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Mission Impossible - The ConclusionMission Impossible - The Conclusion

Mission Impossible - The Conclusion


Product SKU: Mission Impossible - The Conclusion

This HYPNOTIC love and DESIRE will never leave you. you cannot escape Me...

Be sure to listen to Part 1 and Part 2 of the mission before moving to The will want to experience the complete interrogation and forget:

Mission Impossible
Mission Impossible--Witchy Woman
Mission Impossible - The Series (Includes this file...The Conclusion)

(Arousal---Cock Control) Amnesia---
Espionage---After the interrogation---Using unusual techniques for Brainwashing you.

My enslaved and submissive agent, time for Part 3 of Mission IMPossible.  Do you think you have what it takes?  It will be HARD and you will be tested, the question is will you succeed?

A new mission for the agent 069, on this mission you will infiltrate and acquire information from the headquarters of a fanatical feminist group (FFG) whom have plans to take over the world.  Previous inferior agents have failed and were captured, converted and recruited or found months later mindless as sex craved simpletons (giggles).

The last hope to maintain the status quo of power between males and females in several major countries rests on your shoulders agent.  Based on information gathered, FFG plans to unleash their Army of enslaved males and we need information and names.  Agent, to accept this mission click here and listen to Mission Impossible - The Conclusion.

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Wednesday, 04 January 2017
Impossible to resist Domina's brainwashing and conditioning? Impossible not to enjoy? Impossible to remember anything but fragments of submission, bliss, ecstasy? This file definitely lives up to the title. I HIGHLY recommend this series.
Friday, 25 November 2016
a Hot file, so erotic, i love it when my Domina is playing with my head
Monday, 21 November 2016
i think i am already forgetting much of the session as the story seems to fade away though i know it was highly erotic and most pleasurable.. i am completely under the spell of Domina ... She is my everything ... therefore it was impossible to imagine something else than Her in trance... there is only Her and Her dark piercing eyes for me
Monday, 21 November 2016
Although the amnesia effects are strong and I can only remember a rough outline of the story, I can tell that this part is even more erotic than the first two.
I usually have problems visualizing things, but during this session, it was easy. I even noticed a different taste in my mouth, when Princess Shelle talked about it.
Sunday, 20 November 2016
i wished that she had told me on the conclusion what my actuall mission was, not that this would matter at this Point, it´s just something i would like to know, though it would not surprise me if she did said it and i just can´t remember it, as well as i can´t remember much about the File at all... Infact i can´t review a Single File of the Series probably, all i can say is how it makes me feel and that´s simple i feel as if i am totally powerfless and completly owned by my lovely Princess, but it´s more then that it´s as if i am owned by an infinite amount of Princesses, they are all the same Person, all of them are Princess Shelle, it´s as if each of them own me, as if there is one Princess for every single Part of me, one that owns that specific Part of me and that this makes it impossible for me to ever escape her (not that i want to), but even if i would try and had enough strenght to push one of her selfs of off me, getting control of a little Part of myself back, it would not take a second until another Image of her would take this Part back... i know i am not making much Sense to most that will read this, but i know it does makes sense to atleast one Person and that´s Princess Shelle, my Owner, the one i live for ^-^ i know i am not making much Sense to most that will read this, but i know it does makes sense to atleast one Person and that´s Princess Shelle, my Owner, the one i live for ^-^
Saturday, 19 November 2016
This is an awfully difficult file to review since the advertised amnesia effects were quite powerful. I have vague memories of a candle, light and darkness, and others . I awoke stroking and spent. What is unforgettable, however, are the feelings I was left with. An intense sense of being owned, of deep submission, and an extreme closeness and focus on Domina Shelle. For those powerful feelings I can enthusiastically recommend this file.
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