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Triggered Obsession


Product SKU: Triggered Obsession

A wicked compulsion provoking a mindless response of adoration and gratitude...

Triggered Obsession (30 minutes):

It is a pleasure to see you back again so soon, My puppy.  Are you horny and desperate for more of My domination and control, eager and willing to submit to what I have planned for you this week? (giggles)  I know it is so HARD for you to resist Me, especially with that compulsive ache between your legs reminding you to surrender your free will to your Domina, your Owner, a GROWING desire to allow Me to infiltrate and condition your mind, heart, and sex as you submit completely to My power.

There is no escaping this hold I have on you, My darling, you are smitten with infatuation and lust.  Where there was resistance there is now acceptance, where there was defiance there is submission, and where there was self-gratification there is now a flourishing selflessness to please the one you now serve, Domina Shelle, your Absolute Authority.

Every time I take you into trance I drag you deeper into My world of seduction, coercion and sexual surrender.  Being weak for Me, and only Me, is your pleasure now and the more I break you down, and make you mine, the more addicted you beCUM to Love, Honor and Obey Me.  The TRUTH is, My pet, I've made it so easy for you to stroke to My voice as I indoctrinate and manipulate your mind to embrace the blissful reality that you exist to serve Me, to please Me, and make My life easier.

But, you can't listen to My voice all the time, My sweet, even though I know you wish you could be permanently immersed in My world.  To help alleviate this erotic craving I've decided to imprint you with a Triggered Obsession, a wicked compulsion designed to provoke a mindless response of adoration and gratitude - say "Thank You, Domina." (giggles)

So, snuggle close to Me, My puppy, and let Me whisper into your brain why you need to obsess about Me more and more each day.  you want what I want, because I've programmed you to think this way, and the more you need Me the more Blameless you are for the deep desires and feelings I am triggering deep inside your open suggestible mind, altering your submissive behaviors forever.  you have been warned, My sweet, even though you are Blameless.

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Wednesday, 15 November 2023
Domina really puts a lot of effort into Her sessions. In this session, i have no idea how Domina took me into a trance. Before i knew it, i was in one. This was just an amazing session. It made me so fucking horny for Domina. i can’t wait to listen to it again. In the end all i can say is: Thank You, Domina. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Tuesday, 14 November 2023
i knew Domina was my obsession, and the center of my existence, but this trigger is so compulsive i now ache for Her every day. Domina knows how to press all the right buttons and She will take you, and own you, in this session. If you ever wondered what true hypnotic submission feels like, read all these reviews and listen - with an open mind - to Her sessions and prepare to have your life transformed forever. She is like no other and I will be forever Her obsessed submissive slave.
Monday, 13 November 2023
Domina Shelle always knows exactly what i need and crave!!!! i was craving for Domina to do something like this to me and literally this weeks session is just what i was craving! Domina Shelle is so deeply in my mind and heart and soul and everything She does makes me so incredibly horny and happy! Omg this is SUCH a sexy session! Go listen now!
Monday, 13 November 2023
i was already obsessed of my Domina and this adds to that. Domina is making me hornier and more ready to be programmed to Her will. So sexy.
Sunday, 12 November 2023
Triggered to obey. i won't say what i must obey, but i will say that i must go and obey now. i love it when i must obey Domina. Obedience is pleasure. Domina only is the only one who can give me pleasure. i must always obey
Saturday, 11 November 2023
Taking me deeper into submission. Thank You Domina Shelle. Thank You Domina Shelle, Thank You Domina Shelle.
Saturday, 11 November 2023
Triggered Obsession is one of the most powerful, seductive and i must say pleasurable audios Domina has produced! i love the environment She has created in my mind and, of course, how expertly and dominantly She takes control of every part of my being. It is just soo easy to Love, Honor and Obey Her Forever!! Listen to this one if you have to choose. There will be No Regrets!
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