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Mind Gag | Shelle RiversMind Gag | Shelle Rivers

Mind Gag


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Triggering that undeniable craving for more of My sensual domination...

Mind Gag (41 minutes):

My hypnotic toy, it's time again for more delicious programming, another opportunity for Me to play inside your open suggestible mind, tickling and teasing your fascination with My hypnosis as I imperceptibly condition your subconscious to obey My commands without thought and without question.  Automatic obedience is your pleasure because pleasing Me pleases you, triggering that undeniable craving for more of My sensual domination and control, just like a well trained beta male.

And, you are My pet, a treasured slave that I nurture and love, gifting you with the daily ritual of basking in My presence, compulsively listening to My voice, and absorbing My words, as they sustain your obsessive need to submit and surrender to the one you Love, Honor, and Obey!  O/ours is a special relationship, one built on trust and mutual respect, always accepting that where I lead you will follow, just as it should be.

In this session, your training takes a new and exciting twist as I help you subdue your inner voice.  With a simple and effective trigger, I will have the capability to mute your inner voice leaving you fixated on My voice that dwells inside your mind.  With repeated training you'll be a more focused and devoted servant for your adorable Domina and I suspect the thought of being triggered like this is causing a stirring between your legs right now, after all I am the object of erotic desires... (giggles)

So, allow My voice to penetrate deep inside your mind, as My endlessly layered hypnotic suggestions strip away the pretence of resistance, allowing Me to further reprogram the submissive you to be what you've always wished to be.  W/we both know I know what is best for you, so accept your fate and listen to this session NOW and embrace the pleasures of obedience and surrender that only your Domina can instill in you...

NOTE:  For those that enjoy fractionation inductions - an induction style that brings the listener in and out of trance repetitively to deepen a trance experience - you will definitely want to listen to this session!  Yet more opportunities to listen to your favorite S***P trigger.  ~Kisses~

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Friday, 06 January 2023
This session is amazing. I've listened to hypnosis over ten years and have never been as mindless and empty as I was, lying there, oblivious to everything and absorbing Domina's programming. I don't remember much about what she said, all I know is that I have an irresistible compulsion to listen to this session again.
Sunday, 12 June 2022
I love this file and come back it again on a regular base. The fractionation induction always leaves me eager for the next drop - as if i were on a trance rollercoaster! And although i know in the meantime what the file is about i just want to go though the experience again and again because i just love the idea so much that Domina's mind gag will silence negative and fearful thought inside my head and replace them with Her light giggles, positive mantras and perfect suggestions.
Tuesday, 26 April 2022
I love when Domina's sweet caring voice, instils such intense arousal and an absolute impossibility to disobey. I also love that my reward for listening is something that will continue my training and pleasing Domina. Those are the bestest kinds of rewards <3
Saturday, 02 April 2022
This became an instant favorite. The induction is terrific and takes me where I want to be, under HER control.
Wednesday, 23 March 2022
The fractionation induction is powerful and irresistible, it dropped me into a deep sleep where I remember nothing at all. I tried listening again, just listening trying not to be hypnotized so I could get some clue how Domina had programmed my mind this time but it was impossible. Once the induction started I was just ... gone. No matter how I tried to stay awake I just dropped into a deep, mindless trance. Since listening to this file, I've noticed the command to sleep from Domina is unbelievably powerful. I used to feel sort of conscious through most of Domina's files but very relaxed and dreamy. Now when commanded to drop by Domina it's this wave of intense arousal and heaviness as all thoughts along with any control drain away and my eyes slam shut and then ... blankness and this floating, addictive bliss where I can't process what Domina is doing to me at all.
Monday, 21 March 2022
Such a powerful and sexy experience! i’ve listened multiple times now and don’t remember anything after Dominas INCREDIBLY powerful fractionation induction… My mind-fucked brain must have just gave up and dropped completely… giggles… When i awoke, my inner voice is so muffled and quite now… mmmm… Domina Shelles voice has taken over… giggles! Mmm… it’s definitely had quite an effect on me as well… Domina Shelle has such complete and total control over me now… Its almost impossible for me to tell apart my thoughts and the thoughts that Domina thinks for me… Is there a difference now?! i guess i don’t really know! giggles But i DO know that i MUST listen to this file over and over again! ❤️
Monday, 21 March 2022
That trance was so deep i could almost feel the ball gag in my mouth. i liked this one and idea was so clever. This way Domina could be my inner voice.
Monday, 21 March 2022
I really love this session and went very deep. After the first listen my mind was really quiet not really knowing what had happend but wating more of this.
Sunday, 20 March 2022
I awoke with a smile on my face and giggles in my mind. And uncontrollably horny... Domina Shelle has had the ability to gag my mind almost since day one, and it is an ability that She at times relishes using. This session is more subtle than that. Even though the fractionation is deep and thorough it is not forceful. The compulsion to listen again immediately is very strong.
Sunday, 20 March 2022
Domina continues to crank out the hits. i really don’t know how she comes up with this stuff. But i do have another favorite. Besides the fractionation induction, which are OMG so so mind fucking, Domina's voice seemed even more erotic. Was it just me or was Her voice even more sexy in this file. This file was just amazing. Those up and down, up and down, then more up and down.. Jeez she took me in and out of trance so much i just fell farther and farther each time. i love those trances done like that. Just love it. It takes me so far down i am completely gone. i can’t remember everything She said but I want to listen to this again. i feel compelled to listen to it again. Dominas is so much a part of my life now, that i want Her to do whatever She wants to my mind. This is a great file. i have another favorite and i can’t wait to just listen to it again.
Sunday, 20 March 2022
Omg, Domina Shelle makes me want this life so desperately, This file is just what an Erotic Hypnosis file should be, full of Controlling Hypnotic Programming. She seduces you into accepting the gag, no, She makes you beg to be gaged. The perfect program to switch off to and allow Domina Shelle to take Her Sweet Control. Thank You Domina, You are the Perfect Dominant Woman!
Sunday, 20 March 2022
I absolutely love what YOU have done to me in this session. YOU take me into a wonderfully deep deep trance where YOU work YOUR magic on my subconscious mind. Upon awakening, YOU leave no doubt what YOU implanted into my mind. So powerful and enslaving. Obedience is pleasure.
Saturday, 19 March 2022
My beautiful Owners voice forever in my mind. My voice no longer there. Only Hers. Gag my mind forever and ever my Sweet wonderful Domina. Thank You thank You thank You for such strong files that take me and make me even more helpless under Your beautiful control
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