2023
i begged. i pleaded. i groveled on my knees to Her. Begging for the honor to be Her slave. She doesnt force men to be Her slaves. They plead and beg for the privilege to live their lives in complete servitude to Her. Her beautiful voice wraps around our weak minds and we fall hopelessly in love with Her for the rest of our lives. Pleasing Domina is our reason for living
Saturday, 04 February 2023
Everything Domina says in this session is the absolute truth, true submission, automatic obedience that, never felt so right and pleasurable! Listening to Her commanding voice, i have no fear and, only a craving to obey Her and become even closer to Her. Step by step, this is a journey with Domina i never want to end!
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