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Mind Sucker | Shelle RiversMind Sucker | Shelle Rivers

Mind Sucker


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Whenever you are distracted by My Mind Sucker you will mindlessly agree with anything I tell you.

Mind Sucker (21 minutes):

Come closer, My baby, lie down next to Me so I can whisper sweet nothings into your ear.  Allow Me to ease away the accumulated stress from your day, as your mind and body unwinds to the soothing sound of My sultry voice.  W/we deserve these intimate moments together, you and I, precious opportunities for U/us to strengthen O/our special relationship, intensifying your desire to passionately love, honor, and obey Me, basking blissfully in your own submission.

I do love how easily you surrender to Me, My puppy, your growing weakness to submit to My words pulling you ever closer to Me as you long to kneel reverently at My feet.  However, in this session, I am going to demonstrate how My power extends beyond mere words and that with just My luscious lips, and inquisitive tongue (giggles), I can mesmerize your mind with an erotic obsession to fantasize about Me, feeding those lustful desires to serve Me.

As you may already know, I do have a particular fondness for lollipops; they are so delicious and sweet!  I particularly love how their HARD smooth texture slides effortlessly in My mouth and, with each successive lick, I'm rewarded with a comforting sweetness that I just want to savor again and again, stimulating an almost insatiable craving to suck. (giggles)

Now imagine, My puppy, if I were there with you, Me sucking, and slurping, on My favorite (crimson red) lollipop, and you lost in the moment utterly fixated on Me.  How many licks do you think it would take before I'd suck away all your thoughts?  Would you be able to resist that throbbing, aching, need to submit to Me, or is it just inevitable that My alluring lips, and the tantalizing caress of My tongue, will simply melt away what remains of your free will, leaving behind a hopelessly brainwashed slave forever addicted to My domination and control?

Shhh, My horny obedient pet, there is no need to answer.  The reality is whenever you are distracted by My Mind Sucker you will mindlessly agree with anything I tell you.  My words will embed themselves so deep in your open suggestible mind they will trigger like powerful subliminal suggestions, weakening your resistance and strengthening your resolve to submit to Me, to be MINE, to do anything that I ask of you that makes My life easier and pleases Me.

So SURRENDER L now and fall for Me, let My cool tongue gently fondle your ear as the warm air from My sweetened breath lulls you ever deeper into My world of submissive bliss.  After this session you'll never be able to look at a lollipop the same way again (giggles), not without a hard, aching, reminder that you have been hypnotically conditioned to submit to Me, Domina Shelle, your Owner, and this "sweet" sensation will only grow stronger with each new day.

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Wednesday, 20 December 2023
Mind Sucker is a session that allows Domina Shelle to completely own your mind and desires within 22 minutes. The premise might be relatively simple, but Domina drops the subject into deep trance quickly before candifying your mind so that she can lick and slurp it into whatever shape She wishes.
Monday, 27 November 2023
Domina is so sexually provocative in this session and all you have to do is focus on Her words and She'll take complete control of your mind and sex. i will never be able to look at a lollipop again without Domina's lips and tongue invading my thoughts. my life now revolves around serving this amazing dominant Woman and every week is a new experience of relinquishing more of myself to Her will.
Monday, 27 November 2023
All that lollipop licking and sucking made me strangely aroused. When that file ended i was so horny, i was ready to explode.
Monday, 27 November 2023
OMG what the fuck. That was fucking awesome. i was never so aroused by someone's words about sucking on a lollipop or was it my dirty mind thinking of something else. i don't know what the fuck it was, but i was so stiff by the end that i couldn't help but touch myself. Domina is simply amazing. i am forever Hers. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Monday, 27 November 2023
Mind Sucker is a short but powerful session.  Beware!   It took about 3 minutes before i went into deep sleep remembering nothing.  When i woke, i was experiencing extreme arousal.  What happened?  Of course, my curiosity had me listening again. Just like a baby bird with eyes closed, begging for sweet taste of whatever she placed in my mouth. In Domina i trust.
Sunday, 26 November 2023
Mind Sucker is a totally delicious and sensually tasty hypnosis. Putting me deep into trance, i imagined Domina right next to me, totally in control erotically brain washing me into complete submission. Wow! Thank You Domina!
Sunday, 26 November 2023
Mmmm… Domina packed SO much SEXY into this one!!! Her hypnotic induction dropped me so deep into this HOT ASMR and subliminal packed MASTERPIECE!!! Mmmm… Domina will give You an incredibly hot and sexy sweet tooth that only She can satisfy!
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