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Mission Impossible SeriesMission Impossible Series

Mission Impossible Series


Product SKU: Mission Impossible Series

The three part series... SEXY, HOT and a wild ride.

Get caught up in this Hypnotic Espionage.  Feel what it is like to be taken against your will...your thoughts changed by a powerful and extremely SNEAKY witchy woman.

(Arousal---Cock Control) Amnesia---
Espionage---After the interrogation---Using unusual techniques for Brainwashing you.

Be sure to listen to Part 1 and part 2 of the mission before moving to the conclusion.  you will want to experience the complete interrogation and forget.

If you love SEX, submission, bondage, mind fucking control and unusual Brainwashing techniques, you will not want to miss this series.


Mission Impossible
Mission Impossible--Witchy Woman
Mission Impossible - The Conclusion

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Saturday, 03 December 2016
each file in this series took me deep where i don't really remember much about it. I listened to the last one a few times and discovered that it had a lasting and positive impact on my relationship with Domina.
Monday, 21 November 2016
This Series isn´t easy to describe, but i guess what i can say is that each File starts with some sort of Story telling, in this Story she seduces you, while she also actualy seduces you and before you know it you are under her spell, lost in the Stroy and while you are lost there she starts to brainwash you, more and more with each File, until you arrive at your destiny in the last File, what destiny it is she will tell you then, just try it out, try to fulfill the mission you have as the agent, i bet you will fail :P
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