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The Submissive Kiss | Shelle RiversThe Submissive Kiss | Shelle Rivers

The Submissive Kiss


Product SKU: The Submissive Kiss

Prepare to be schooled in perfecting the SUBMISSIVE KISS for your Domina...

The Submissive Kiss (43 minutes):

Put on your headphones, My submissive servant, and surrender your free will once more to My HYPNOTIC words, free falling into a delirious dreamy state, a heavenly sanctuary where My voice caresses the very core of who you are.

Stripped naked and kneeling before My absolute authority, feel My supreme power overwhelm you, all your senses focused entirely on Me as I seduce and dominate your mind priming it for the ultimate submissive embrace... Awash with rapturous bliss, feel the heat of My divine body, a passionate embrace from your Domina as you are compelled to press your lips against My moist panties, My swollen mounds a temple you've long dreamed to touch.

Lost in ecstasy, I ride your hypnotized mind at a slow steady trot, driving you onwards, deeper down into ultimate submission. Feel My tender touch and lose yourself in the throes of passion, as I train your mind, body and spirit to let go and follow the graceful rhythm of My beguiling body. (giggles)

Extreme pleasure is within your grasp, My obedient slave, so get naked and prepare to be schooled in perfecting the SUBMISSIVE KISS for your Domina, a xxx erotic excursion you'll never forget!

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Saturday, 06 March 2021
A simple kiss can be such a wonderful thing. It's been known to turn a frog into a prince and even wake a Princess from Her eternal slumber. So then...what makes a Submissive Kiss so special, i hear you ask. Well, if you will, imagine a kiss so enticing, so powerful from the most luscious of lips, that are so soft and slick, that it brings you to your knees in an instant. Leaving you with a sweet aftertaste that lingers on your tongue, keeping you in an horny aroused stupor for days, perhaps even weeks. Sound appealing? Yes...then what are you waiting for! Let Domina Shelle teach you the addictive pleasures of the Submissive Kiss and become Hers forever.
Friday, 19 February 2021
From Storytelling to falling so deep under her control, i don´t even know how it happened, but oh my did i loved it :D
Tuesday, 16 February 2021
If only... Any time. Any way. Over and over. slave serves Domina Shelle!
Friday, 25 December 2020
Domina took my admiration for Her to a new level, with the way this tale is told. It is in many ways the perfect allegory of a submissive listeners journey to Her. Knowing that there is a inner void; feeling that deep seated inner need to be claimed and enslaved, but having to take the required steps, as proof. i love that imagery, because it is so entirely accurate. Also, the overall mindscape it conjured was beautiful, because by the time the actual journeying began, She had already taken me down into a truly blissfully deep state, where only beauty can exist, and then She wanted to be given that most reverent, loving kiss, knowing that once the deed is done, i would be Hers forever, with no hope of escape. Oh, the sense of longing to give Her that very special kiss... Eternal enslavement to Princess Shelle is not something to avoid, it is something to accept with a song in the heart.
Monday, 21 December 2020
Loved the storytelling. i was so captivated by it. Didn't even notice when i really fall into hypnotic sleep. This was like and artistic version of tease and denial.
Sunday, 13 December 2020
Domina can take you down and weave the most vivid story in your mind. She allowed Her slave to please Her in ways he could only dream of. So hot and so beautiful. Submissive heaven for a slave.
Friday, 11 December 2020
Domina Shelle never ceases to surprise in the best ways. This session is relaxing and contains an absolutely beautiful soundscape that makes it very easy to become lost. Yet at its core the session maintains the core idea in the title. The listener will submit to Domina Shelle's control and they will enjoy every second of it. I loved this one so much that i almost didn't want to wake up after the audio ended.
Saturday, 05 December 2020
The intense pleasure and sensations I felt during this session where profound and unforgettable! It felt like Princess Shelle was taking me into a dream within a dream within another dream as I feel deeper then ever before... And the climax to the AMAZING journey to Princess Shelles castle within my dreams was a literal dream cum true!!!!! OMG!!!! Just thinking about Princess Shelle fucking my mind SOOO incredibly profoundly blows my mind into a mental orgasm... Mmmm... Every second Princess Shelle took me deeper into my dreams is another second of falling even more deeply in love with her... I will do anything for my Princess and gladly give myself to her for her pleasure and servitude..... This has DEFINITELY become one of my favorite files from Domina Shelle!!!
Saturday, 05 December 2020
Oh this programming file is a dream come true! The Ultimate dream i have been waiting for......OMG i LOVE this Woman!!! This is such an easy file to lose yourself in, drift into luxury and an endless longing for it to be my real reality........... Soft, Seductive and Succulent, it truly does not get better than this..............
Friday, 04 December 2020
Oh my Domina! This recording left me drowning in a lake of desperate need to serve my wonderful Domina Shelle. Potent on its own yet made even more potent having vowed to train with Brain Fried every day in December to celebrate my birthday. Thank You Domina for spinning Your web of control and domination around my mind, my sex so tightly. It fills me with so much pleasure to surrender them so deeply to You that it would be more appropriate to call them Your mind, Your sex.
Friday, 04 December 2020
i just love Dominas story telling files. Being whisked away into another world. Wooded landscapes and castles. Being dominated and submissive to the one who owns me. Its just amazing how Domina can take me so far into trance with her stories. To take so much control of my mind and body. i love what Domina does to me. If you love listening to someone tell you a story. Then take you and have their way with you. You will really love this file. Thank You Domina for such a beautiful erotic excursion. i will certainly listen to this again.
Friday, 04 December 2020
Domina Shelle has a very unique, soft, gentle and sensual style of domination. It goes beyond anything the listener may expect and captures the mind, body and soul in a web of enraptured bliss. She is also Mistress of covert and conversational style of inductions, often capturing you with a fantasy, fairytale style session without you realising She is taking your mind. This trance encapsulates the very best of these qualities to weave a blissful tale of relaxation, pleasure and submission, wrapped in a sexy and beautiful tale which is perfect to escape the waking world , especially at this time with everything that is happening. That said, this is Domina Shelle and this trance also wields Her incredible power and dominance with a wonderful sting in the tail. No spoilers from me, but this is incredible to listen to, even more incredible how much control in contained in a tale so gentle and beautiful. Domina, You are beyond Magnificent.
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